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Chief Maku: Today is April 18th 2004, speaking to you from the belly of the beast. This is Malachi or Malachi Z. York, Amun Nubi Re Akh Tah, Marduk. I would just like to speak on Kathy Johnson, my wife. First of all we have three children, the oldest is 16 his name is Isa, that's my son. Then I have another Son and I have another daughter, by Kathy; our relationship goes on for over 16 years.
According to the State of New York, there is no Common Law marriage recognized; but in the state of Georgia, its a 7 year recognition. That means we moved down here in around 1993, it now 2004; why would I say 2004 and not 2002. Because I got arrested in 2002 and they would make it look like it stop there, But no.

But Dawn Baskins and Woods; Maxwell Woods, from the Federal and State kept on going on television. And calling her my lead Wife, my front wife; all throughout the newspaper my lead wife. So they established her as a wife and the Common Law of Georgia, establish her as a wife. So they knew when the got on the television, the other day on channel 13 and started telling people that we're going to use his wife to testify against him. They know by law they can not do that, they know by Law they can't bring up any part of her case and my case; whatsoever.

However; I'll like to establish that she never said the things they said she said anyway. Because we had our people there at all times, watching; and we have the tape of it. Where when she went through her whole plea, not once did she mentioned anything about me doing anything; that they said on television, of her bringing children to me. In fact she told them I don't see why after signing these papers, if I'm not guilty. And her Lawyer, Steels, who by the way goes to the same University, that um Garland, went to. The same University that Judge Royals went to. The same university that this Judge Fitzpatrick goes to, went to the same University as Lawson Father, who was the head of. The same University that Adrian Patrick's, which is my Attorney went to. The same University that Dawn Baskins, I can go on to List. All of them went to the same university, all the Alumni. Right?

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: So the same people were out there saying the same them, because they all work together; it was a pattern. So her and Brian Steels who pretended to be so unique, he was hired by the Garland Firm. Now you notice way back in June, I made it clear that I never hired Garland. And I put him on the spot while in Court and it's on Records. I said tell him to show a Document where I signed it, show them a telephone call; where I made and gave a verbal agreement of any form or fashion and he never could produce.
They let Mannie tag along and they hid Garland. When I got to Court in front of Judge Royals, down stairs of course; in a private Conference. That's what he kept doing was having private conversations so the World what see what's going on in this Case.
But anyway down there in front of Patrick, Ashley and the Prosecution, I made it extremely clear that I didn't want anything to do with the Lobe, the Garland and Mannie. That's means let's make it Clear, that Garland and them put together they're own Package of Lawyer's who were working with the State and the Fed's all the time. Then one of these woman is called, her name is called Janet Signer; and she was put on one of the Girls. Then another one called Nichol's who was put on other girls, you had another one.
And then they had um Mannie who was really, Garland and them was going to take my Money with Mannie, cause he looked like a Indian, they were going to pass him off as Black. And make him, mine you; he has a Caucasian wife.
Then they had another guy who was a ex- F.B.I. Agent, called Joe Bagahni, who use to walk around with them. And he was to dispose, disrupting, and go to the Witnesses and distract the Witnesses and pretend that they told him stuff; to help all of Sills and them. Then Garland put together his own Accountant, to try and trapped my Family into doing something Illegal. Then he put together his own Psychiatric team, which is Mrs. Eldridge and them who works for him. And they was going to pretend they we're helping me, while they were going to put together Contra Reports; about my conditions.
But fortunate for me when I got into Court and I made my Declaration of independences, from these people. I made it clear that I'm a Indigenous person, Sovereign; right? And they don't have any Jurisdiction over me, which they haven't been able to prove to this date that they do; but they just went on anyway. On that same very day they decided we better lock him up and send him to New York. Why they send me to New York? Is because they were trying to get New York to take up charges, they were going to try and shift it up there. Because the State down here know they can't get no....... I can't get no fair Trial in The Middle District.
In fact with Woods and them getting on Television the other day and coming on Three, Four days in a row; down here in Georgia, they made the possibility of it. Especially not in Covington, or any of the Middle District; the Oculmugee There's no way possible I could get a Fair Trial, they knew that. Because they did not want to go the Court, because they can't go to the Public, because they're Witnesses; have all perjured themselves. Or we have since then found more information pertaining them, that reveals how phony they are. and how much they were lying and some of them want to turn around and tell the truth. And this is going to be the shocking Information, that they know.
So they know they could never put Kathy Johnson, upon the Stand. And say she testified against me, because we have Common Law rights; down in the State of Georgia. Especially after been living here since 1993, which is on Record. And we have multiple amount of Information, everything; from our property Owning, People Verification, our Census List, Our Children Medical Records and everything else to verify that we are in fact Husband and Wife, by Law. Now, so they can't use that, that's all part of a game.

