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 This is the Story of Grand Chief Black-Hawk Thunderbird
This is dedicated to my personal family only.

About MAECYNA and Chief Black-Hawk, this is family business
It was requested of me that I give you the whole story, or at least as
much of the story as I can in a short time.
I am “Maku Aswud Sagr Saqur” Commander in Chief of the Mount
Arafat Embassy Clan Yamassee Native Americans; pronounced in our
language (Mund Barufat Shagruth Gabelu Yamassee Asaluy Amrek-aat).
Derrick Hommie Sanders is the name my parents gave me at birth.
My grandmother is from the Original Cherokee. “The Cherokee” just
as the Yamassee, Creek; and others are part of the Aninunweyan (We the
People) society. The Yamassee, the Creek, the Cherokee, Black feet clans,
and many others are one and the same. We are all family.
*Note: “We The People” is spoken “Enen El Lehum-aat” in Yamassic
Among our family I am called Ramesses Mery Amun. Ramesses
“Re/Ra has Chosen him”; I AM chosen by the evolution of time and
nature for this part of the mission. Mery “Beloved of”, the Amun-
“Hidden” and that takes us back to Re; but I have been purposely hidden
not in the background but among you; operating in plain sight for this
I am chosen to lead MAECYNA and any other member of this family
(for those of you who still call yourselves family) who still wishes to
declare their Native American identity on paper as Yamassee.
That being said, we know of, and respect every ones’ right to
her/his self-determination. We welcome all, come and sup with us.
Among our family I am Abdul-“Latiyf” servant of the most “Subtle
One”, “Abdullah” servant of Allah “Muhammad” one who is worthy of
praise; and Nanya “Latuf” El “The Nobel Kind One”
The recognition as Chief of the government for our clans, a great
yet difficult responsibility was placed upon me by the great one himself.
Don.t believe me. Check it out for yourself.

I’ve studied as a student of “Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle” and

others from the brotherhood of the masters; like “Brigadier William
Dearin Sr.”, of The Salvation Army, “Rev. William L. Bentley”, founder of
the Black Clergyman Council and Emmanuel Institutional Baptist Church
in Philadelphia Pennsylvania; home of what he coined Practical Religion;
and my parents Hommie and Viola Sanders El.
My father is the late Honorable “Hommie Sanders Jr.”; son of the
Honorable “Hommie Sanders Sr.” and the Honorable “Annis Hae
Sanders”. Both Hommie Sr. and Annis were descendants of freed Native
American Slaves residing in the Barnwell Yamassee region of the South
Carolina territory.
Remember this; Online writer Paul Barton
“Among the other Black nations who existed in the Americas before Columbus and long
before Christ were the Jamassee (Yamassee), who had a large kingdom in the south
eastern United States. Their descendants were among the first Blacks of pre-Columbian
American origins who fell victim to kidnapping for the purpose of enslavement. Blacks of
South America, the Caribbean and Central America were also attacked and enslaved
based on a Pontifax passed during the mid- 1400's by the Church hierarchy giving the
Europeans the go ahead to enslave all "Children of Ham" found in the newly discovered
territories. The descendants of the Jamassee are the millions of Blacks who live in
Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and northern Florida”
The Honorable “Viola Ben”, my grandmother; of the original
Cherokee Native Americans was my mothers’ instructor and my mother
was my first instructor.
I also performed personal research and have had many sittings with
elders and chiefs of other clans. A large part of this next section is for my
family members.
I am Black-Hawk, your brother. I am a long standing elder in and
with the family. To some of you I’m father, father-in-law, I am
grandfather to some, and uncle to others, your children.

Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle himself appointed me a Chief
amongst the Yamassee in 1995 upon the original charter of our family
mission. We re-located from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, to Eatonton
Georgia in April 1997 as “Mount Arafat Holy Tabernacle”; bringing with

us what was to become the foundation for our school systems. This
information was not shared with Nuwaubian security, it was on a need to
know basis at that time “The Black Light” Nuwaubian security, did not
need to know. You ask me why? I did not trust this organization. For
MAECYNA, that’s my call to make. I turned out to be right.
Ultimately, some of these very same men along with their
contemporaries would share responsibilities for the separation between
MAECYNA and the rest of the family, disgrace of the UNNM, the arrest of
Grand Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle and for the illegal confiscation of
Yamassee land. Yes folks, some of our enemies were working from the
inside; and they were in full force even back that far.
Earlier, I printed In October 1997, but it was in September 1997,
when a delegation from “The Black Light”, who were from security for The
United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors (get this, which is/was of the Yamassee
Native Americans, check the original constitution of 1992 cover page) visited me at
my home in Eatonton, Georgia. Many people had moved into town that
year to answer the call of nature to return to our home land, and to the
invitation from Grand Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle.
At first, it was reported that “Latiyf and his people” (they didn’t
know what Mount Arafat was but, said that we had) come to town in
competition with Chief Black Eagle and were upsetting the towns people
with stories of extraterrestrials.
A meeting was called under the train station on our land Kodesh.
When Grand Chief Black Eagle learned of the numbers of people that had
moved into town, he was amazed and very happy and we were happy.

So many people from so many different places from around the
country showed up under that train station that Chief Black Eagle
learned the truth; that we all were answering the call to come home. This
is not an attempt to usurp any position or positioning, he re-convened the
meeting in the temple that day, and he declared “Eatonton is now
Kodesh”. This did not make the Black Light happy, but they would not

relent. Declaring Eatonton Kodesh gave the Black Light jurisdictional
issues in town. To me and MAECYNA, this was the beginning of the
Mount Arafat came with about 30 of our members, our Tabernacle.
There were hundreds of others from Tabernacles all over the country.
MAECYNA planned like others to one day live on Native American land,
on Kodesh.
When “The Black Light” learned from one of their spies that MT
Arafat was studying and mastering the Yamassee Constitution of 1992,
they used this as an opportunity to derail our progress and politely
asked me to leave town. They also took that opportunity to intimidate
100’s of others.
Let me tell you about that. Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle had just
published the original Yamassee Constitution. All of the family was
given the opportunity to declare their nationality as members of the
nation. Many of us did. There was a page at the end of that
constitution book with an affidavit that we were to sign, get notarized,
and to return to the office on Kodesh (Kodesh became known as “Tama
I and my family (our Tabernacle/Clan) along with one homeless
family (a brother and his son) that we had taken in planned to sit and
study our new constitution. This brother was the spy. I’m not sure he
knew it though. Why do I say this? He showed up to the meeting with
“The Black Light”.
These men did not seem to be happy with what they saw. They
were hoping to see a crowd of people sitting and listening to me, and
that is what they told me. This was not the case. It was just me and my
family, the way it’s supposed to be.

They seemed to be lost as to what to do next. I asked why? The
head of security said that they were hoping to see more family. I told
them that I did not know how to contact very many people in town yet

but that the brother that brought them to me does. They asked me to
ride around town with the help of their spy (the brother I had
befriended) and to let the people know that the Black Light would like to
meet with family in Eatonton at 6:00 that night in my yard. I complied.
All of those people were told that they were not welcome in
Eatonton and that they should “Return to your places of origin”. They
weren’t so polite with others. The representatives from the Black Light
told one brother if did not leave town that night his life would be in
danger. The brother left town that night.
The delegation was headed by the Nuwaubian chief of security; an
elder, but a younger man than me, and one that I had taught in the early
days before he was an Imam.
He said to me, “Latiyf, we have gone back twenty years to find
something on you and we can’t. So, could you please leave town. You
attract too much attention from Chief Black Eagle”.
To me that was ridiculous. In reality, The Black Light knew that
they could not control MAECYNA, AND THEY WANTED US OUT OF THE
WAY. I and MAECYA and my family were banded from the land and were
informed that the Native American issues were no longer to be part of the
Nuwaubian immediate agenda. I was informed by the Black Light that
their Native American issues would fall under the Yamassee Native
American Moors of The Creek Nation; and that they were applying for
recognition with the BIA. We were being betrayed and denied by the very
people we came to work with. Don’t believe me check it out.
I asked them if Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle knew of what they
were doing and I got no response.

