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135 years on Hear-say

Supermax ADX Prison is A Clean Version of Hell


They send our Maku "Chief" and President of an Indigenous Nation the Yamassee Nuwaubians to the worst prison in the United States the former warden Robert Hood calls it a clear version of HELL watch the video. This is a red flag, political prisoner locked up under Dwight D York (MISNOMER) read our constitution




Ok, it is said in this video that all inmates letters have to be APPROVED by the prison, do you know what that means? that all letters go through a thorough investigation, that's the person sending the letters complete back round history check and what your connection to the inmate is, this is the Federal Government's way of security knowing all contacts, so all the people that didn't receive returned letters was not approved an the ones claiming they did receive letter back from the prison might be working with the prison.

Ask yourself, what makes the people claiming they received letters from our Maku so special and why after all the letters we wrote their was no response? [read moor]


This prison is the most top secured prison in the United States and this is just one of its protocols when dealing with incoming mail.


Now when Maku was in smaller jails like the one in Jones County Georgia these security protocols was not the same and that's why the letters we received back then the message is different than these so-called letters today, for instance I am not a Moor, Native American, Not a Nation, now ask yourself why is it that these new so-called updates are going against all the principles we stand for read the U.N.N.M onstitution and the Nuwaubian Family Guide and our Nation's Flag. You'll gave up our flag for the EVIL ONES FLAG (COINTELPRO AT WORK)

Games the Government Agents are playing with our Maku's life



Notice the former warden said one of the inmates was put in a place where he could not communicate with others because he was a man of authority, isn't Dr. Malachi Z York in that same position, so why do the COINTELPRO agents and the ones that was turned into INFORMANTS (HELPERS) that's placed in position think we believe that our Maku is still giving us updates, wakeup the agents has been exposed through their actions.

Look at it this way, for 3 year the so-called administration stopped promoting our Maku's unjust case, they took one of the most informative websites down www.unnm.com where this website promoted our Maku Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle's Rights and Sovereignty Nation issues.

In May 25th 1998 sheriff Sills of Putnam County stated on FOX 5 News "I have some concerns about the rhetoric that is oriented towards an INDEPENDENT NATION "Sovereign" not subject to the laws of Georgia and the United states, and I have some concerns about that".


No Liberian Diplomat issues until the change came in www.hesinnocent.com and then the tricks of trying to lead the Nation astray. Then here comes the power moves, take off Nation and Moors (United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors/ Yamassee Native American Moors) our true identity, these records shows what we own and the invaders of these lands (CONFEDERATE SETTLERS) know this can be proven in their records. Ask yourself where is those websites that was active when our Maku was going through this illegal trial and why is today's information different from the ORIGINAL INFORMATION, in one word COINTELPRO a government agency. Now they have a new website that is www.unwonline.com that's more interested in selling these new books that they claim are coming from our Chief and not about his legal case, A WAKE UP CALL.


 In the scroll Our True Roots on page 2 the very first question is,

Will Marching and Demonstrations Free our people?

Ans: No, Absolutely Not! Marches and Demonstrations will not get you freedom. We have tried that. Bullets and Fire Arms will get you killed. For you don't make or produce anything but Noise. You, at one time did produce Babies, Now you have stopped that. Money won't get you your freedom, for now a Depression is on the scene.


Education only makes you a bigger FOOL if you don't have the PROPER education of SELF. As the saying goes " A person without Knowledge of Self is like a Tree without no Roots" DEAD. Civil Rights won't help your Cause.

So all these civil rights so-called leaders where are we today as a people, just look at the so-call civil rights leaders and you will see its a game the leaders are the ones who profit and not the people another part of COINTELPRO, don't believe us check it out.

Where is Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louise Farrakahn just to name a few when they all know about this case but they don't say a word, you all should stop looking at these men as your leaders.


Ques: Where is those men leading you to and how long do it take to get there?



Stop giving them your money and then see if they will still be around.


The very next question in this scroll is, Will Black Politicians Free Us?

Ans: Absolutely Not. Because most of your Black Politicians or Black Leaders, Whether they call themselves REVOLUTIONISTS or BLACK RELIGIOUS SECTARIANS or BLACK SUPREMACIST, with the going back to AFRICA or ISRAEL DREAM; Or voting to put Blacks into power; All of them, got into position by working for and with the EVIL ONE. Those that didn't, such as Marcus Garvey or Noble Drew Ali or Dr. Martin Luther King, were swiftly Eliminated because of their sincerity. You are in a BAD way as a people and only a DIVINE FORCE within your very own chest can LIBERATE you from this BONDAGE in America, or the Western World.


If you have the scroll share it with others and why is these the first two questions in this scroll ask yourselves

truth seekers.


This is what the confederate settlers fear our SOVEREIGNTY, this means self -governing; independent; a sovereign state. 


Article 31 "The Drafted Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples"cn.4/sub.2/1994/2/add.1(1994)

Article 31

"Indigenous Peoples, as a specific form of exercising their right to self-determination, having the right to autonomy or self-government in matters relating to their internal and local affairs, including culture, religion, education, information, media, health, housing, employment, social welfare, economic activities, land and resources, management, environment and entry by non-members, as well as ways and means for autonomous functions."

Article 36

"Indigenous Peoples having the right to the recognition, observance and enforcement of treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements concluded with States or their successors, according to their original spirit and intent, and to have States honor and respect such treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements. Conflicts and disputes which cannot otherwise be settled should be submitted to competent international bodies agreed to by all parties concerned."


Now is this not what the Yamassee Tribe in Georgia were doing before the RACIST OFFICIALS came with their beliefs and causing this CONSPIRACY and try to DESTROY our way of life













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