Now what you have to understand; like I was trying to say, what they were doing is they have put together a Team. And all of them are working together against the Nuwaubians. It started a while back, it started back before 1997, it started back in 1993 when we got here; when they realized who we were and they didn't want us here.
And a bunch of Good Ole Boys, got together and they even had Negroes working with them, who was the Southern part of this Country, who don't want. And they looked at us as Northerner's and they don't want us down here. You Follow? They plot and they planned and Scheme to put together all this Information.

Look at it like this: The Fed's just drop the Charges on my Wife Kathy, they dropped all Charges. Now how do you drop all of these Charges, if we're so notorious and we got all these sex charges, hundred of Sex Charges. All of this abuse, all of this Strategy, the Children need psychiatric treatment, so they're trying to get Restitution; all of that but you just drop the Charges. She ends up doing 2 years and she did 6 months of that already. You follow what I'm saying?

Chief Maku: That tell you right there that they know that they're Case is Shadow.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: Why did they have our People take a Plea, why would they make them take a Plea? Why was those other two girl allowed to take a Alfa-Plea? And that means a Alfa-Plea is to say: I have not done anything. But you'll got so much stuff against me, it going to be so corrupt; you know I'm not going to get a fair trial. Because of how the Federal Government works now in the System, I'll take that to just to try and get probation, to get out of here. Right?

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: She never, Mrs. Baskins and them; never, ever had Kathy say any of the things to them that they put on television. That was all a big hoax, there's no Children in this Case, first of all; that's why they keep on hiding everything, It's all adults. And then what they try to claim is; oh these things happened 10, 15, years ago. But they're problem came in with that.

Interviewer: Um Huh.

Chief Maku: The problem is they say it happened 10, 15 years ago and it happened outside of Georgia, then why are the Charges down in Georgia? You can't be charged in Georgia, with things that happened in New York. You can't be charged with things that happen in Putnam, that happened in Baldwin. You can't be charged with things, you have to be charged according; especially when it's a State Case.

Interviewer: That's Right.

Chief Maku: You follow what I'm trying to say? So what they were doing was lying to the Public again. What they were going to do is just maneuver the Population, do what they feel like doing; and get they're point across. But it back fired as we comes down now, Parham, Sakina Parham, Mother wanted to get up there and tell the truth about her Daughter. And she had a lot of information and we have since then put on a affidavit tape. You Follow?

And a bunch of other Witnesses who he was trying to avoid from getting on the Stand. As far Jake Sister getting up there and mentioning Money, yes. These people were getting concession already from the Government, they was on a Payroll, Sakina Parham, was on a payroll. Jake York, or Yacob Muhammad, was on a Payroll, they was all being paid or threaten; one or the other.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: And told if you don't Cooperate and help us put this man away and say what we want you to say; then we're going to take your kids away. And we're going to put you in Prison. We want you to go out and we want you to recruit people, you go find these people and we'll pay for them; we'll fly you around. And we got the investigations, we pull up the receipts, we pull up the money tabs. For the flights that the Government was moving um Sakina Parham, here or moved another one here or moving there, all of that's been accumulated; gathered, to verify.
Jake and them is now under investigation, why? Because little Kim, is under investigation. Little Kim goes to the public, cause they're getting her for perjury and she's facing 30 years now. What's is the perjury? Well she says in open Records, well the people on the back of my album they're the ones who were doing all the embezzlement. I didn't lie, I didn't have anything to do with all that kind of stuff. The person on the back of the album is York town Records, which is Jake York; he calls himself you know Big Poppa.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: And so now that's the one they're now investigating, why? Because they're beginning to find out that since his friends got on the stand in our Case, but the Judge well not let it go Public. But we still have it, in Affidavit tapes. Where they told what took place and how they planned outside of Atlanta, what houses they went in; went in these differences houses. Who gathered, how they plotted and they were saying we're going to take down this man. Because they were promised a hold bunch of money, if they succeed in taking me down.

