"Is the $45,750.00 fine for Rameses Social Club, Legal or Not, in the state of Georgia?" 

Who was the Putnam County Attorney during the Nuwaubians plight in Putnam County?  Was it?


A.  Frank Ford

B.  Dorothy Adams

C.  All of the Above

The answer is C.  Another questions.  Were they married? YES. 
Nuwaubians have been sayings for years prior to the arrest of the Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York that they were being targeted by Putnam county officials.  Officials who themselves felt that they were above the law and receive no repercussions on breaking the law that they were hired and sworn to uphold. 

Some of these county officials according to Nuwaubians were:

  • Sheriff Howard Richard Sills
  • Frank Ford (who was suppose to be the county attorney but Nuwaubians found out that this was illegal because the real county attorney was Attorney Dorothy Adams.)
  • Dorothy Adams
  • Jerome Adams - county building inspector
  • County Commissioners
  • Planning & Zoning Office. 
  • Magistrate Judges

Accusations of Racism

by Hillary Hilliard & Rob Peecher of

Macon Telegraph

August 8th, 1999


Sheriff Howard

Richard Sills

Sills stated that Nuwaubians are desperately seeking a confrontation (according to his professional opinion).  His solutions is, Sills stated that he has overridden department policies forgone arrest and not responded to threats and behavior that would land other citizens in jail.  All in the interest of preventing a showdown.  He said he has ordered his deputies not to stop Nuwaubian drivers for minor violations such as license plate problems, or speeding at less than 75 mph. 


Did Sheriff Sills just confirmed that he was targeting Nuwaubians from the statement above?  How did he and his deputies determined who was a Nuwaubian or Not?


The article continues "there are a lot of things I could arrest them for that I have not" Sills said. 


Later in the article Sills contradict himself by stating that "the so called Nuwaubians present no real threat to members of the public, outside of law enforcement."  


Was sheriff Sills trying to make the Nuwaubians seem like they are anti- government ?

When you can clearly see that the Nuwaubians were constantly applying for permits that the planning and zoning office kept denying. An they have the paper work to prove it.


Now... as all of this was going on... keep in mind that Sheriff Sills had already received letters from Pauline Rogers about child molestation in 1997.  Is this how he do his investigation for child molestation accusations, by IGNORING IT?

Grieg released, following change in fine $2,500

By Rufus Adair
News Editor

After a habeus corpus hearing Tuesday morning that reviewed the merits, and not the procedures, of his case, Nuwaubian groundskeeper/agent Victor Grieg and lawyers for Putnam County agreed to a compromise settlement that freed Grieg and reduced his fine to $2,500 on charges stemming from zoning code violations in the winter of 1998

Grieg had been convicted in Magistrate's Court in May 1998 of operating a night club in a building permitted as a storage building and located in an agricultural zone.

His appeals exhausted and bankruptcy declared, Grieg had began serving a one-year sentence 11 days ago. He was unable to the $45,750 fine in lieu of going to jail.

However, Tuesday, Atlanta lawyer Ralph Goldberg argued in Putnam Superior Court that Grieg had had ineffective counsel and that the mechanisms leading to the $45,750 fine, and even the one year imprisonment, were beyond the constitutional range of a Magistrate's Court.

Frank Ford

County Attorney

Actually, Goldberg and the county's attorney in the case Frank Ford, had worked out a settlement in which Grieg would agree to the conviction and be released from confinement on payment of a $2,500 fine.

The courtroom was filled to capacity with perhaps 200 of Grieg's friends and backers, who burst into applause when Judge James Cline announced the consent order.

In a separate, but related, matter, the Nuwaubians on Monday evening turned in a professionally drawn plat to the Planning and Zoning office in an attempt to get about 10 structures permitted - and get the padlocks off them that were placed there in May under a court order.

As to whether the two events represented a slacking off of the recent confrontational postures from county officials and from the Nuwaubians, there were mixed signals Tuesday.

Justice Department negotiator Bob Ensley said of the permit application, "It looks like we are on the road to resolving this thing."

Dorothy Adams

County Attorney

County Attorney Dorothy Adams said she was happy with the Grieg settlement, and that the issue had been the enforcement of the county's ordinances, not the amount of the fine.

"We thought it made sense to compromise," said Ford. "If he were incarcerated, it was going to cost the county money. Grieg is not a hardened criminal. He was convicted of a zoning violation. It seemed the just thing to do"

However, the crowd was hardly out of the courthouse before talk was heard about a suit for damages against the county.

Likewise, it was not clear whether the plat prepared by Ogletree and Shivers in Milledgeville was adequate for the county's needs.

Nuwaubian contractor Bernard Foster was only one who argues that the Planning and Zoning office treated the Nuwaubians "different from everybody else."

And that $45,000 fine in Magistrate's Court was "ridiculous," he added.

Yes, in some cases the Nuwaubians have been treated differently than others, said Adams on hearing the comment. "Everybody has bent over backwards" to accommodate their demands, she said.

Whether Tuesday marked the end of a chapter or just another page may have been learned at noon Wednesday (after this paper's press time) when Building Inspector Dizzy Adams told the Nuwaubians he would have a decision on the adequacy of the plat.





"Government officials, however, do perceive a potential political threat from the Nuwaubians as their numbers continue to grow in the region."


(excerpt taken from an article Accusations of Racism by Macon Telegraph, August 8th, 1999 by Hillary Hilliard & Rob Peecher)

The Nuwaubians, whose published literature extols American Government and demands loyalty to the country. 

Pastor Marshall Chance, said we did not come as a political threat, "We have had the FBI & GBI here.  If we were law brakers, we would not ask for help from the federal government." 

One of their cornerstone publication, "Little Guide Book for Nuwaubians," reprints the entire U.S. Constitution.  The same book, which includes rules for Nuwaubians, forbids disorderly conduct and demands total cooperation with police. 














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