Who is Dr. Malachi Z. York

Prosecution's main witness recants her testimony.  Abigail Washington

No Medical Evidence provided

Another accuser admits to lying

Who is Jacob York? and what role did he played in the Dr. York Conspiracy?

Why were their testimony blocked?

  > Farrah Muhammad

  > Leah Mabry's

  > Damon Pryor

The Truth about the Disgruntled X-Members who Appeared on Montel William TV Show. 

Was Dr. Malachi Z. York a victim of MISNOMER?

Why was Dr. Malachi Z. York sent to ADX Florence Supermax?

New Video Documentary

Nuwaubians were given 7 Days Eviction

Please read the federal pre-trial transcripts to see the government conspiracy.
Why did the government forfeited Dr. Malachi Z. York's home in Athens Georgia?

Yellow Journalism

Video of Dr. York surfaced on Youtube

History of Nuwaubians in Putnam county and Eatonton Georgia

"Government officials, however, do perceive a potential political threat from the Nuwaubians as their numbers continue to grow in the region."  [read more]

What is Cointelpro?

Interview with David Moreland regarding

the injustices in Putnam

Georgia child abuse reporting requirements

NO Witnesses according to FBI Agent and SCANT evidence according D.A.

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  - Copy Cat Case Video

  - Govt Key Witness Recants

  - Fed Court Pretrial Transcripts
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