Interviewer: Favorable concessions?

Chief Maku: Favorable Concessions, what they said in the Court. Now they tried to closed the Case down, so nobody could see it. Next thing they did is now they closed off all the minutes, but we bought in some real professionals Lawyers now, who are not playing that. Things are going to turn around, it's our turn for them to see what's going on. They are going to try and trick you, they're going to try to fool you; but it ain't going to work. You follow?

Interviewer: Yes.

Chief Maku: So I want to make it clear that Kathy, didn't take a plea, to take; and get on they're side and say she agrees that she did anything. She told them standing in the opening, her Father stood right there and said I know honey that you didn't, I heard it; matter of fact it was taped. I know honey that you didn't do these things, but you had to take a Plea.
Here is what Brian Steels tells Her: "a lot of people who didn't commit the crime take Plea's because it's in their best interest, so take this here and do the 3 years cause Malachi, they say is not going to take this Plea off". Malachi, doesn't not have a state plea, let me repeat; Malachi, doesn't have a State Plea. Because the concession was the State plea and the Fed Plea goes together. And when I pull back on the bogus Federal Plea, the State Plea went down with it; so there is no State Plea.

Interviewer: Hmmm!!!

Chief Maku: That's another hype, another lie that they're putting out; that's one of the thing they trick her with. To make you think that I got hundred's of years coming and all that kind of stuff. It's a big game that's around, you follow?

Interviewer: Yes.

Chief Maku: And so, any other question you want to ask before I go on?

Interviewer: Um. Yes, just recently Dawn Baskins, um got on Public Television, on the News; saying how the Nuwaubian Organization, were threatening different witnesses.

Chief Maku: Right.

Interviewer: But to my knowledge wasn't it her that put out the name of those particular Witnesses?

Chief Maku: Exactly, Dawn Baskins, went out there when they thought they had a Plea. And they put all these names up, put they're Names, they're Addresses, they're ages, everything about these people. Right? And then turn around and put it on us. And then most of the people she put on the screen, on Television; were not even they're witnesses. They came on my behalf, the so-called victims; came to Court on my behalf, that's why they closed this thing down. They got four people sitting there and everyone of them became un creditable. They found out that the girl called Belorah, who calls herself Crystal Harden, has a felony charge. She's in a Federal facility, locked down; for possession of a deadly weapon and stealing a car.
The children in the School in Athens, have come forth. And they're starting to revealed who the boyfriend is, his name is Eli. It's a boy from ah Safar LaRoche; and how he admits and they admits, that she told them who took her virginity. Just like she told her Mother when she was in a Mental Hospital, who testified on the Stand, Pam LaRoche right; that her daughter told she was still a Virgin when she left the Land. and said before I leave I want to go down and tell Baba good bye, which doesn't sound like something you would say to someone who molested you.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: And her friends have come forth. The next one is David, we know David Noel; has already recanted three times. But his sister took the stand and told them in open Court, that David, spent two weeks with us. Two weeks with us up there and during that period of time he said I can't take this anymore, it's not fair; I need a pencil. And we got those Sister Affidavit already done. The court tried to block it.
The sister who was on the stand, they tried to make her look like she was saying that he never went to Mannie, or that he never went to Bagonni. And what she was saying, was during the period of time that he stayed with us, for two straight weeks. During that period of time he never saw Bagonni and he never saw Eddie Mannie, when he got back down here. Because Mannie and Bagonni, was working with the system down here; cause they work under Garland, a part of that Plot. You follow?

Interviewer: Yes.

Chief Maku: Then they tried sit it up and then Bagonni, offers him some car, some tickets to some game. That was suppose back fired in the Case; Ooh, then they tried to pretend Bagonni was going on the stand. That's all part of Georgia plot trying to rip of Prominent Black Leaders, intellectuals and wealthy Black people; to take their money. Get them incarcerated, put a big fine over them; get the Leader time. You see it happening to all these Baseball Players, Football Players, all these Ministers. It's a game, it's back firing on them.
So yes they got on Television and out right lied, to the Public; you follow?

