Did Howard Richard Sills broke the law?
In the Union Recorder dated 5/16/2002. Sheriff Sills is quoted as saying: "The reason York was not arrested in 1998 when letters were first sent is simple, Sills said. There was not enough evidence to bring a conviction, he said". But according to O.C.G.A. 19-7-5, any state government worker who is presented with an allegation of child abuse must immediately report it, and DFACS is to do a full-scale investigation on the allegations.

Excerpt from May 14, 2002 Transcript page 68


Q.  All right, now, prior to these interviews, had these children been interviewed by other people about the alleged sexual abuse?

A.  When you say other people, are you -- law enforcement/  I mean, I think they disclosed to family members and somewhat to each other.  Or I don't know even know if they did to each other, but to family members.  But they were first interviewed by us. 

Q.  Not by a local law enforcement -- when you say "us" you're talking about FBI?

A.  I'm sorry.  FBI, and there was a state investigator involved in some of the interviews, but typically it was with an FBI agent.


Q.  All right, and who was that state investigator?

A.  Tracey Bowen.

Q.  And what agency is she a member of?

A.  Putnam County Sheriff's Department.

Q.  All right.  Was there anyone from DFACS?

A.  No, Sir.  No, sir.

Q.  Were the children taken to DFACS?

A.  No, sir.

Q.  And none off the DFACS personnel or their procedures were employed in connection with obtaining this information?

A.  No, sir.  There was no need to.  They were with their family members.

Q.  They were with the family members who --

A.  They were with family members that were not Nuwaubian members and living on the compound.














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