That year in October of 1997, MAECYNA left Eatonton, Georgia. I
was invited to return by the Grand Chief himself to a costume celebration
in November of that same year. I and my wife attended in prison attire,
dressed as inmates carrying ball and chains, but when I attempted to
return for a family gathering the next day I was asked to leave and was

escorted from the land and told that the Nuwaubians had banned
MAECYNA from our land.
On March 2nd 2003, the elders of MT. Arafat Holy Tabernacle declared
Black-Hawk, Grand Chief of our “MAECYNA” Clan.
Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle, Grand Chief of the Yamassee Native
American Moors of The Creek Nation which, has since, gone to sleep, gave
his blessing, recognized and acknowledged that MT. Arafat Holy
Tabernacle is an official Yamassee Clan of this Yamassee family again in
My recognition by Chief Black Eagle would cause friction in the
family, yet like him, I Black-Hawk will permit no wedge between me and
him. So, it was upon mutual agreement between the two Chiefs, and as is
Native American custom, our Clan, MT. Arafat Embassy Clan, became a
sister clan; but would have to carry its own burden towards self
determination; self governing.
MAECYNA is neither a club nor fraternity. MAECYNA is not an
order, nor a church. As individuals, we may belong to any of the above
type organizations, as this a matter of personal self-determination which
all man has a right to.
For the record, personally, I am a standing member, not the
authority but a standing member, of several spiritual orders; all of
which are one. I.ve risen through the ranks from “Eloh”, to
“Master”, “Grand Master”, and “El” in these orders. I am also a
member of “The „Yamassee. Egyptian Church of Karast” (Christ).
That.s my personal family. Family, are you with me in this? We are
coming to get you.

MAECYNA is the custodian of a non religious government for
Yamassee Native Americans; and I am her Grand Chief. My
responsibility is to the Yamassee issues only. It is not my job to run other
functions within the family. I am not here to replace the Master Teacher.
It is part of our mission to recover that which was lost or taken from us.

If you remember, we as MAECYNA were banned from our land by
The Black Light. This was an organization that was designed to be our
security. They were the first to betray us. They even tried to convince
Chief Black Eagle that I, “Latiyf”, had started a new mission in the town of
Eatonton Georgia, complete with a huge sign claiming to be “The Ancient
And Mystic Order Of Melchezodok, Lodge number 18. No one ever saw
such a sign because that was a complete fabrication.
They, The Black Light, caused so much mischief for MAECYNA it
was hard for us to tell who was friend or foe, family or enemy.
Then the darkest of days came. Grand Chief Black Thunderbird
Eagle was betrayed and arrested and all the walls began to fall.
MAECYNA went into action only to be stifled by our own family
again. Believe it or not, members of the office were told by Grand Chief
Black Thunderbird Eagle to ally with MAECYNA, but they were so afraid
of our intentions that we failed at that time.
In the fall of 2003, there was a family meeting in the Temple on
Tama Re, in attendance were: Yamassee Native American Moors of The
Creek Nation, MAECYNA staff, other Nuwaubians and Nuwaubian
Security. That night, members of the MAECYNA staff were asked to leave
the family hall; and once again by the Security Department.
On that night the entire family would learn that Chief Black
Thunderbird Eagle, Grand-Chief of The Yamassee Native American Moors
of The Creek Nation, acknowledged Chief Black-Hawk and MAECYNA
through his trusted staff and his daughters from Tama Re. On behalf of
Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle and upon his request, his daughters
publicly acknowledged Chief Black-Hawk and MT. Arafat Shagruth
Gabelu Yamassee Asaluy Americans to the family during that fall meeting
of 2003. The security was asked to stand down and they did.

