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DR. MALACHI Z YORK-EL  [click to listen]


Dr. Malachi Z. York




An Apology to the Politicians that was pushed away from this unjust case against our "Maku" Dr. Malachi Z York-EL by the FBI agents that was planted in our Nation, Honorable Men like the Senator of Georgia Leroy Johnson the real attorney for Dr. Malachi Z York-EL, Georgia State Rep. Tyrone Brooks, Rainbow/Push Coalition Rep. Joe Beasley and Pres. Rev. Jessie Jackson, NAACP President Rev. Alexander Smith out of Augusta, Rev. Al Sharpton, Mayor of Macon Georgia Jack C Ellis, these Honorable Men was looking into this unjust case before it became a alleged child molestation case.


Ques: Why did Rev. Dr. York ask for these men's help and when they all came out to support the Yamassee Nuwaubian Nation, then all of a sudden this bogus molestation case?

This case was being exposed worldwide and the racist  southern government had to find away to destroy the vision of Dr. Malachi Z York-El because this man showed what Nubian minds can accomplish without the help of Federal funded programs and the Caucasian Confederates racist down in Georgia and anywhere else we as a Nation of Nuwaubian American Moors would have move to,


we did it in 1921 in Tulsa Okalahoma, Marcus Garvey was doing it also, Noble Drew Ali was doing it, Honorable Elijah Muhammad was doing it and this government attacked all these Honorable men.


 "What do this government really fear, when it comes to Nubian Men wanting better for their children and women?"

So they plant their Black men and Black women in our communities to help them to topple any Nubian movement, so when the racist saw Honorable Black men coming together, they know they had to do everything in their power to destroy our peaceful community, look at these honorable men expressions when they visited our Native land Tamare do it look like they feared the Yamassee tribal members.


Why do this government fear all nationalities coming together in peace?

 Dr. Martin L King Jr. and Dr. Malachi Z York-EL see this as a solution to the world problems and not WAR, we are praying that President Obama don't follow these warmongers footsteps.


We the Yamassee tribal members would like to apologize for these government agents that pushed these honorable men away from this unjust case. They obvious saw the injustices we were enduring and that's why these honorable men came out to show their support,

Why would the real concerned tribal members push Noble men like Senator Leroy Johnson, State Rep. Tyrone Brooks, Joe Beasley and Rev. Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and more away from this obvious conspiracy to defame Dr. York and our peaceful Nubian Nation that was making a difference in the Nubian youths minds of positive thoughts as oppose to drugs, gang banging, indecent behavior, smoking, this is what we as a tribe don't tolerate. 


The government agents is responsible for pushing these honorable men away by whispering in the ears of the tribal members that Senator Johnson was responsible for motions that after our research it shows that the lawyer Ed Garland filed and put on the record those motions, the planted agents accused Dr. York's real attorney Senator Johnson, and Dr. York said this out of his own mouth on a taped recording, listen to the Isles of Patmos CDs, these same government agents was suppressing these audio CDs from the world.



Listen to our Maku's own words about this unjust case.


These agents jobs is the deplete the finance of our tribal members in bogus going nowhere marches and sometime (Demon)strations, everyone knows that our Maku has always been consistent when it come to exposing the DEVIL and his AGENTS,


What scared these racist in Georgia was Dr. Malachi Z York-EL'S ability to bring These POWERFUL MEN and Women together under one roof, you had Gabeo, Rainbow/Push, NAACP, Shriners, Masons and the young (Nubian women, men and children) the Mayor from Macon, Georgia, the Mayor from Augusta a RAINBOW OF COLORS on our Ancestral Land 













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