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Maku Speaks


Maku: Chief Black Thunder Bird Eagle - Chief of the Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation - BIA Registry # 208/1999 that is when we registered to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Our constitution of Declaration of Indigenous status, already been in existence since 1992.   They refer to as Dr. Malachi and insult as Dwight.


Maku speaks about his torture and the government's excessive use of force and the bogus plea agreement.  How his doctor of over 10 years, Dr. William Thompson was blocked and denied from giving him his much needed medical attention.  


The FBI illegally raided, what the Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation call the Holy Land of Wahanee, on May 8, 2002.  During this illegal search and seizure, the Federal Government came in under the suspicion that Special Agent Jelaine Ward's statements in her affidavit were true.  They Were Deceived!!!  The current argument is whether or not the items

seized from 404 Shady Dale Rd.  should be suppressed from being entered in as evidence in the current federal case that is pending.  The admitted biasness and blatant mistakes and violation of Rule 11(c), of Judge Hugh Lawson caused him to be removed from the case while these motions linger, awaiting a judgment.  What the public needs to know is that there was NO EVIDENCE of any sort found on 404 Shady Dale Rd.  that could corroborate the witness testimonies.  The actual search warrant was obtained from the same Federal Magistrate Judge Claude Hicks, who denied Dr. Malachi Z. York-El bond on May 14, 2002.  The Judge granted the search warrant on the basis that the sworn affidavit that was submitted by special agent Jalaine Ward contained factual information.  IT DID NOT!!!

This affidavit was sealed from defense counsel during the arraignment hearings.  So the basis for the decision to grant the search warrant was unknown to the defense.  The judge and the prosecution were aware of the information that it contained.  Judge Claude Hicks based his opinion on this affidavit alone.  He was privileged to erroneous, prejudicial information that could not be properly defended because the defense was left in the dark about the information.  The search warrant listed the items that Habiba "Abigail" Washington, to whom the Federal Government granted immunity, had told the FBI would be present at the time the search warrant was executed, however, the items listed were, an animal print chair, pornographic video tapes, and indecent pictures of children.  Please keep in mind that Habiba "Abigail" Washington, the key liar for the Federal Government left the property in 2000.  Some of the other witnesses that gave testimonies left as early as 1997.  Therefore, any claims or accusations of incriminating items would be considered "stale" and unable to be used in court.  When NO-KNOCK Warrant was brutally executed on the property of 404 Shady Dale Rd., they did not find what they were looking for.  So, they began confiscating a number of items such as computers, purses of individuals not included in the search warrant, money, and anything of value they could find.  During this search warrant they seized individuals' drivers licenses and social security cards, which is ILLEGAL!!!  First of all, they had a search warrant for Dr. Malachi Z. York and anything pertaining to Dr. Malachi Z. York
















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