At that very same moment I was being presented with yellow flowers
of friendship by way of FTD florist and a card of acknowledgement from

Grand Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle, at MT. Arafat. I still have the card,
and when the flowers wilted I also saved them.
June 26 2005, we were visited at MT. Arafat by envoys from “The
Bassa Tribe of Yamassee Native Americans” among them was their
interim Chief, who informed us that Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle had
learned of someone in the office on Tama Re declaring the original
constitution of the Yamassee “shelved”. The Bassa Chief was carrying
letters and copies of letters addressed to her from Chief Black
Thunderbird Eagle giving the Bassa Tribe of Yamassee Native Americans
suggestions of how they might proceed.
A well documented photographed ceremony of a Peace Treaty entered
into effect June 26 2005, between Chief Black-Hawk, MT Arafat, Chief
Black Thunderbird Eagle and “The Bassa Tribe of Yamassee Native
Part of that visit was dedicated to the reinstating of the original
Yamassee Constitution of 1992. I gladly granted their request. Why? I
will answer that, just not right now.
The interim Chief of The Bassa Tribe came with amendments for
“The Bassa Tribe of Yamassee Native Americans”. No other so-called
Yamassee tribe in the family has come and made the appropriate steps
towards unity between Native Americans in the family as the Bassa Tribe
The treaty* was delivered via the Bassa Chief, who is one of Chief
Black Thunderbird Eagle’s well known and still entrusted spiritual
daughters; signed in ceremonial Dove’s Blood with genuine quills by her
and venerated elders accompanying her; myself Grand Chief Black-Hawk
Thunderbird, and some of my staff. I still maintain clear photos of the

I was informed that part of that ceremony was to pass an official
Yamassee Medicine Wheel on to me, a ceremony reuniting the two tribes
which I still possess.

The Bassa Tribe was advised to stand down by their elder until they
are called forward. I agree. Why? I’ll answer that a later date.
The Bassa Tribe is not, nor will it be the replacement for MAECYNA.
I, Chief Black-Hawk Thunderbird remain the only present Yamassee
Grand Chief save Grand Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle; and MAECYNA is
the custodian of our government; my successor has been chosen; she
knows who she is and I hope you will get to greet her soon.
*Note. I Grand Chief Black-Hawk Thunderbird am not responsible for
the contents of this treaty. I do recognize this Bassa Tribe.
We are old school. We live “as kin”. In other words we live of, for,
and by each other. Remember that? Are you there? Are you ready?
In February 2004, MT Arafat Embassy Clan Yamassee Native
Americans, undertook a legal action whereby the official Yamassee Native
American Government for our clan, presented an Agreement, a
constructive agreement, (once referred to as a Treaty) to the United
Said Agreement, (constructive agreement) hereinafter, “document” is
presented in accord with and protected by the MAECYNA Constitution
Statue 2 part 2 enen el lehum
-aat Mund Barufat
agru@ gabelu
Yamassee asaluy amrek-aat henakbi had~ hagug-na ila nasuf-istaflal
el hagug ila nasuf-nawusment fi mahum-aat saarud ila da]ulal wa
mahul far-aat-na aamul

