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DR. MALACHI Z YORK-EL  [click to listen]


Why was his testimony blocked by Judge C. Ashley Royal?  Damon Pryor has testimony proving the conspiracy to imprison Dr. Malachi Z. York?


There is overwhelming evidence which proves Malachi York's innocence.  If you would like to share information pertaining the Innocence of Dr. Malachi Z. York, please email us at info@nuwaubianfacts.com  or



Jacob told Damon Pryor of his plans to bring Malachi York down and asked for bank statements to be forged in order to secure a house for female ex-members that he was having sex with. Damon Pryor's testimony was blocked by Judge C. Ashley Royal.






Why Damon Pryor's testimony blocked by Judge Royal?



Our Constitution

Federal Court Pretrial Transcrips


Government Key Witness Recants Her Testimony


Ques: Why is the government still holding Dr. Malachi Z York-EL with these FACTS from there lead witness?

What happens when Black people can no longer recognize white racism? [read moor]


Dr. Malachi Z York-El caring ways






I am Damon Pryor, and I am writing this for the sole purpose of conveying the facts that have been witnessed by myself, concerning the premeditated plot and scheme to character assassinate, demise and attempt to ruin the life of Dr. Malachi Z. York. Jacob York, also known as Yacoub Muhammad, has repeatedly throughout the years since I have known him, since around 1991 A.D., constantly slandered and ridiculed Dr. Malachi Z. York for personal emotional reasons based on nothing but jealousy, hate, obsession for power, money and influence. This vendetta has climaxed over the last decade and has caused Dr. Malachi Z. York much pain. Fortunately, I was in certain places and witnessed and heard affiliates to support his claims and back his lying attempts. Jacob York and I were practically inseparable, being so close in age and having a lot of the same interests. He often confided in me about his personal problems that I would in turn help him with and vice versa. We often talked about family and friends. He would often express disdain for Dr. Malachi Z. York and would refer to him as, “That Man”. He would never claim him as his father and he would deny being his son. He would ask certain students of Dr.


Malachi Z. York, if they still followed “that fool”. Yet, he would use Dr. York’s name when it came to business ventures. Leaning on the “York” name is a strong foundation in the music industry, and Jacob would only claim his connection when it was profitable. Therefore, Jacob’s actions showed hypocrisy, because Jacob claimed that Dr. York was “Crazy”. Furthermore, it was known that Jacob would use his status as Dr. York’s son to gain the most control over the females to do what he wanted. Most of the young girls would oblige simply because they knew he was Dr. Malachi Z. York’s son. So manipulation on his behalf was nothing new. Most of the young girls would prefer being with one of Dr. Malachi Z. York’s sons for publicity and popularity. In our community, that was a status quo and Jacob York used it to the best of his ability. In order to understand how these current events unfolded, I will give you a brief synopsis about the history of our community. I was there, so I know how those young girls think and how they were easily manipulated into doing things that they wouldn’t necessarily do under normal circumstances. This makes it clear, and this is a classic example of the same type of event that has happened in this present day case against Dr. Malachi Z. York. [read this]

Since our teacher, Dr. Malachi Z. York, has been teaching, the children in the organization have been well-protected. A lot of us were NOT exposed to things in the world like drugs, crime, poverty and other ills the world has to offer. The females were raised and taught to be virtuous women and respectful young ladies. A lot of them were naïve to various experiences in society. So it was easy to lure a young, naïve female with the promises of money, clothes, nice homes and cars. You could practically take control of a young woman’s mind in her hopes that she would receive any of those things. Jacob knew this, and he still does; all of us knew it. If you were a selfish individual, you could ruin a young woman’s life by having false motives. And Jacob was selfish. He would, after much time, brag about how much money he had. How much he paid for this item or how much he spent at various places.

