Nubian, Black People in America Hating yourself is a secret development by the secret government and their helpers.

Ques: Why do you think you can get all kinds Malt Liquor at every other corner in the Nubian community, but can't find one of the same products in the Caucasian communities?

Ques: Why do you think the media is so interested in the Nubian entertainers, where all of our Nubian (Black) Stars are constantly under attack to defame these wealthy individuals to bring them down?


 If these wealthy Nubian Stars come together with their wealth and establish big business on a conglomerate level for their race and kind this government will attack them with a vengeance just like they did in

 1921, Black Wall Street, Tulsa Okalahoma

 and they didn't stop there. When men like

 Dr. Malachi Z York-EL come along with this kind of mentality to bring Nubian wealthy people together

 (United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors) this government has been killing or jailing men and women with this kind of mentality for ages, prove us wrong!!!   [read moor]