@aguf,amun, istanmaam,Istarbaay, media Sahut haat
,wazufmentans~ tawfug, Wafurik Metard wa mur-manu
\madurment,Gabelu-aat tasuwlal batu]et,wa tawfug
enen el lehumaat mund barufat shagruth gabelu yamassee asaluy amrek-aat henak-bi
had’u hagug-na ila nasuf-istaflal el hagug ila nasuf-nawusment fi mahum-aat saarud ila
dakhulal wa mahul far’u-aat-na shaamul thaguf, amun, istanmaam, istarbaay,media
sahut, hat, wazufment, ans’u tawfug, wafurik m'ashet ard wa mur-manush madurment,
gabelu-aat, tasuwlal batukhet, wa tawfug.
We The People Mund Barufat Clan Yamassee Native Americans Hereby Declare Our
Right To Self-Determination The Right To Autonomy Or Self-Government In Matters
Relating To Our Internal And Local Affairs Including Culture, Religion, Information,
Education, Media, Health, Housing, Employment, Social Welfare, Economic Activity,
Land And Resource Management, Environment, Financial Security, And Welfare. and
chapter 2 section 113 of the USC.

Yamassee (MAECYNA) Native American Tribal Documents, drafted
by myself Grand Chief Black-Hawk Thunderbird, (Dr. Derrick H. Sanders
El) and the staff of MT Arafat Embassy have been filed in the form of a
“constructive agreement” and annexed by The US Department of State;
bearing a official endorsement of the US Secretary of State,
cert.#040100101 notifies all United States government jurisdictions and
the international community of the presence of the (MAECYNA) Yamassee
Native American Government.
Said document (also referred to as the Blue-back) is filed in the
State of Georgia, Washington DC at the US Department of State on
February 11, 2004, and then in five other US states, all in accord with
requirements of their international authentication protocols.
On October 12, 2004, we also received a written letter of final
confirmation letter, reference # 05000529, in regards to certificate
#040100101 from the Authentication office, stating in part … “the
statement on our certificates “full faith and credit” is in acknowledgment of
the States certificate to the document, and has sufficient legal value
through State and Federal sevels for use in other countries and in this
country.” Meaning…our documents and instruments have “sufficient
legal value”.
This letter was addressed to Sean Henry-Bey, of At-sik Hatka
Village, in the Macon Georgia with the return of his application to remake
I, Grand Chief Black-Hawk Thunderbird, have already done that.
Stop trying to remake the wheel.
Sean Henry-Bey, of At-sik Hatka Clan WAS IMPRISONED and has
since been deported from this area by the United States to Canada for
impersonating a diplomat. He was impersonating the Yamassee Grand
Chief. Don’t believe me check it out.

The Yamassee Documents are the legal documents whereby
MAECYNA Government enacted def 1 & 2 to secure sovereign indigenous

rights for MAECYNA peoples, land and nation, in accord with statutes,
articles and other provisions set forth by our Yamassee Constitution.
Also with the above defined document(s) we have developed
operational and administrative procedures for setting a reconstituted
Yamassee Government; to bring together again long lost clans and
families; and to bring national identities for the increasing establishment
of new institutions and the re-animation of our Native American
consciousness, culture and identity.
Despite the hell born attempts of European settlers to destroy
culture and identity through slavery and racism, The Yamassee (the
Gentle People) have endured to continue the Yamassee struggles of old, in
modern day times, through legal action.
“By the pen and that which we recorded”.
Q. What does this action consist of?
A. Said action has a single document bearing the Authorized
signature of the US Secretary of State, executed by the Authentication
Office of the US Department of State. Followed and annexing several other
instruments or constructive proposals which once annexed and signed by
all interested parties becomes an agreement, an endorsement.
Let’s define action in its legal context. Action as defined in Blacks
Law Dictionary 7th Edition: action. “1. The process of doing something;
conduct or behavior. 2. A thing done; Act (1) 3. A civil or criminal judicial
proceeding. “An action has been defined to be an ordinary proceeding in a
court of justice by which one party prosecutes another party for
enforcement or protection of a right, the redress or prevention of a wrong,
Or the punishment of a public offense.”
I Quote, the United States Secretary of State in reference to the

