Look over to Africa and not America what is rightfully ours as Moors and the Indigenous People this is why they have our President locked up in a Dungeon, the cointelpro agents hired these attorneys not our Maku

Attorneys working against Maku "Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle" deceptions (Cointelpro at work) 2255 cost 100,000.00 dollars to file and when you read this document you see how the Ancient Ones are helping us to expose these injustices, the attorneys that file this document put one of the reasons to release Dr. York is that he is a Diplomat from Liberia ( THIS WOULD BE CALLED NEW EVIDENCE) because in the trial transcprits attorney Adrian Patrick never brought up that Dr. York was a Liberian Diplomat, now where is the proof of this claim, Maku never once in the public forum said that he was a Diplomat from Liberia and wrote a book called "Who is Marcus Garvey?", and in this book Dr. York points out that Liberia's government crossed Marcus Garvey, but lets stay on point Maku Black Thunderbird Eagle addressed the nation on multiple audio cd's before and after the trial and never once did he mention being a citizen of Liberia,

 or a Diplomat of Liberia, now back to these attorneys that put this document in motion has violated the law (PERJURY).

Now where is the documents that these attorneys presented to the courts of Dr. Malachi Z York-EL being a Diplomat?


The federal government ram stacked Dr. York's property and took all that they wanted, now if Dr. York told the federal government that he was a Liberian Diplomat since 1999 which don't add up because Maku was going through the proper paper work for our Sovereignty as the Indigenous tribe of Yamassee Native American Moors we can prove that, so the government agents have to make the 1999 Indigenous papers DISAPPEAR and replace it with LIES, Maku Black Eagle said it over and over that he is the Chief of the

Yamassee Moors and not once did he say Liberian Diplomat.

(These Are The Facts so watch the smoke screens, all lies)

Others parading like they are the Yamassee, when our Maku clearly said on the cd's when he was being held in Jones County jail that Mt. Arafat was not apart of the Yamassee, now this same person is claiming to be the chief of the Yamassee.(Cointelpro at work)