Interviewer: Yes.

Chief Maku: Nobody got threaten by us, that's our Family, we don't threaten our Family. We sit down and solve our own problem, I don't care what you'll trick them into doing and I love those people and I'll die for those people. But you will never convinced us or anybody else that a Nuwaubians, will ever raise they're hand against another Nuwaubian. We are none Violent, when it come to our own people.

Interviewer: That's right.

Chief Maku: Go ahead.

Interviewer: I'm glad that you brought that up.

Chief Maku: I want to mention something else also, because I gave you'll a list earlier. Do you remember the list of the different people that all attended the same School in this Case.

Interviewer: Yes I do.

Chief Maku: Could you tell me some of those People, so the Public could hear; which people attended the same School. By the way the Judge let a guy came in called Cedrick. He came in and pretended he was a assistant for Patrick, but what he did in fact was put in a Motion in; that he knew was going to back fire. Later on we found out, because we caught him on tape talking to Woods. And they forget the tape was on in Court And everybody saw him. We got the tape was on in the Court, and everybody saw him. And he said oh we were talking about a Baseball game, but actually then he wasn't sitting in the Court. He never signed in legally, he never filed a Record. But the Judge let him act as an Attorney and even cross examine Witnesses.

Interviewer: Hmmm!!!

Chief Maku: When he wasn't even supposed. I never approved him being there, just like I never approved Mannie being there. Mannie, was not suppose to be there; nor was Mannie suppose to be there through the Jury Selection. Which by the way; the judge picked the Jury himself. You Follow? That's why they're hiding that one Black Juror, who wants to tell the truth.

Interviewer: That's right, yes.

Chief Maku: And we hope she hears this and comes forward so we can straighten this out.

Interviewer: I do have the list of everybody who went to the University of Georgia.

Chief Maku: I want people to hear this, it's a reality. All of these people who are on both sides of this Case, went to School; either together or attended the same School and are Alumni. This was a concentrated effort, some of the F.B.I. Agents, some of the Marshals, even attended the same School. Could you read off the list, starting with Judge Royals?

Interviewer: Yes. Um, the first person who attended the University of Georgia, was Judge C. Ashley Royals, who is the presiding Judge over Federal Case.

Chief Maku: Conflict of Interest, go ahead.

Interviewer: Attorney Dawn Baskins, who is the Prosecuting Attorney for the State Case. Um, Attorney Fred Bright, who is also Prosecuting Attorney for the State Case.

Chief Maku: Um Huh.

Interviewer: Maxwell Woods, who is the Prosecuting Attorney for the Federal Case, Edward Garland.

Chief Maku: Edward Garland, who calls himself my Lawyer, who put up the Bogus Plea; and tried to sit me up for a 1,000 years, Go ahead.

Interviewer: Steve Bradley, who is also a Prosecuting Attorney for the State Case.

Chief Maku: Um Huh.

Interviewer: Ok, Attorney Cedrick Davis.

Chief Maku: Cedrick Davis, the one the Judge; Ashley Royal let Constant let come into the case during the Trial. But he did not file, there no Records of him ever, we looked it up; he's not been Filed to come into this Case. A Lawyer can not walk into the Court Room, especially in a federal Case and just get on the Case. Because he says he belongs to the Adrian Firm. Him and Adrian, have two different Practices; he told me right in the Court, this is my Secretary. I ask Adrian do you know his Secretary is white? He said no. So they can't have had possible had the same thing. He walked in and showed me a picture of his Secretary and with Richard Moultrie and the Marshals that was there; all in the same picture. That picture can be subpoenaed, if you want to verify it.

So Cedrick was not working under ah, Adrian. Cedrick was from Milledgeville, Baldwin County, which is you know Yamassee; which is Sills Boys. And Adrian is from Clark County and that's in Athens Georgia. So he, the Judge allowed him to come in and practice Law, without Registering. But when it comes down to my new Lawyers now, we got to have a hearing tomorrow to see whether or not he's qualified. Hero Lawyers, Harvard Lawyers, to see if they're qualified to get on the Case. But Cedrick, was allowed to walk in the Middle of a Trial. And then like i said, put in a Motion that the judge participated; violating the Law. Participated in backing up the Prosecution, by having his personal Secretaries; find Cases to knock it down. Come to find out the Judge and Cedrick were friends, they go back a while. They did Trials together, against different Black People; and it's a part of a set up thing. It's a big Plot going on against the Nuwaubians. Go on, who else went to school with them?