In 1995 A.D., Lil’ Kim had a concert in Atlanta and a friend and I were asked by Jacob to chauffeur Lil’ Kim around and take her sight seeing. We were not particularly interested, but we did it as a favor. It was a two-day event. I was there, but I wasn’t involved in the events. The behavior I witnessed was animalistic as well as dangerous. A rap group called Junior Mafia (Lil’ Kim’s affiliates), that Jacob York had under his management, threw a Hotel Party. Various prostitutes from Atlanta, Georgia were invited to the party and Jacob York videotaped all that took place at this party. What I witnessed was his overwhelming sex obsession involving male and female sexual encounters, group sex, explicit dancing, getting high and loud music in the back ground. All paid for under the expense of Jacob York. He is known for this type of behavior by anyone that knows him personally. Orchestrating these types of outings, endangering the lives of people in society by having high-risk prostitutes perform sexual favors on his so-called staff as favorable pay without the aid of protection from all of these sexually transmitted diseases. Putting all those people lives at risk for what: Money, Fame and Power.

In November of 2001 A.D., it was told to me that Jacob York was helping the Feds (F.B.I.) out in a case against Dr. Malachi Z. York. Jacob often told me that he hated Dr. Malachi Z. York because he felt as though he was responsible for his mother’s death. Also, because he felt as though Dr. Malachi Z. York had enough money to give him to help him out with his music career and he never did. He was jealous of Dr. Malachi Z. York’s positive influence on people’s lives and in all his jealousy he envied Dr. Malachi Z. York. This is a personal vendetta with false malicious intent and it will be exposed.

Jacob called my job at Flava Hair Salon in November of 2001 A.D., and asked a favor. I told him to meet me at the house on Covington Hwy. in Decatur, Georgia. When he arrived, I invited him in. Jacob wanted me to alter Government documents that belonged to Nation’s Bank of America. He wanted these Bank Statements that were from his account reprinted with falsified ending balances and falsified deposits. Five pages of Bank Statements falsifying, forging of Government Documents is a Felony. Conspiracy to commit forgery in the first, second and third degree is a Felony. He gave me the papers and I told him that I would get back with him.

During the visit, Jacob starts a conversation about sports, music and his reasons for the documents. He stated that he needed to get approved for the loan for a house he needed. He said he was getting a bigger house because he had a lot of girls that were moving with him and he needed more room. He went on to say, “There would be a lot of girls moving off of the land in Eatonton.” Most of the girls he bragged about having sex with and talked about a lot of their sexual performances and bodies. He also had pictures of the girls, namely: Abigail (Habiba) Washington, Nicole Lopez, Arlene (Kariyma) Hamilton, and Istiyr Cole. He bragged about the South Beach trip that they took in May earlier that year in 2001 A.D. He said that he had everything in order for the case. It was puzzling to me at first, but he made it clear that they were all conspiring with the Federal Government and plotting to “Bring down Dr. Malachi Z. York”, with allegations of child molestation. He also said, “A lot of the girls wanted to be with him and that they were tired of that “Egiptian ?@?#”. Jacob said, “Dr. Malachi Z. York was crazy and he was going down because of all the shit he had done to him.” I stopped him in his tracks. I told him that I was done with him and he left.

Two days later, he came to my shop, and got a hair cut and asked if I could do the paperwork. I told him, “No, I wasn’t into that anymore.” He never asked for the documents back so I kept them. Unbeknowing to me, they have come in handy in this case to help prove to the world that the very man that started a lot of the false accusations and coerced a lot of these young females into lying for money, and becoming a victim of greed, is guilty of the very crimes. And if not more, that he is accusing his very own father of.

In Conclusion, NONE of these accusations or statements made by any of these so-called witnesses were based on facts. It is based on feelings of emotional hang-ups, jealousies, envies, greed and will, and should not stand up in any court of law that abides by truth and justice. And this is what I would have testified to during the trial of Dr. Malachi Z. York. However, my testimony was BLOCKED by Judge C. Ashley Royal. I was told to testify without the jury being present, and after Judge C. Ashley Royal heard my testimony, he said that I could not testify. The Judge might have been able to block the jurors from hearing my story, but he can’t block the public from hearing the truth about the conspiracy against Dr. Malachi Z. York. With all this said, I stand by my words in honesty, in hopes that these facts be brought forth to relieve this innocent man of the trials that self-centered, malicious, power-hungry, greedy people- have conjured up to try to destroy a man who is highly positive and influential to all people.





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