Ques:  Who is David Moreland?

Ans:  David Moreland is the author of a book entitled "Chickens Come Home To Roost!".  The book is a novel based on a true story and his personal experience  in Eatonton, and Putnam County Georgia, where the 476 acres of the Nuwaubian village was once located.   The book outline in details how the Putnam County Officials and their disregard for the law, how they abused and misuse their power. 

Are Putnam County Officials as corrupt as he say they are?  There are so many similar tactics they used on him and also on Dr. Malachi Z. York and the Nuwaubians.  For instance Victor Greig was fined an exuberant $45,750 by the magistrate Judge Sylvia J. Huskins for an ordinance. 

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Maku "Chief" Black Thunderbird Eagle of the Yamassee Native American Moors

Ques:  Why did Dr. Malachi Z. York moved to Putnam County?
Ans:  We Moved To Eatonton Georgia, We Are The Yamassee, A Branch Of The Washitaw Moors, The Mound Builders. Our Ancestors Built The Eagle Rock Mound And Many Others In Such States As Wisconsin, Ohio, South Carolina, Louisiana, And Tennessee. This Is Why We Chose Eatonton To Live. It Is Close To Eagle Rock Mound. The Yamassee Or Jamassi, Meaning "Gentle" Are A native American Tribe That Lived In Georgia, On Ocmulgee River Not Far Above Its Junction With The Oconee In 1715 A.D. The Yamassee Rose In Rebellion Against The English And Killed Two Or Three Hundred Settlers But Were Defeated By Governor Craven And Took Refuge In Florida Where Until The Cession Of Florida To Great Britain, The Yamassee As Allies Of The Spaniards. Some Remained In The Neighborhood Of The St. Johns River Until The Outbreak Of The Seminole War. The Oklawaha Band Of The Seminole Is Said To Have Been Descended From The yamassee. In 1730 A.D. Some Of The Yamassee Settled On The Site Of What Is Now Savannah Georgia, Under The name Of Yamacraw. The Yamassee War (1715-1716 A.D.) In The United States Colonial History Is The Conflict Between The Native Americans And British Colonists  In The Southeastern Area Of South Carolina, Because The British Settlers That Were Into The Slave Business Took Yamassee Women and Children As A Payment For Trading Goods That The British Gave To The Yamassee Knowing That The Yamassee Would Not Be Able To Pay For The Trading Goods.

The Yamassee Originally Lived in Georgia, However when The Spanish Settlers Pushed Them Out By Imposing regulations And Unfair trading The Yamassee Then Moved To The Carolinas And Became Valuable Allies Of The British They Traded With Them And Worked With Them, They Even Fought Alongside The British Against The Tuscaroras Native American Tribe, Their Long Time Enemy. After The War Of 1711-1713 A.D., Which Was A Result Of The british Invasion On Tuscarora land, The british Turned On The Yamassee who Aided Them In The Massacring Of Most Of Their Long Time Enemy Just As The Spanisn Did. They Cheated Them By Taking The Land And Never Pay For It. The British Forced The Yamassee At Gunpoint To Help Carry Trade Goods Throughout The Wilderness. This Insulted The Yamassee, Yet The Worst Of The Acts Against The Yamassee Came When The British Gave The Yamassee All Rum Plus Pay, The Yamassee Asked For More Time To Pay The Debts, The british Refused And Seized The Yamassee Wives And Chrildren For The Slave Market. In Retaliation, The Yamassee Gather Their Relatives, Neighboring Tribes Of Apalachees, Choctaw, Chickasaw, All Tribes Of The Creek Nation, The Catawbas, And The Cherokees Who Also Was Related To The Yamassee, Also Joined The Yamassee In What Is Referred As The Yamassee Uprising.    

 The First People To Live In What Is Now Georgia Were Prehistoric Native Americans Called Mound Builders, The Yamassee, Who Are An Offshoot Of The Washita. Before Europeans Came To The Region, The Creek Native Americans Settled In The South And The Cherokee In The North.

Our Ancestors, Respectfully Called The Ancient Ones Who Originally Named Ourselves Nuwaubians Are Dated Back In America, 10,000 Years. So We Intentionally Moved To Eatonton Georgia To Get Closer To Our Ancestors, Being Descendents Of The Yamassee.






Eagle Rock Mound located in Eatonton, Putnam County Georgia

Overhead shot of the Nuwaubian village in Putnam County Georgia. 





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