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Dr. Malachi Z. York

Malachi Zodok-EL

The Nuwaubians

By using the name of the
Most High Father
and the
Blessed Virgin Mother
and the
Holy Son Our

So then Nuwaubians begin a new life
cycle renewed by keeping your eyes on
Yasu-a. For by that; the adversary Satan
and his host of fleshly helpers cannot steal your soul,
take and use your spirit and control your
mind and destroy your body.
In that way you will please the heavenly
Father the Most High God El who is also
AN or ANU who is of
El Kuluwm The All
Then what so ever you ask of
him, you will receive.
For we shall reap.
If we fall not in the ways of
You have been given his The Souls
Attribute, but his secret name keeps Holy.
For he was known by many. He has been given
a name that is above every name that is named.
You have been given this most secret name.

Its Authority is yours.

You can't call yourself
discouraged anymore.
That's not your name.

You have no power in your name to
stop the evil one.
He was called
Yashu-a, Issa, Mighty EL, Wisdom,
Deliverer, Lion of Judah, Word of Life,
Author, Provider, The Great! Am,
Helper, King of Kings, Light of the World,
Chief of Shepherd, My Strength,
My Song, Prince of Peace,
Wonderful Counselor, Lamb of Eloheem,
Lord of Hosts, Son of Eloheem,
The Truth, Chief Cornerstone,
Righteous Judge, Resurrection and Life,
the Beginning and Ending, Rabboni,
Anointed, The Word of Eloheem,
the Soul of Eloheem, the Son of a
Human Being, The True Light,
the Prophet, the Apostle, the One Sent,
EL, Lord, Savior, Rabb, High Priest, Messiah.
And as a Angelic Being in heaven
he was known as Emmanuel,
sent as the Soul of the
Eloheem, Aalihaat, Gods, Anunaaqi.

 And he who will lead the LULU
the Lambs the 144,000 the Aiders,
the One I- will lead in the last Days.
The Shiyloh.
Stop, look at each attribute of his
Glory and know these were
given to you also. But to know
that name which no one knows,
was given to you.

That secret
Sacred name of all power was given
to you in oath as a High Priest after
the Order of Me who in the later day will be called
Melchi Salam, King of Peace.

Blessed will be those Peace Makers,
because they will again become
Angelic Beings and as such
Children of the Most High.
The moment you call out that
secret name given you, the power
of the Most High, the Heavenly
Host will all turn your way and you
will be heard in what ever you ask
you will be given it.

You can put it to
work in your life this very moment.
Know that this name of El Rabb is a strong tower;
the Righteous runneth into it, and is Safe.
Your powers have been made limited
your lust for this world has named you.
You need something mighty on your side,
will it to be and it will be.

This is how you put
the power to work for you and all you
know so whatsoever you do in word and deed.
What you think to do, do it by using the name.

You have the power within you, to make
all things better. So establish those thoughts
and prayers on the words of the Most High God,
and it will come to past.
It is said of the Most High God,
whoever cometh to me by my Holy Name,
and know I am your Father your Helper,
and heareth my words and doeth them.
I will show you to whom you seek and give
to you what you know you asked for.
Put the words of the Heavenly Father
first in your Life.
Put on the whole Armor of the Most
High God that you will
be able to stand
against the works of the devil and
his temptations.
Your Heavenly Father wants you Well,
Free, Full of Joy, Happiness, Wealthy.
He truly loves you.
You are never alone.
We will not fear the evil one and his
Helpers, because our hearts will be fixed
on the will of the Most High, and his
Unique Son, the Messiah our Savior.
We will no longer fall weak to his many
temptations and the pleasures of this Physical
World. Things of Desire, Things that Look
Good, things that taste Good, Things that
I read; that I think will make me wise.

We can overcome all these Illusions of the
Devil. Things we don't need. People we don't
need to be around.

Test the soul of each to see
if it is of the Most High or Self. Which is linked
to earth and the devil is the Prince of this world.
Never the King of it.
You finally draw a line in your life as a
And you say to All out Loud. Who are you
for self or the Most High. Where are you for
this world or the one to come? Will you take
power over your weakness? will you stop that
which is bad for you and your seed?

Stop going where you don't belong. stop
putting your self in the way of temptations.
Stop making excuses for your own Thoughts. Stop
blaming others for your Evils you Hide Inside.

Its time to rebuke the Evil you. The devil you.
Stop pretending to be so good and righteous
and really be righteous and good.
Repent to the Most High. Confess your own
Evils your own Sins your own inner feeling to
NO Mortal, turn to the
Most High Father
as his child and confess your ways
and change them














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