“the statement on our certificates “full faith and credit” is in

acknowledgment of the States certificate to the document, and has
sufficient legal value through State and Federal sevels (sic) for use in other
countries and in this country.”
Black’s Law dictionary defines instrument as; “a written legal
document that defines rights, duties, entitlements, or liabilities, such as a
contract, will, promissory note, or share certificate”.
The following states have also annexed authenticated documents,
instruments and text of Mt. Arafat Embassy Clan Yamassee Native
Americans, and have supplied their states’ endorsements. On October
1st, 2004 The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania issued Apostille
certificate No: 200436852; on November 4, 2004, The State of New
Jersey issued Apostille certificate No:A212111; on November 12th , 2004;
The State of Maryland, issued Apostille certificate No. 140054; on
November 18th The State of Delaware, has issued it’s certificate,
2004325494, 040833567, authentication No; 3486677; on December 2nd,
2004. The Commonwealth of Virginia, issued Apostille certificate No.
A brief list describes the other instruments.
a. The controversial apostille bearing the great seal of the sovereign
state of Georgia, the signature of the current governor, signatures of the
Secretary of State and the Executive Secretary. This Apostille in fact is the
last instrument to be affixed to the Yamassee Treaty Document as proof of
its authentication. Proof of forgery has yet to be presented or proven.
b. Sample pages of legal and lawful Yamassee Government
Documents. Passports Conveyance Plates, ID card and or driver’s license.
c. A Peace and Friendship treaty between MT Arafat Embassy The
Yamassee Native Americans Original Cherokee, Seminole, Creek,
Shushuni, Washita Mound builders, The Yamassee Egiptian Church of
Karast “Christ” and The United Washita De Dugdahmoundyah.

d. Three pages affixed with affidavit of certification signed by S.

Hicks clerk or deputy clerk of Superior Court De Kalb County Georgia.
e. A Sample of Yamassee Nationalization papers including tax
exempt status.
f. Perjury Jurat’s is a declaration that the information in the
document is factual and complete. The affiants are Yamassee Tribal
Elders, MT Arafat Embassy staff members and other members of our
tribal communities.
g. Brief in Support for the completion of the authentication with the
United States State Department. This brief explains why The Yamassee
Govt. document is not seeking authorization, but requires settler
government entities to respond according to the rules, laws and protocols
of the international diplomatic community.
h. UCC financing documents
We have gone through, and will go through many trials and
conflicts. Yet, we have re-established our home land and we are
rebuilding our Chiefdom (Capitol Village) “Atlan-Amexum” right on the
home land of our Native American parents’ nativity.
Yes we have regained Yamassee land.
For now I will speak to you of the US conviction of Grand Chief
Black Thunderbird Eagle, but one time.
MAECYNA has an official MAECYNA position on the issues in the
case with Chief Black Eagle, they are discussed in private with
MAECYNA people only, and for reason of our national and inter-national
You should know however that we are actively working to resolve
the issues on behalf of the MAECYNA and all Yamassee peoples.

If you ask, what does that mean for Chief Black Thunderbird
Eagle? No matter what else he is, he is Yamassee; we plan to take him
into our protective custody on our land until the matter is fully
investigated and solved. The case will not be completely resolved until
we reach “Yamassee justice” in accord with our “MAECYNA” constitution.

Statute 4: FREEDOM
We The People Mund Barufat Clan Yamassee Native Americans Must Know That By Nature We Are A
Free People And Are Neither Slaves, Nor Unintentional Servants To Any, Save Ourselves And Only In
The Case Of A Punishment Of A Crime Whereof The Party Shall Have Been Duly Convicted By A Court
And A Jury of His Or Her Peers, That Being, Members Of The Mund Barufat Clan Yamassee Native
Americans, All Of Which Are, Their Only Peers Being Of The Same Genetic Historical And Indigenous
We are aware of the Liberian efforts but have no personal or official
nexus with that effort. We have not interfered and we have not
supported it.
Our interest is MAECYNA jurisprudence. After all we are peoples
(humans) that have been injured by this case; we are compelled to and
are seeking, no, we are demanding relief.
Khala-nee fasur ila antuten she mund barufat kalun ila el hau.
All of you, those who call yourselves Maku, read this if you can in
Yamassic. Explain it to your people. I gave you some help. I wrote it in
English letters for you.
Katur shil antuten weh-fahum shaayu-aat a’n el shagruth wa
malufit-haa. Antuten bazan-tum dek el shagruth kalana hen liyya
akhuz uwah el saluth. El wazuf shil el shagruth kalun liyya mashul el
hau fi ganunal wa istadwaalal mahum-aat-na.
Amma antuten burefa, “Maku Aswud Sagr Saqur” wa “Mund
Barufat Shagruth” kalun el fakut Maku wa el fakut “hau gabelu”
akdahuth bi “Maku Aswud Saqur Nesher” Lalul lahu.

