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Is Malachi Z York-EL a Felon?

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Government Key Witness Recants Her Testimony

Ques: Why is the government still holding Dr. Malachi Z York-EL with these FACTS from there lead witness?

Ans: Because, Abigail recantment proves the government targeted

 Dr. Malachi Z York-EL and the pretrial transcripts backs her testimony, No EVIDENCE, Agents didn't audio tape or video tape the alleged victims statements and more. (Government Conspiracy)


What happens when Black people can no longer recognize white racism? [read moor]



Dr. Malachi Z York-El caring ways

The FBI raided Rev. Dr. Malachi Z York-El home in Athens, Ga. and found  firearms, guns and rifles because Dr. York likes to collect all kinds of weapons, this he wasn't trying to hide because they were on display. Lets set the record straight Dr. York wasn't a felon, child molester or someone that was doing illegal business (RICO) this is the governments attempt to destroy another Nubian Leader with bogus charges that they did not prove in the trial and that's why they sealed the TRANSCRIPTS.


The FBI are known for doing a thorough investigation but in this case what happened, they take five children in custody at the raid examines them found no abuse and still charge Dr. York with child molestation, find a large amount of guns don't charge Dr. York as a felon with possession of firearms this do not sound like a thorough investigation, something is wrong here. In the cross-examination of special agent Julaine Ward at the Bond Hearing she states that they found 10 to11 weapons at Malachi's resident. [read more]

Ques: Mr. Government why didn't you charge Mr. Malachi Z York-EL with POSSESSION OF A FIREARM, when you charged him with a NEW INDICTMENT that took you over 1 year to come up with ?  

Ans: NO CHARGES, NO CHARGES, This Is A Government Conspiracy, FREE MALACHI Z YORK

This article shows that guns was recovered from the Nuwaubians Village but what this article don't say is no one was arrested for illegal firearms want to know why, because they were all legally registered and clean this is why no one was charged with possession of a illegal weapon.

FBI: Dozens Molested by Sect Leader
The Associated Press May 13, 2002
By Kyle Wingfield

Macon, Ga. -- The leader of a religious group molested dozens of children, some as young as 4, at the sect's compound over the past nine years, an FBI agent testified at a bail hearing Monday.

Dwight York, founder of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, and his partner, Kathy Johnson, are seeking bail on federal charges alleging they transported minors across state lines for sex beginning in 1993, the year the group settled in central Georgia.

FBI agent Jalaine Ward testified that three children told her they were forced to perform oral sex and other acts with York, 56, and Johnson, 33.

The children, ages 4, 6 and 8 at the time, were photographed and videotaped engaging in sexual acts and posing in sexually explicit positions, she said.



Ward said witnesses told also investigators that 30 to 35 children ages 4 to 18 were molested. She said York brought some children to the compound from New York. He also took 15 to 20 trips to Disney World in Florida over the past four years, taking minors with him and abusing them there, she said.

The hearing is scheduled to resume Tuesday.

York and Johnson were arrested last Wednesday a few miles from the 476-acre Nuwaubian compound in rural Putnam County. At about the same time, more than 100 officers raided the compound and said they seized at least 30 handguns and rifles.

The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors is a predominantly black, quasi-religious group. The compound featured six-story pyramids and a large gate bearing Egyptian-style hieroglyphics.

In some Nuwaubian literature, York has been referred to as the group's savior or god and described as an extraterrestrial from the planet ``Rizq.''

More than 100 people lived in the compound but York and Johnson were the only ones arrested.

Ward said children at the compound were separated from their parents at an early age, with visitation dictated by York. He also controlled devotees' money, food and clothing, dictated where they lived and when they could enter and leave the compound. Men and women could not talk or have sex without his permission.

The children who were abused were ``treated more specially than children who weren't involved in sexual activities with York,'' Ward testified.

York faces four counts of sexual exploitation of minors. The maximum penalty for each count is 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Johnson faces one charge.

The Nuwaubians have clashed with Putnam County officials for years over building codes, voter registration and the group's hiring of armed security guards. This is the first time York has been arrested in Georgia, though he served time in New York in the 1960s for assault, resisting arrest and possession of a dangerous weapon, authorities said.


  Felony Firearm

A felony firearm charge can be considered a crime in its own rite or can enhance the penalties in a felony case. A felony firearm crime may involve unlawfully carrying a firearm when a felony crime was attempted or committed. It is also a felony firearm crime for a convicted felon to possess a firearm at any time. A person can also be charged in a felony firearm case when they knowingly purchase a firearm for a felon, an offense called “straw” purchasing. Any act of readying a firearm for a crime is also a felony firearm crime.

The laws governing the penalties for felony firearm crimes vary by state and the specific circumstances of the crime. By definition, a firearm is a weapon that is designed to expel a projectile by the action of smokeless or black powder. Any attempted or committed felony act during which the offender uses or threatens use of a firearm will increase the severity of the offender’s subsequent penalty. The penalty enhancement for a felony firearm charge varies by state. As a general rule, a person who commits a felony firearm offense will face two to five additional years of imprisonment and heavier punitive fines.

A felony firearm charge can also be brought against convicted felon who is found in possession of a firearm, regardless of the intended or actual use of the weapon. It is considered illegal in every state for a convicted felon to be in possession of a firearm. The offense level for this type of felony firearm crime also varies by state but is greater when the gun is loaded, kept or used unlawfully. In this case, a felony firearm offense is a crime punishable by additional imprisonment, fines, and other penalties depending on the nature of the original offense and the circumstances of the felony firearm charge.

It is also a felony firearm crime to purchase, or otherwise handle, a firearm with the intent of furnishing it to a convicted felon. Not all states have a specific legal statute which makes this felony firearm offense a crime. This does not mean that a person who commits this felony firearm offense will not be tried for his/her actions. In states with specific statutes regarding this type of felony firearm offense, the accused may face up to 10 years in prison and up to $25,000 in punitive fines.

Obliterating the serial numbers on a firearm is also considered a felony firearm offense in many states. Obliteration of this firearm code prohibits later ownership identification. The purpose of this firearm felony crime is to ready a gun for a crime or carryout some other unlawful firearm offense. Each state has a different law regarding this felony firearm offense: some have no specific code, some regard this as a misdemeanor crime, and others regard this as a more serious crime.

Statistics indicate that the federal government is cracking down on felony firearms offenses with increasing strength. Ninety four percent of the increase in federal firearms prosecutions between 2000 and 2003 came from cases involving the unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon and the use or possession of a firearm during a felony act. If you would like to learn more about felony firearm crimes, please contact us to speak with a qualified and experienced attorney in your area.












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