Interviewer: Brian Steel.

Chief Maku: Brian Steels, which is Kathy Johnson, who sold her out. And the reason why they did that, is they needed a plea; to make it look like she's pleading against me. So they can hold that up in the Court and say see if his wife Pleaded Guilty it must be true. So Brian steels, our Lawyers meet with Brain Steels, before the plea; and broke down all the stuff that we had. Just a fraction of it actually, cause we have a lot of stuff. But more stuff and now it's impossible for this Case to go forward. and that's what he realize, Brian Steels, is a part of the Plot also. All the people from, what College is that again?

Interviewer: The University of Georgia.

Chief Maku: The University of Georgia that they're all in charge of. He put Kathy through the Ringer anyway, knowing; that this case was going to get overturn. But they're hoping that they could use her to say, use her against me. And then go on Television and say maybe we're going to get his Wife to Testify against him. That's the talk of the people in the Population, who don't know a Wife can't testify against a person. And Kathy wouldn't Testify against me anyway, she made that clear.

Interviewer: Right. It called Spousal Testimonial Privilege.

Chief Maku: Say that again?

Interviewer: Spousal Testimonial Privilege.

Chief Maku: Thank you. Go ahead.

Interviewer: Um, also um; Janet Singer Attorney Janet Singer.

Chief Maku: Janet Singer, who was put on Chandra Lampkin, they made her, her Case. When we got into the Court and those people wanted to come down. Like Chandra, who wanted to Testify in my Case, she didn't never said she did anything in her Plea. That was a Alfa Plea, but then she didn't do anything, right? But it was Janet saying no she can't because she might get in trouble, they were all working together. And they sent the Letter while the Case was going on, practically received the letter in the middle of the Case; so they could show it to me. That's all part of it, so I could see it right there. The Secretary of the Judge gets the letter, walks over, Patrick admits; cause I saw him talking to her a lot of times. Oh my Father knows her, it's all a big set up. He told me, my father know the Secretary of the Judge. Go ahead.

Interviewer: Um. Judge Hugh Lawson, is a personal friend of U.G.A.

Chief Maku: Judge Hugh Lawson, is a friend of U.G.A.

Interviewer: And he was a previous Judge.

Chief Maku: And he was the Judge that had to get Recused as you remember.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: And his Father also.

Interviewer: His Father Roger H. Lawson was the First President of U.G.A. Law School Association.

Chief Maku: Now tell me this ain't plot, tell me all of these people aren't in this thing together? Go ahead.

Interviewer: Yes. In 1951 he was the First President.

Chief Maku: Any others?

Interviewer: No.

Chief Maku: That's covers it, that's everyone in the Case.

Interviewer: That's everybody.

Chief Maku: Everybody on both Sides of the Case, all went to School together, all were working together. And when we call this a Conspiracy, the Conspiracy is not just against me; it's against all the Nuwaubians. The distant ones, the Disgruntled ones, they setting them all up. All they want is for the Nuwaubians, to get the that Egiptian village out of Georgia. Because it's a symbol of what Black people can Accomplish, without White people and it bothers them.

You know what I'm saying. Get that man out of here, cause he writes to many books, he's waking up to many people down here. Do anything, in any course; violate the law, bend the Law, break the Constitution. Do anything, but get that man; Malachi out of here, get Malachi Zodok, get Melchisedek, out of here. That's what they going for and we can't let them have it.

Interviewer: No!!!

Chief Maku: Now we be on all these Radio Stations, we're on all these T.V. Station. And we're getting ready to come at them this week with stuff they better be ready for. Because ANU, The Most High and then Enki has sent us the power we need.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: So all of that is a big Hokes, and I just thought it was necessary to make a tape for the Family. Cause they will know there's a big hoax and they going to see the thing turn.

Interviewer: Yes. One other thing I want to touch on, the Restitution. Which means they um, it's a Trial or a hearing; they're suppose to get money?

Chief Maku: Right.

Interviewer: Um. To my understanding Restitution, is not Retroactive in your Case. Because um, everything happened before 1996. so wouldn't this be an illegal hearing?