Nuk baruf shil fakut wahed ukhray wadhuf gabelu fi el hau; wa
dek kalun El Bassa Gabelu Shil Yamassee Asaluy Amrek-aat; wa antu
atha mur-malufit bi MAECYNA wa Nee, Maku Aswud Sagr Saqur. Eza
antuk bazun bi-bayun zi hala mahum
Henak-tha nut ukhray gabelu(aat) fi haza hau dek nuk baruf shil,
fa nuk natug-tu ila kull hatsanab yamassee gabelu-aat, yakhudy-na aw,
kaf saamus MAECYNA ashurment-aat wa tafugment-aat wa
tafugment namur-aat fi sharu.-aat-kum. Enen atha haadur ba’ad
antuten kar el ganun. Enen sofa yabmelua kull dek enen yakul liyya
naazur dek antuten atha tagal.
Atlan-Amexum sofa kalun el makun li yamassee nawusmental
shalghuless-na. Ala el ard “Atlan-Amexum”, henak sofa kalun el asum
banen wa hadunif sadun, el tagur busta, thagufal gatub-un, gan haat li
staff wa hau-hum, wa maasuk banen-aat li el mustjahreem-aat wa
dayufment gatub-un li el hau dek nasur-hum.
Many of you misunderstand things about the Embassy and her
authority. You all think that the Embassy was here to take over the mission.
The job of the Embassy is to represent the family in legal and international
As you all already know, “Chief Black-Hawk” and “MAECYNA” is the
only chief and the only clan acknowledged by Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle
other than his own.
I know of only one other official clan in the family, and that is the Bassa
Clan of Yamassee Native Americans; and they are re-authorized through
MAECYNA and me, Chief Black-Hawk. If you think differently, (zi hala mahum)
it doesn’t matter.
There are no other clans in this family that I know of; so I say to all
“homemade” yamassee clans reconnect with us or, stop using MACEYNA
endorsements, agreements, and agreement numbers in your schemes. We
are coming after you all with the law. We will do all that we can to see that you
are arrested.
Atlan-Amexum will be the place for our Yamassee governmental
business. On the land “Atlan-Amexum”, there will be the
1. the capital building, and protective custody
2. a trading post,
3. a cultural center,
4. some housing for staff and their families,
5. holding facilities for the criminals, and
6. an entertainment center for the family that assist or help.
We need your help. MAECYNA needs your loyalty. “Loyalty” is
most important in conduct for all members of MAECYNA. Loyalty is
best in conduct, and Treason the worst in conduct to all Yamassee
Native Americans, Original Cherokee, Seminole, Creek, Shushuni,
Washitaw, and all “Mound Builders”.

The MAECYNA people have learned that loyalty is much more than
just a term. To The Yamassee, loyalty is a condition; it’s a state of living in
accord with others as kin. When one lives in accord with the Yamassee
Nine Principles of Oneness, loyalty will always be the result. So, what are
our Principles of Oneness?
So, what are our Principles of Oneness?
SUCCESS AND LAW, are the Yamassee Nine Principles of Oneness.

