excerpt from "IS JESUS GOD? by Dr. Malachi Z. York on page 194


"You can beat the devil and his evil host, by knowing who is who, who he is, where he came from, who grafted and made him, who like Dracula has no power in true light.  To destroy him you must write books, movies, and teach the truth about who he is and what he is.  Take the covers off of him as the devil.  Show the world his true nature that puts light on him and it will burn him up.  When you put the light of truth on him it burns him up into nothing.  Knowing who he is will defeat the power you have given him over you. ..."


Bulletins Nuwaubic Books

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Right Knowledge Series

First Language 27
Right Knowledge 28
Mythology 35
The Lost Tribe 36
Our True Roots 38
Our Bondage 40
What is Nuwau-Bu? 42
Breaking the Spell 43
Garden of Eden 49
Rizq & Illyuwn 151
Nuwaubuu & Amunnubi 152
Does Dr. Malachi Z. York try to Hide the Facts that He Was Imaam Issa? 153
Nibiru and the Anunnaqi Fact or Fiction 154
Are There Black Devils? 1


Christ Series

Is Haile Selassie the Christ? 29
Who was Jesus' Father? 58
The Resurrection 59
Who Was Jesus Sent To? 60
St. Paul, Disciple or Deceiver? 61
Could Jesus Transform Himself? 63
"GOD", "God", "god" What is the difference 66
Be Prepared for the Anti-Christ 67
What is Speaking in Tongues? 95
The Glory of Jesus the Messiah 115
Which Laws did Jesus Follow? 170
The Real Trinity  
The Three Jesus  
Was Christ Really Crucified 52
The Holy Shroud: Fact or Fiction 88
Which Jesus Did You Follow?  
Who Carried the Cross?  
Who Rolled the Stone? 107
The Bride of Christ 48


The "GOD" Series

Humans Were Created from ... 17
The Real Jesus 34
What is God Doing for You? 54
Let's talk about the end 70
God Misinterpreted 85
Is God a Wimp? 86
Where is the Devil Today? 87
Does the New Testament Contradict the Koran? 88
Whose God is Responsible? 89
Does God and the Devil Exist? 93
What is God's Language 96
Does God Need Religion? 97
Does Religion Breed Ignorance 98
Does God Help His Own? 99
Is Jesus the God of the Koran? 100
Who is God? 103
God Gave the Sign to Jonah 104
Fake God False Christs 105
Does God Need Love 109
What is Soul & Spirit 110
The Holy Tabernacle Family Book (Sayings) 114
Is the Koran Authentic? 118
Is Jesus God? 120
The titles of Jesus in the Bible and the Koran 122
Sodom Misinterpreted 123
Is there Life after Death? 124
Is God an Extraterrestrial 94
Is There a God? Parts 1-3 160


UFO & Extraterrestrial Scrolls

Man from Planet Rizq 80
Science of Creation 81
Mission Earth & the Extraterrestrial Involvement 82
Who lived before the Adam and Eve Story? 83
Shamballah and Aghaarta, cities within the Earth 131
The Melanin-Ite Children 133
Extraterrestrials and Creation 136
Science of Healing 139


More Dynamic Scrolls!!!

The Little Guide Book for Nuwaubians 182
Holy Tabernacle Guide to Better Living 18
Conflict Between the Gods 130
Jesus as Tammuz and Horus in History 134
Are Pictures a Sin? 135
Women who changed the course of History 144
What and Where is Hell? 146
People of the Sun 147
Dr. York vs. the computer 149
Malachi, by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad transcribed tapes pts 1&2 from 1954 & 1964 A.D. 164
Shaikh Daoud Vs W.D. Fard 165
Post Graduate:  The Renewal of the Lessons 166
Prophecies of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad 167
Nuwaubian Prayer 168
7 Days of Creation 169
El Maguraj-The Pilgrimage 171
Ancient Egypt and the Pharaohs 190
Science of the Pyramids 191
The Religion Islam-Unmasked 193
Let's Set the Record Straight! 360
Nubic:  The Language of the Nubians 7
Muslims's Creeds True or False 71
Enoshites-Key of Life and the Covenant 75
Are There (UFO's) Extraterrestrials In Your Midst? 84
The Mystery Clouds-Are They UFOs? 91


Scriptural Scrolls

Introduction of the Koran 2
Qur'aan Chapters 1-2 2
Introduction to Revelation 64
El Injiyl Chapters 1-11 64
Introduction to Exodus 65
Exodus - The Torah -2 Chapters 1-12 65
Introduction to Genesis 90
Genesis the Torah 1-Chapters 1-13 90
Introduction to Leviticus 126
Leviticus the Torah 3 - Chapter 1-13 126
Introduction to Numbers 127
Numbers The Torah 4 - Chapters 1-9 127
Introduction to Deuteronomy 128
Deuteronomy the Torah 5 128
Introduction to Ezra 141
Ezra Chapters 1-10 141
The Unshakable Facts - The Raatib 9
The Book of Light 72
The Prophet 73
The Mind ( Hardback) 78
Plato 79
Scroll of Malachi 111
Egyptian Book of the Dead 129



  Books Authored by Dr. Malachi Z. York - E-books

Dr. Malachi Z. York has authored over 360 books covering all subjects from religions to science.  He has dedicated his life to educate the world with right knowledge, right wisdom to lead you to right overstanding which is sound right reasoning, a science called Nuwaubu. 

Author's Note

I, have devoted my visit to this planet to the resurrection of the mentally dead, which i affectionately refer to it as mummies.  Never did i know that the evil one had done such a great job with these people both mentally and physically as to have them hate self and kind.    . . . . read more

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Great Balls Of Fire


The Millennium Part 1
The Millennium Part 2
Man From Planet Riqz

The Scroll of Eyes

That is why I am here, to set the record straight. To right the wrong, and to bring your so-called holy books up to date because it has expired. I'm here to make all things new. I am bringing you a new book, a new gospel, called the Holy Tablets, and even another, The Scroll of Eyes, as the Sacred Records of Neter: A'aferti Atum-Re, and yet another scroll entitled Sacred Records of Tama-Re.

Page 119, Did God Create the Devil?

by Dr. Malachi Z. York
Beware of the fake books out there called the Actual Facts and Pa Tarug authored by the agents of the Government so, read the real scrolls authored by The Master Teacher Dr. Malachi Z York-EL

Did God Create The Devil

Are There Black Devils


Black Book Sacred Records
The Sons Of Canaan
The Wisemen
Conflict Of The Gods
Extraterrestrial And Creation
Humans Were Created From


The Language is very important if you don't have it you need it because the EVIL ONES are trying to change the language 

Nuwaubian Teacher's Guide
Jesus Horus As Tammuz
People Of The Sun
Is God An Extraterrestrial