What Is The World Coming To?

A Letter to the UN for Human Rights

Brief synopsis of the case

The World Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Say No Evil, WAR over there WAR over there.

Bush administration said it was about weapons of mass destruction they didn't find 1 weapon and killed the president, this same administration appointed the judge in this case

 C. Ashley Royal another one that didn't find not 1 real reason for the federal government to try this case and this judge gave Our President a DEATH SENTENCE

( 135 years without parole and you'll think this is about Child Molestation )

The Government said Child Molestation right, Ok, the government kidnapped 5 children out of 50 or more (hear no evil) we took the remaining children to the doctors and not one of the children had any negative report (see no evil), the 5 children the government kidnapped all said they were never molested (say no evil)

Maku charged for his son's crimes