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 These 3 Attorneys

that put the 2255 in didn't have enough time to thoroughly read the trial transcripts and know the history of this case, that we the

Yamassee Nuwaubian Moors has brought Attorney Adrian Patrick up to date from the beginning and familiarized him with all the alleged victims and the roles they played in this conspiracy. 


So the question would be, who and why was the trial attorney forced away in this crucial time of the case, and why was these other attorneys from Washington D.C. hired.


Notice that Dr. Malachi Z York-EL did not sign the 2255 this points out that these lawyers didn't go to see Dr. York to get his approval, the signature of approval on the 2255 document is Dr. York's sister Ms. Dale York Brown signature (aka Wakiya York).


QUES: Why didn't one of the attorneys that filed the 2255 that cost our Nation 100,000 dollars to file go an visit Dr. York for his approval to file the 2255 after Dr. York read it?


Because Dr. York didn't read it, because the only one allowed to bring paper work in the prison for an inmate is his attorney, so Dr. York didn't know what these attorneys was filing in his name without his permission. Read the transcripts that we have privilege to.


When you read Ms. Dale York Brown's statement, there is more proof that Dr. York didn't see the 2255 motion, why you may ask do we say this, because Ms. Brown said she discussed this motion with our Chief instead of our Chief reading the Documents and signing them.


QUES: Why is it that we can view all the motion before and after the trial but we can't view the trial transcripts and what is the government hiding?


Federal Court Pretrial Transcripts


We the Yamassee Nuwaubian Moors would like to make this clear we are not apart of the Black Panther Party or the Nation of Islam, their agenda is not what our Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle has taught us


 Notice you have 3 attorneys on the 2255 motion 1 in Georgia and 2 in Washington now the 1 in Georgia could have filed the motion and 1 of the other attorneys could have went to see Dr. York for his approval with his signature

and not his sisters signature, this did not happen

something don't add up here.


Going to see Dr. York would have been the correct and proper thing to do.

So Dr. York didn't fire Attorney Adrian Patrick.


Do you see the game that they are playing with Dr. York's life, because we do?


The best one for the job would have been the trial attorney to file the 2255 not someone that had little time to study the information about the case.

Remember the judge didn't allow Attorney Adrian Patrick a continuance to get properly prepared but even though with the help of the tribal family's assistance they still presented a good fight at trial.

  Dr. York said, that Attorney Adrian Patrick did a great job and won this case with the evidence presented.