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Proof of Conflict of Interest


Here is the proof of the Conflict of Interest in the case with Judge C. Ashley Royal and our Maku "Chief" Black Thunderbird Eagle aka Dr. Malachi Z. York-El. 


Ques: How come when this case went in front of other judges in the United States this case was not dismissed for this conflict between Dr. Malachi Z York and Judge C. Ashley Royal? 


According to Title 28>Part1>Chapter21>455 Disqualification of Justice Judge, or Magistrate Judge, he did have a conflict of interest. 


This is their laws and they are breaking their laws, why is this case still not over turned, not just because of this conflict but the government lead witness Habiyba Washington's recantment and the special agent said the government didn't have a witness that could say that our Maku Dr. Malachi Z York-El or the co-defendants transported any children across state lines, come on to many reason that our Maku should have been Freed from these corrupt actions by the United States government. 


Superior Court of Baldwin County State of Georgia

Phone:  478-445-4007 Clerk's Office,

 where you can order the transcripts of this case, where C. Ashley Royal was one of the attorneys for the Oconee Regional Medical Center that Dr. Malachi Z York-EL's family SUED for the wrongful death of Mr. Roosevelt Richardson, while living at 404 Shady Dale Rd. Eatonton Ga. Known as the Yamassee's Land.

We ask that all family and all concerned around the world to order these documents and when we go to Geneva for the TORTURE that this government do to PEACEFUL people and the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE of these lands we will all have the PROOF.



This civil action law suit was filled in 1998 for the wrongful death of Mr. Roosevelt Richardson.  The father of Shamilah Richardson and mother of 3 of our Maku's children that was living in the village in peace before the illegal raid of May 8th, 2002. 



To further the conflict, one of owner of the land during the May 8th, 2002 raid of Tama-Re village was Ethel Richardson.



Judge C. Ashley Royal seems to be targeting the Richardson family because of this malpractice lawsuit.  Then made a judgment to forfeit the Yamassee Tribal land.  Can you see the conflict in this case.


FACT 4: 

Superior Court of Baldwin County State of Georgia

Phone:  478-445-4007 Clerk's Office, just call and verify it for yourself these documents are from this office in their Civil case records.


FACT 5:     

The sister standing behind Dr. Malachi Z York-EL and the 2nd photo she is standing on Dr. York's right side in linen color apparel this is Mrs. Shamilah Richardson the mother of 3 of Dr. York's children and was living on the land at the time of the illegal raid and her mother is one of the owners of the land Ms. Ethel Richardson and it was Mrs. Shamilah Richardson's father that was killed by these Doctors and nurses negligence.

 Conflict of Interest and Judge C. Ashley Royal knows these facts, so as you can see that our Maku (Chief) Black Thunderbird Eagle a/k/a Dr. Malachi Z York-EL and the Yamassee Nuwaubian Moors have been pointing these violation out that this government refuse to honor in their own law books, these are the FACTS.

Title 28>Part1>Chapter21>455 Disqualification of Justice Judge

Complaint for Medical Negligence Answer of Defendants Oconee Regional Medical Center V. Brown R.N., T. Sapp, R.N., B. Franklin, R.N. and D. Bloodworth, CST to Plaintiff's Amended Complaint Second Amended Complaint for Medical Negligence and Wrongful Death Answer to Defendants, Robert Berger, M.D. and Fred Falchook, M.D. Consent Order Allowing dismissal of defendants Baldwin County Hospital Authority d/b/a/ Oconee Regional Medical Center With Prejudice Defendant Hector Piza, M.D.'s Response to Plaintiffs' Amended Complaint for Medical Negligence and Wrongful Death




Judge C. Ashley Royal was the attorney for Oconee Regional Medical Center fighting against Dr. Malachi Z York-EL's family




Judge C. Ashley Royal  State Bar # 617350 was the attorney for Oconee Regional Medical Center fighting against

Dr. Malachi Z York-EL's family

and this is his signature for the his clients that were responsible for the death of one of our Elders in the Yamassee Tribe.


Please read the above response Attorney C. Ashley Royal is saying that Oconee Regional Medical Center is not responsible for leaving a surgical sponge in Mr. Richardson, so who stitched the surgical sponge in Mr. Richardson if it wasn't the medical team at Oconee Regional, this is the kind of man Judge Royal is, regardless of his clients fault, Judge C. Royal still (LIES) for the ones responsible for Mr. Roosevelt Richardson's death.

This is why they put judge C. Ashley Royal on this case, President Gorge W. Bush Lied about weapons of mass destruction and Judge C. Ashley Royal Lied about his clients involvement in this case.


They Know Judge Royals' record for LYING and Now we know.


Who can you trust if the government that took oaths to uphold the law, break all the rules in their law, read the case files that we have and you will see this government don't respect the real INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF THIS LAND?




Judge C. Ashley Royal signing that he sent notices to opposing attorneys and the stamp and signature of the

Deputy Clerk of Superior Court in Baldwin County, Georgia



More proof that Judge C. Ashley Royal Should not have been the judge on this case this is the RACISM that the Yamassee Moors of Georgia have to endure and have been enduring since our return to our Ancestors Land.

Free Our Maku Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle, Dr. Malachi Z York-EL


More proof of conflict click



They fear Nuwaubu something that predates their religions and cultures of lies and not the facts, Nuwaubians just want the facts.


Look at the peace we have as a people, they hate us because of our compassion, in this video you will see some of the alleged victims














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