Chief Maku: Right. That's an illegal hearing they're trying to have. I suppose to be sentenced on the 22nd and I'm suppose to go on the 23rd for Restitution; It's illegal. Most of the stuff they're doing in this Case is illegal and they're not going to get away with it. They were going to get away with it, as long as the Lawyers; that were saying they were my Lawyers and the Prosecutors and the Judges and all of them were from the some University. And all working together and meeting in private. But not now that we got Lawyers coming from outside, we ain't playing that stuff; and ain't tolerating they're stuff and is not afraid of them.

Nor can they foreclose on the Land, cause they never had anybody; the real owners are the Richardsons and the um Evans. And then they're working on the Warrant. And I like to add something else, the Judge have what they call a conflict of interest. Because a little research reveals that Judge Ashley Royal, was the Acting Attorney; against my Father-in-law. Shalamar Richardson, which I have three children with. Her father was killed right in the Hospital in Georgia. And we filed a suit against them, we fought that suit for almost 5 years. Where the Lawyer who was fighting the suit against my Children Grandfather, Eli Richardson. And his Daughter Shalamar Richardson. Right? That same Judge, is the same Judge that's on the Bench now. Who took me down to Brunswick, where he practice law and lived for 20 years.

Interviewer: Hmmm!!!

Chief Maku; You follow what I'm saying? That's call a Conflict of Interest. People come forward let them know they can not do this. Just because they don't like Pyramids and they don't like black Statues and they don't like black people that are progressive. They don't like the Nuwaubians, cause they got their own way of thinking and wearing their hair they want to wear their hair. That's what America, is suppose to be about; isn't it?

Interviewer: Yes.

Chief Maku: My Rights, are Constitutional Rights. They locked up Gary C. Tatum, because he voiced his opinion when I got arrested. a Ex-marine Corp, Purple heart. The Man got medals for Bravery, but he has Agent Orange, from being over there. And he has been totally and 100% disable, since he came back from Vietnam, for over 30 something years. And he's what they called a delusionary; and he's Para schizophrenic, he get Paranoia.

So when he found out that people was getting ready to go back over to the War, he got a flash back of all his friend he saw die. And freak out and started calling the Pentagon and saying you'll need to stop this. That man been locked down inside Jones county Jail, first Clark County Jail. Charged with all kinds of threats to the Government, all of that kind of stuff. And put away like he's some type of Prisoner, that man is sick. I walk and talk with him, he's right here with me everyday, they want to locked him down. What they do is they give him a Lawyer and the Lawyer use to be the Ex- mayor of Macon So you know he's a good ole Boy, he belongs to the Circuit.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: And the people were going to drop it. All of a sudden who gets on the Case? Ashley Royal, Conflict of Interest. When Sanders, the Officer; who works for Sills and all of them was down there in Brunswick and they was not Deputized to be down there. They pretended that they was head of Sills and part the State Case. He puts his officers around Max woods, who's the Fed. Case showing these are the Same Case. They attacked Thomas Chism, and three other people down there. What happens? Ashley Royals gets involves.

When the Parade was held by the Nuwaubians and the Grand Lodge, the Masonic Lodge, our Shriner Temple. And our Tribe of Native Americans, went down to Brunswick, because they invited us down there. What happen? We found out by taking Pictures, we got Sills Officers; in Disguised down there. Tag them down there, followed them down there. And to our knowledge they passed out Flyers, that they down loaded, so they can start the Case. So the Judge says; well we spoiled Brunswick. No. In actuality the fact is that Howard Richard Sills, spoiled Brunswick by a telephone call to who; what's that name again?

Interviewer: Karen Stone.

Chief Maku: Karen Stone, of the what?

Interviewer: The Brunswick News.

Chief Maku: They had it already in the Newspaper. Every person that came into the Jury Room, for Selection. And the Judge would say well one of the People he wants to put on, he had a code. Come on round down here, that's one of his Good Ole Boys or Girls that he was planning on keeping on the Bench. And then he would ask them did you hear about this Case? They say yes. Where? On the Radio, the Brunswick. I mean they would tell him over and over again, not one person didn't hear about the Case. But then well you can't do this, this got to go, well i have a dead line.

Interviewer: Ummm!!!

