Dr. Malachi Z. York

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Government Key Witness Recants Her Testimony

Ques: Why is the government still holding Dr. Malachi Z York-EL with these FACTS from there lead witness?

Ans: Because, Abigail recantment proves the government targeted Dr. Malachi Z York-EL and the pretrial transcripts backs her testimony, No EVIDENCE, Agents didn't audio tape or video tape the alleged victims statements and more. (Government Conspiracy)

Dr. Malachi Z York-El caring ways



FBI arrest of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad

In 1939, the NOI became the subject of FBI counterintelligence. J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director,
linked the Muslims with the Japanese Black Dragon Society led by seventy-year-old Satahota
Takahashi. The group was thought to be a fifth column of Japan who was to eventually engage
America in World War II. In 1940, after word got back that Elijah Muhammad urged his
followers to oppose the war, Hoover initiated a covert operation against the movement. He
placed in charge of the operation Assistant FBI Director Percy J. Foxworth. In March of 1942, the
Alien Enemy Hearing Board recommended the custodial detention of Takahashi. Shortly
thereafter, President Roosevelt issued an Executive Order to have Elijah Muhammad locked up
and taken off the streets. On May 8th, the FBI arrested Elijah Muhammad in Washington, DC. In
his oral statement to special agents Muhammad mentioned that W.D. Fard, the founder of his
movement, instructed his followers not to register for Selective Service. The Washington Field
Office then contacted Detroit and suggested checking the Detroit Police Department records for a
criminal record, photographs, or any information they might have on Fard and his
whereabouts. The Detroit Field Office checked the records of the Identification Division of
the DPD and discovered that a Wallace Fard was arrested in Detroit for "conversion." His
number there was 45138. He was described as "White Male, 33, 127 lbs, 5'6", Slim build, black











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