MAECYNA needs and wants your assistance in this endeavor.
Support your government the time is now. Visit our webpage
yamasseegov@gmail.com for more pictures of the land and much, much
This is the location for capitol headquarters for the
MAECYNA peoples
Welcome to Atlan-Amexum

This is “Little fishing creek. This
creek divides our land into two parts
Atlan on one side;


on the other

Old warriors realizing the dreams: Can you see the visions?
Re-construction is already under way. Are you ready? Will you “nasur”?
Will you “help”?

Chief Black-Hawk
prepares to cross the


Yamassee it’s time.
We have returned home to
rebuild our capitol.


We’ve established The Yamassee Native American Educational
School System and the MT. Arafat College of Native American Studies and
our Depository, the ISMRS (now called INARS) and the Yamassee
Egyptian Church of Karast (Christ) in June of 2003.

Zagun Samad rises his hands in
victory. I’m on the top of the world.

Boy, that’s a lot of work
Zagun Haadhiq stops to
take a rest and thinks.

Have you been following the news? The stock market crisis:
NASDAQ down, IN0D, down, INDP down, NY down, Fed cut interests

rates to stimulate the US economy. The US economy affects the world
economy. These things should not affect us because MAECYNA people
live of, for, and by each other or as kin. That’s a very Yamassee way.
Have you been following the news? Have you been following the food
From Chef Tim:
“We’re at war for nutritional survival. The nutritious value in food has
fallen below 25% of its’ daily recommended allowance required to
function. The body therefore demands more, when this need isn’t met the
body becomes under nourished; the craving for nutrients results in over
eating which produces obesity, diabetes and many other serious illnesses.
There are over 200 companies that the FDA has given rites of passage
to deliver 90% of the Genetically Modified garbage that we consume every
day, we are talking about foods that were created in a laboratory and
approved by the Federal Government for human consumption.
This is not what nature intended. When I was a child we only ate
what was in season, whatever didn’t grow in season wasn’t eaten.
Seasonal foods are imported from other environments at an alarming rate,
but that’s another problem.
You may ask, what’s the difference? The truth of the matter is as
nature would have it, every fruit and vegetable must be after its own kind,
and everything has a season. This is why when you buy a watermelon in
December which is out of season it is not as sweet as when Mother
Nature has her hand on it.
Read all labels and the contents of everything before you eat anything
because we are what we eat, remember…grace is upon you so eat to live! ”
Chef Tim Johnson.

We have our own land, Atlan-Amexum. We have organic seeds to
cultivate organic food on our land. We will be starting our growing season

this spring.
Have you been following the weather patterns in the west, that there
is more rain than usual, that’s causing weather woes? Have you been
following the drought in the southeast? Have you been following the
housing woes all over this land, and around the world?
Does any of this sound familiar? When we told people these things in
the 70s, they called us fanatics. Today these scenarios are being
propagated by main stream private, religious, and government agencies in
this country and around the world.
This is my poem to my people and to my friend. It comes
from “Rufus featuring Chaka Khan”
“I look in your eyes and I can see you’ve loved so dangerously
you’re not trusting your heart(s) to anyone. You tell me you’re going to
play it smart. We’re through before we start. But I believe we’ve only just
begun. When it’s this good there’s no saying no I need you so I’m ready
to go…Through the fire to the limit to the wall, for a chance to be with
you, I’d gladly risk it all. Through the fire, through whatever comes what
may. For a chance at loving you I’d take it all the way Right down to the
wire even through the fire….” As my people, I hope you can feel this
poem. You cannot know what a poem like this could mean between me
and my friend. As we say in Yamassic Del
-aat a@a ma]tuf min
“These things are hidden from before you all”.
And that is very true; but that’s spiritual, not international. You see they
are between me, the ancient heavenly ones, and him(my friend). You
know between the parties. Wow, just gave you-all a look into my soul,
enough of that.
Akbur Maku Aswud Sagr Saqur
Grand Chief Black-Hawk Thunderbird












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