Chief Maku: Yeah but that don't mean nothing, the Law says that these people already know about the Case are conflict. And people came in the room, admitting; that they were outside before they came in and discussing the Case. And how I'm guilty, I plead a guilty plea. One guy kept saying "any Nigger that calls himself a Indian, and puts a head dress on"; you know what I'm saying? "He needs to buried under the Jail". You know what I'm saying.

These people had this thing already planned, the Judge let all that go on and still put those people up there and call them Jurors. That's why they don't want the eyes to see what's going on, it a big old plot. So he had a Conflict Of Interest' when it comes down to the "Richardson Case". Because the Richardson Case is Related to the York Case. and now Ethel Richardson is the Mother, because the father was the real Supreme Grand Master, on the Land; in Putnam County. When I had moved to Clark County with my Family and I was in charge of Clark County.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: And we set up the "Egiptian Church of Karast", while they had "The Holy Tabernacle Ministries" and i was there. That's the man that they killed, you follow?

Interviewer: Ummm!!!

Chief Maku: And the Mother Is the one who owns the Land', not my wife and not me it's on Record. And that's why they tried to Foreclose on the Land'. but now that's another Conflict of Interest. How can you foreclose with people you have a Conflict of Interest? Because you went to court against killing her Husband, by leaving a Sponge in him and she won the Case.

Interviewer: Right. If you don't mind.

Chief Maku: Go ahead.

Interviewer: I have a law that says that a Lawyer who served on a Case. Chief Maku: Yes. Interviewer: Continues: would enter interfering, can't be a Judge presiding over a Case, that is a Conflict of interest. If you don't mind i can read it for you?

Chief Maku: Go ahead.

Interviewer: This serves as a Conflict of interest and violates Title 28, United States Code section: 455.

Chief Maku: I want everybody to look those up, and bring up on they're Computers and send them. And typed it up and send it to the people who should help us.

Interviewer: Right. Disqualification of Justice Judge, or Magistrate Judge.
B.(2) Stating where in Private Practice, He served as a Lawyer, in which he served as a Lawyer in your Father-in-law case.

Chief Maku: In this Case he's the lead Lawyers for what that's Macon General?

Interviewer: Yes. Oconee Regional.

Chief Maku; Oconee Regional, Hospital. Where his father was killed by the Doctors by leaving a sponge.

Interviewer: Milledgeville.

Chief Maku: Milledgeville Georgia. And that's Baldwin County. And that's where Massey, who was there at my arrest. Who spearheaded my arrest, that's the Sheriff of that County; go ahead. That's Sills Buddy.

Interviewer: Ok. Where in private practice he served as the Lawyer in the matter in Controversy. Or a Lawyer with whom he previous Practice Law during such association as a Lawyer, concerning the Matter. Or the Judge or such Lawyer has been a Material Witness concerning it. Also violating Code Of Conduct for United States Judges Cannon 3. A Judge should perform the duties of the Office Impartially and Diligently.

Chief Maku: Now lets established that the State and Fed's Case ran together. They ran it together because the Fed used a state witnesses. So when the Fed. case falls; the State Case, have to fall at the same time. They can't pretend they got two different Cases as the Same Witness, that's called a Conflict of Interest. That's called double, the Judges Conflict of Interest already establish by what you read; it's Double Jeopardy if they try to use the same people they use in the previous case. And most of them had already purvey themselves while they were on the stand. Cause one of them said; mainly from Safaa LaRoche', that she lied to the Grand Jury.

Interviewer: Yes.

Chief Maku: Another had admitted that her father had cohered her into it. Another one was taken from, was brought from a Mental Institution. Because she was claiming to be Crazy, her Mother name is Ah Nicole Harden. Who got on the stand and lied and said I told her to Launder money, that was never proved; that I laundered any money. And they lied to what you called my Accountant, Duke Lacrosse; who I had for 30 years. And said well maybe he did business under that name, he could of did Business by that name. All of those are lies, the truth is going to come out it's our time. I just want to say that to the Family and those people out there who want the truth. All Nuwaubians, all of you'll; whether they use you'll in the Case against us or not, your still family. we still love you'll, let's beat the devil.

Interviewer: Tawuhaat, Maku.

Chief Maku: Rahubaat. Hotep, hotep, hotep..............












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