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DR. MALACHI Z YORK-EL  [click to listen]


Why was her testimony blocked by Judge C. Ashley Royal?  Leah Mabry has testimony proving the conspiracy to imprison Dr. Malachi Z. York?


There is overwhelming evidence which proves Malachi York's innocence.  If you would like to share information pertaining the Innocence of Dr. Malachi Z. York, please email us at info@nuwaubianfacts.com  or



Jacob contacted his sister Leah Mabry and told her that she should go to the FBI and tell them that she was molested by Malachi York. Jacob also told her that he needs more people so the story will be more believable. Leah was personally told by Jacob that he was on the payroll of the FBI and that she should go along with the story to make some real money with him.




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Why Leah Mabry's testimony blocked?




Government Key Witness Recants Her Testimony

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Ques: Why is the government still holding Dr. Malachi Z York-EL with these FACTS from there lead witness?


My name is Leah Mabry. I am 24 years of age. I am making these statements of my own free will. No one has threatened or coerced me to make it. Nor have I been offered anything of value in return for making this statement. I am prepared to tell my story to anyone that will listen in order to tell the truth and let it be known

During the month of May 2001 A.D., Jacob York told me to go to the F.B.I. and tell them that I had been molested by Dr. Malachi. York. Jacob told me that he was already working with the FBI and everything was already set up to bring Dr. York down. Jacob told me that he was on the payroll of the FBI and that I could get in on it and make some real money working with him. He told me that he needed more people to go along with it to make it more


believable. He said that I would be good for it because I was close to Dr. York, our father. Jacob also tried to convince me to share an apartment with Nicole Lopez and talk to her about going to the FBI. [read this]

Also in May of 2001 A.D., Jacob invited me on a trip to Florida that he planned for Memorial Day weekend. He told me that a lot of people that I knew were going on the trip. He named Habibah “Abigail” Washington, Arlene “Karima” Hamilton, Istyr Cole, Tatiana “Atiyah” Thomas, Nicole Lopez, and Farah Muhammad. Jake told me to come along with them and maybe I would change my mind. I didn’t go on the trip and I stopped communicating with Jacob. He told me to choose his world or Dr. York’s world. I chose Dr. York’s world, the world of the truth.

In May of 2002 A.D., I learned that Dr. York and his wife Kathy Johnson York were arrested on child molestation charges. I was shocked at first but then I knew how it came about from my conversations with Jacob.

In January 2004 A.D. at the trial of Dr. Malachi York, I was a defense witness willing to testify to the facts about the conspiracy to bring Dr. York down. My testimony was blocked by Judge C. Ashley Royal. I was called into the courtroom to give my testimony to Judge Royal without the jurors present. Judge Royal then told me that 90% of my testimony would not be allowed in the court. I was not allowed to talk about the conversations between Jacob and myself. My testimony was very limited.

My father, Dr. Malachi York is innocent of all charges. I have personally witnessed the conspiracy that was set up by Jacob York. I was approached by Jacob himself. I did not go along with the plot and I cut off all ties to Jacob. I am willing to give my testimony in court. Malachi York should be acquitted of the charges against him and released immediately. That’s my story.




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