Nuwaubians Protest in Macon

WMGT-TV, Georgia/June 14, 2007
By Heather Graf


On Thursday, members of the religious group, the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors held a demonstration at Macon City Hall.

On their agenda, two issues: to protest their leader, Malachi York's imprisonment, and the firing of four of their members from the Clark County Jail in Athens.

One member says they chose to demonstrate in Macon because it's where York's trial began.

"We need to get the story out so that other people can realize what is happening to us as Nuwaubians could happen to them as well." - William York, Nuwaubian Nation

Malachi York is currently serving a life sentence in prison, for molesting 14 boys and girls whose parents were members of the Nuwabian group.

More than 20 people attended today's protest, which comes on very the same day that an Atlanta author unveiled a new book, he says tells the true story of Malachi York and the Nuwaubian people.

Bill Osinski held a book signing at the Barnes & Noble on Tom Hill Senior Boulevard.

Bibb County Sheriff's deputies were on-hand, just in case members of the Nuwaubian group showed up.

They did not make an appearance at the store, but Osinki had this to say, about their protest at city hall.

"At some point, they've got to get beyond their delusions. This man has been convicted of perhaps the worst child molestation case in United States history, and you know, to defend him at this point is unconscionable." - Bill Osinski, Author

Osinki's book, "Ungodly," hit bookstore shelves today.

The author, who is also an investigative reporter for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, began researching the Nuwaubian group more than nine years ago.















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