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Just to remind you

1. This is the first time the Federal Government in the state of Georgia tried a child molestation case, the defense attorney Ed Garland stated this and said that it was 4000 to 5000 child molestation cases in Georgia and the federal government didn't have no involvement in those cases, he also stated that this was odd for the federal government to be involved.

WHY ? Because the federal government don't have a child molestation law in their code books and that this is a State charge not a federal charge and that this was strange he said.

Notice when FBI special agent Mrs. Juliane Ward stated that the government didn't have a witness that stated Dr. Malachi Z York transported anyone cross the state lines which was the reason the federal government got involved in this case.

 At that point when FBI special agent Mrs. Ward said that the government didn't have any witnesses at this point the case should have been dismissed and this is why Dr. York and Yamassee Moors is telling the world that the attorney Ed Garland is working for the government.

WHY ? Because Ed Garland pointed this out on the record but he did not make or put in a motion to dismiss for lack of evidence.

The federal didn't prove Dr. York committed this crime that the government claimed. What we would like to point out is Dr. York a Humanitarian and known all around the world and T.I. a hardcore rapper with a small arsenal of dangerous weapons also had this attorney Ed Garland.

 So what is the difference you may ask, this attorney Ed Garland went straight to the media for T.I. in his defense and didn't do the same for Dr. York when he had a better chance of winning this case in the Media and the Courtroom, you do the math, Ed Garland's Law Firm was  with silencers and that T.I. received a BOND and Dr. York didn't.

These actions by attorney Ed Garland and his Firm shows at the very beginning that he was placed as Dr. York's attorney to feed Dr. York to the WOLFS. Ed Garland's Firm was brought by the government to sell their clients a plea bargain (Working for the other side the Government)

Our Maku stated on an audio recording that he told his sister (Mrs. Dale York Brown) the same one that signed the 2255 that he didn't trust Ed Garland.    

Ques: So, why didn't Dr. York's sister fire these attorneys that she hired and not or Maku Black Thunderbird Eagle?

Let the Truth be Told [click here]   and hear our Maku say he don't trust Ed Garland

2. Closed the Courtroom from the real public and let the media that tainted the publics opinion with yellow journalism and lies in the courtroom, but didn't let the Black media in the courtroom because they were there and was denied entry.

3. Judge take the trial to his home town and pick an anonymous jury, all the potential jurors heard about Dr. Malachi Z York's case in the media or on radio stations and said they was talking about the guilty plea in the waiting room

(this is against the law) to keep these jurors, so what was the reason to change the venue?

Oh, to take it to the judge's hometown where he knew he could hide the facts of this trial.

 (11 Caucasians confederates and 1 elderly Nubian women) Jury of your peers yeah right.


Judge Royal's hometown 11 Caucasians and 1 Nubian this is a jury of the judges peer


4. May 8,2002 arrest Dr. York and the co-defendants an all maintained their innocence while the government was torturing them, so

Dr. York took the plea agreement to have the co-defendants released.

 This was on January 23, 2003, this would be 9 months of torture of Dr. York and all the co-defendants, now here comes the game, reject the plea agreement and change the judges.

 Dr. York's constitutional rights was being violated all this time (speedy trial is 90 days not  2 years), check this out the government didn't have no children to say that they was molested so the government knew their case was out the window,

 so they came up with this superseding indictment, now check this

November 20, 2003 this new indictment went on the court records this was 19 months after the arrest,

this should tell the public that the government didn't have a case against Dr. York.

It took the government 19 months for new charges that didn't have anything to do with child molestation this was proven at the trial and at the oral argument the prosecution stated that the alleged money structuring and the molestation or taking children across State lines for the purpose of unlawful sexual activities.

 The original charges was transporting children across state lines from New York to Georgia and then from Georgia to Florida to Disney World, notice these action don't describe RICO charges if the purpose was not to make money.

The Trial and Oral Arguments proves that the federal government didn't proves a connection of RICO charges. [view video]


5. Give our Maku a death sentence 135 years with no chance of parole with no evidence and no jurisdiction hence the phase

( lock him up and throw away the key or throw the book at him)

the federal government knows that the Yamassee Nuwaubian Moors is real,

 so they are try to get rid of our Chief and the they think the rest will go away, but they're wrong,

we know our HUMAN RIGHTS that this government continue to violate.


6. Now for the money structuring, the federal government presented at trial 3 different alleged  money transactions of trying not to report 10,000 dollars this would be Tax Evasion not RICO.

  Notice the government put 1 bank teller in Athens Georgia, now what we want to point out to the world is before May 8, 2002 we the Yamassee Nuwaubian Nation of Moors our Shiners and Masonic Brothers were depositing 100s of Thousands of dollars for


1. We were buying a Shriners Temple on Poplar Street in Macon Georgia across from City Hall


2. We were buying a Church/School on 912 2nd Street in Macon Georgia


3. We were buying a Medical building on Riverside Dr. Macon Georgia


all around the same time that these CONSPIRATORS was setting this Destruction of our homes and to incarcerate our President and Chief. Don't believe us do your home work.

So 100s of Thousands of transactions and this government want you to believe our Nation is corrupt.

Come on, Our Nation have been transacting business for years from the early 60's and in one year this government want you the public to think that Dr. York and the Yamassee Nuwaubian Moors was plotting to fraud the government.

Our Maku's accountant came down from New York and testified that our Chief have been depositing Millions of dollars over the years and have even received returns. So where is the money structuring?