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Witnesses Admits Being Forced to Lie on York

WITNESSES ADMIT BEING FORCED TO LIE ON YORK: A daughter of leader Malachi York testified she was urged by her brother to lie to authorities by saying her father molested her.

Leah Mabry, 23, told a federal jury her brother, Jacob York, has a vendetta against their father, the leader of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors. He hates him, Mabry said. (view her testimony)

Five young women that cult leader Malachi York is charged with molesting as children told a federal jury that York never touched them sexually.

Three of the five women testified that federal agents tried to pressure them into saying York molested them after the FBI raided the Georgia compound of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors in May 2002.


It seemed like they were trying to get me to say something that didn’t happen, said a 21-year-old woman, whom York is charged with molesting during a 1996 trip to Disney World. And it was like (the agent) got mad because I wasn't saying what she wanted.

A 21-year-old woman denied telling FBI investigators York sexually assaulted her at age 16, though a 2002 FBI report says she did.

”I told them no, and they told me some people were going to be upset with me, said the woman, who is named in York’s indictment as having been molested in 1998. ...I never told them I was molested.”

Asked by assistant prosecutor Richard Moultrie if she meant the FBI fabricated its report, the woman said: “I’m not telling them that they made up the story. I don’t know.”

The mother and brother of a girl who earlier testified that Malachi York repeatedly molested her said Monday they don't believe her.

The girl's mother said her daughter is part of "a conspiracy" against York, leader of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, who is on trial facing 13 federal counts of molestation and racketeering.

"I saw no signs of any molestation whatsoever," the woman told the jury. "I don't believe (she) was molested. All of those young ladies are after money."

The alleged victim's brother gave similar testimony, saying he was close to his sister and often talked to her about problems she was having. He said she never mentioned being molested.

"I do not believe Malachi York molested my sister," he told the jury.

Testimony in York's January trial featured several witnesses who initially told investigators they had been molested by York but recanted, and others who had at first denied being abused, then later testified that they had.

Another 18-year-old woman who denied York molested her also had a medical examination, during which she told a nurse she was sexually active with her boyfriend.

Samiyra Samad, a registered nurse, joined the group in 1977 and was responsible for giving children medical examinations and checkups at the rural compound in Eatonton from 2000 to 2002. She said she never knew of York molesting any of them.

"I am a mother. I would not lie for something like that," Samad said. "And I would not lie for him (York)."

Supporters of Malachi York gave reporters videotape recently that they say proves the their leader's innocence. It was given to The Telegraph and WSB-TV, Channel 2, of Atlanta, at a news conference outside the federal courthouse.

"I want to tell the truth behind all of the lies," the woman said in her taped statement.

The prosecution's main witness, Habiba Washington (listen to the audio) has come forward to recant her testimony. She made a 30-minute video taped statement where she explains the conspiracy and reasons behind the attack on Malachi York. She tells the world how she was coerced, threatened, and pressured by law enforcement including Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills, FBI agents Jalaine Ward and Joan Cronier, and the U.S. Attorney Max Wood.

Habiba Washington herself appeared in court during the restitution hearing ready to testify on behalf of Mr. York. Ms. Washington went to the media outside the courthouse after the hearing and the media refused to conduct an interview.

Muhammad Vasser, 17, told jurors another of York’s accusers, a teenage boy, told him at a party last year the cult leader never molested him.

Husna Evans - An alleged victim who stated she was NEVER molested. Twin sister to Hasna. She states that she doesn't need any restitution, meaning money. No psychiatric help for anything. "I was NEVER molested,” she constantly says. Audio

Hasna Evans - An alleged victim who stated she was NEVER molested. Twin sister to Husna Evans. She states that she doesn't need any restitution meaning money. No psychiatric help for anything. "I was NEVER molested and I never saw anyone else being molested" she says. Audio - Video

After the trial eight Macon law enforcement and emergency officials resigned Monday after they said Mayor Jack Ellis failed to listen to new evidence in the federal case about the Nuwaubian leader Malachi York.

But city officials said there is nothing they could do about the federal case against York.

Who stands to gain from the shutdown of York?

There were several alleged victims listed in the Federal Indictment, 7 to be exact, that testified that NOTHING ever happened. They still insist, "I was NEVER molested", yet the prosecution includes them in their list of so-called victims who should get money for restitution. They have allocated over $23,000 for each so-called victim and witness in the case giving a total of $580,000.

The father of one victim has filed a $1 billion civil suit against the Brooklyn-born sect leader. “There will definitely be some people coming after him,'' said Manchester attorney Ronny Jones.

No one knows the exact amount of monetary rewards offered, or given to York’s son Jacob, who was accused of being the chief organizer of the mutiny of some of the Nuwaubian youth against the father, Malachi that resulted in York’s conviction. To date, the son Jacob has been under the government witness protection program and his whereabouts are unknown for any comment.













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