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Court Hearing December 16th, 2003

A modern day lynching is taking place right here in Georgia.  There is a major case of injustice and violations of human rights being perpetrated against Dr. Malachi Z. York.  It's been 20 months since he was held in jail.  A trial date has been set for January 5th, 2004 with Judge C. Ashley Royal.  Is judge Royal biased and has he recently displayed his support for the prosecution and his dislike for the Nuwaubians?  Below are incident taken from the recent status hearing held in Macon Federal District Court on December 16th 2003.

1.  Judge C. Ashley Royal enters the courtroom and announces his plans for the hearing which only consisted of hearing arguments on motions that he had questions on.  He stated that he was not there to hear all the motions filed, he was only there to hear a selected few.  This sets the tone for what the public can expect in the future, a biased judge.


2.  Judge Royal announced his plans to completely closed the courtroom during trial with the intentions of having only the media present.  His idea of "media", only consists of Caucasian Media Personnel responsible for negative pre-trial publicity.  He ordered a change of venue to the Southern Judicial District because of the negative pre-trial publicity by Rob Peecher of the Macon Telegraph, Bill Osinski of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, and others from the Eatonton Messenger and Union Recorder.  A statewide newspaper called the "Georgia Informer Newspaper" whose been in business for over 25 years was denied entrance.  Georgia Informer is a source for African American news, headquarters is right here in Macon.  Georgia Informer publisher Herbert Dennard and his reporters were denied entrance.  


It was evident in today's hearing and there were several press and media personnel present, but reporters for Black owned newspaper were told to either leave the courtroom or sit with the spectators and not allowed in the press box.  Meanwhile Payton Towns, III, a white reporter from the Union Recorder, was the only one allowed in the press box.


3.  Judge Royal displays his support for negative pre-trial publicity.  Judge Royal admits to having knowledge of a negative news article printed in the Brunswick News, written by Karen Sloan and Putnam County Sheriff Howard Richard Sills.  The article entitled "Cult Leader to be tried in Glynn"  and printed 2 days after this same Judge ordered an change of venue due to negative pre-trial publicity.  On October 30th, Judge Royal ordered a change of venue, for the case to be tried in the Southern District due to negative pre-trial publicity in the Northern and Middle Districts.  Rob Peecher of the Macon Telegraph and Bill Olsinski are mainly responsible for printing negative pre-trial publicity along with WMAZ channel 13, Channel 2 News, Fox 5, Fox 24, Athens Banner, and others.  No expressed statement or warning was given to Sheriff Sills or Karen Sloan of the Brunswick News.


4  Judge Royal states his reasons for suggesting the courtroom to be closed.  Judge Royal accuses the Yamassee Native American tribe of tampering with the jury pool due to their participation in the Brunswick Parade held on December 6th, 2003.  The Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek nation received a confirmation letter from the Brunswick downtown development to participate in their Christmas parade.  The Yamassee tribe was accused of falsifying documents to a government agency, which was proven to be false.  Now the Yamassee tribe filed a lawsuit for defamation of character, false accusations, and discrimination.  The Yamassee won first place in the contest of parade entries, but was disqualified as a result of false accusations.  This is a clear sign of favoritism on the part of the Judge to ignore the deliberate attempt to spoil the jury by Karen Sloan and Sheriff Sills, but rather the Yamassee Native Americans.


5.  Judge Royal also announced his concern for the safety of the jurors and the witnesses for the prosecution, stating that this case involves a serious crime and that the Yamassee Native Americans would possibly threaten the witnesses or jurors.  This is absurd! The Yamassee Native Americans and their chief, Black Thunderbird Eagle has endured all of the injustice and inhumane treatment stemming back from 1997.  It all first started with civil suits and zoning issues which has now escalated into a criminal case against chief, Black Thunderbird Eagle.  From 1997 until now, even with the torture, kidnapping, and denial of medical attention of the Chief, along with the discrimination defamation of character, persecution, and out right racism, the Tribe has never once resulted to violence.   Yamassee Native Americans tribe, while sovereign, still respect and obey the laws of the country and states.  There has never been a case where Yamassee Native Americans have resorted to violence.  During the last 11 years that they have been persecuted, character assassinated, demafed, and slandered in the media due to the ongoing civil war between the Yamassee Native Americans and Putnam county Sheriff Howard Richard Sills. 


Yamassee Native Americans have filed over 14 civil cases against Putnam county commissioners and sheriff Howard Richard Sills for violations dealing with building and zoning violations.  A member of the Yamassee Native Americans filed a federal lawsuit against Sheriff Howard Richard Sills for defamation of character when he classified her as a terrorist. 


There was also a Federal lawsuit filed when Putnam county denied Yamassee Native Americans the right to vote in the county elections. Recently 3 more Federal civil cases were filed by members of the Yamassee Native Americans.  1.  Mental and physical torture of Maku Chief Black Thunderbird.  2. Defamation lawsuit against Brunswick downtown development authority and Sheriff Sills   3.  Civil suits against Putnam county for discrimination in zoning practices and more are on the way.  This is a clear indication on how the Yamassee Native Americans handle their differences,  Utilization of the law, NOT VIOLENCE


We do not support any one who would threaten or cause any harm to any of the alleged victims because they to are Yamassee Native Americans and that would be against our tribal laws, sanctioned by .


Judge Royal helps the prosecution in their motions right in open courts.  The Judge gave the prosecution a case law to back up their motion.  This same case law was later verified to be null and void.  After the court takes a 30 minute recess, the judge and his court clerk laugh it off and produce another case law, still in support of the prosecution's motion against Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle.  This is a clear sign for all to see that the judge is violating his immunity by prosecuting from the bench. 







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