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Were these women threatened by the government to come forward with their stories of child molestation to avoid prosecution?


Sakinah Parham child abuse case #2001-CR-01926-8, Clayton County, Georgia

Nicole Lopez granted immunity for her crimes, case in Baltimore, Maryland

(a civil case)

Pauline Rogers: Aka Najure - Unfit Mother, Case #2002-CB-48197.  Dr. York received custody of his children from Pauline.




Pauline Rogers said she was 18 years old when she decided to have a family with Dr. Malachi Z. York



Montel asked Sakina Parham her aged when she got pregnant by Dr. York. 




Luqmaan, son of Pauline Rogers, telling his side of story regarding the raid in the Nuwaubian village.  FBI along with Putnam county Sheriff Sills raided the Nuwaubian village with excessive used of force on May 8th, 2002.  There were several women and children present during the raid.  Luqmaan was one the children experienced this horrific incident.

  Sakina Parham listed on the Holy Tablets as the financier.   



See what Sakina Parham's mother have to say about her and the conspiracy to imprison Dr. Malachi Z. York.




The Truth about the Disgruntled X-Members who Appeared on Montel William TV Show. 

Sakina Parham

Pauline Rogers

Nicole Lopez



In the beginning of the show, they showed footage of cults who have received negative media footage such as Jones Town, Waco Texas, Heavens Gate and even admitted that many facts are rarely given to the public regarding cults.  This sets the tone to embed in viewers mind the  negativity regarding cults.

Montel continued with the show introducing the three women as escapee. "Today for the first time WOMEN who escaped One of the Most controversial cults in this country's history..."  But as you watch the show Pauline stated she was kicked out on the sixth month during her third pregnancy.   


Pauline Rogers was contacted by Bill Osinski to go on the Montel Williams show and she got in touch with Sakina and Nicole to help do the show. This show was about the promotion of Bill's book and to further defame Rev. Dr. Malachi Z York's name and as for the girls, it was and is always been about money. Questions! How did  Bill Osinski know about sheriff Howard Sills investigation witness Pauline? And is this proof of what the Nuwaubians been saying that Putnam County Officials and the friends in the media will do to defame their names and put them out of Putnam County? Montel mentioned that if Pauline didn't write a letter to the Putnam County Sheriffs Office, this case wouldn't exist. Now lets give you the public some facts Pauline was seeking child support from Dr. York so she went to the government and filed charges, when this case came to court Dr. York won custody of his children this made Pauline more angry.


There is a news article in the Macon Telegraph News Paper on May 9,2002  the day after the raid and arrest of Dr. York and the women that was with him, titled Timeline of Nuwaubian events on May 23, 2000 on the timeline where it states that Pauline  was the second of two women to file child support against  Dr. York, the first was Sakina Parham. When Sakina found out that Mr. York won custody of his children she was scared  that she would lose her case also, this was the beginning to the end of financial support  from Dr. York, this is all about MONEY for the women.  Bill Osinki played on that  and brought these women together to help him write his book and to defame  Rev. Dr. York's name this is the facts. Pauline son is in the children's video after the FBI and the Sheriff's

raided the property at 404 Shadydale Rd. in Putnam County, look at the children's video, Luqmaan Rogers

is wearing the # 12 jersey and baseball cap, listen to what he went through that day. Also this  proves that Dr. York had custody of his children. Shame on you Pauline for putting your children and others in danger like that, they could have been hurt. 


Timeline of Nuwaubian events

 During Pauline's interview, she refers to the Nuwaubians as  "a community" not "a cult".  She stated that she met Dr. York at the aged of 17 and later on decided to have a family with him.  And when Montel asked Pauline of her aged when Dr. York first approached her, she answered that she was 18 years old.  That's not against the law.  And through Pauline's  interview, she refers to "women" not "children".

"Women started coming in every week"
"the constant getting women all the time"
"I know this is not in the scriptures to treat women like this" 

"women were treated as second hand citizen"


Her last phrase above was contradicted later on the show by Sakina Parham who stated she was Dr. Malachi Z. York's right hand. And Habiybah Washington (the prosecutor's main witness) stated that she was in charge of everything, click here to view her testimony.


Pauline never said she was molested and even admitted that she was at the age of 18 years old when she decided to have a family with Dr. York.   She admits that she did not see any wrong doing with her own two eyes.  Montel coached his guest trough the hold show, leading the minds of the audience and the public viewers. Everyone knows rumors are not always factual and these are the kind of words Montel was using to lead his viewers. We ask that  the viewers look at the show with an investigative eye and determine the facts without being coached.

Nicole Lopez, the alleged victim on the show, did not explain any molestation related to the charges in the case. She explained why people feel they shouldn't leave but never said she couldn't leave or that she was forced to stay.. She described a set of pictures of male sex organs with sun glasses but never said Rev. York gave it to her or forced her to read it or that it was required to read it.

Montel made a spectacle of a picture of male and female sex organs found in the Holy Tablets which is pure propaganda because the same images are found in many books in schools from junior high up. People know that, so his tactic was to call the Holy Tablets a Bible because people who think bible will never picture a bible with images of diagrams of the human anatomy.




Bill Osinski was very opinionated.  And Bill seems to use these disgruntled ex-members as his mascots to promote his book.   Is he just trying to make a buck?




Tracey Bowen spoke about a notebook with women and children that Rev. York was alleged to have dealing with, yet none of that is against the law, if true. She spoke about a map of the Land and none of that is against the law, if its true where people lived on the land.


The show is a mini reflection of how the case unfolded. Largely based on religious persecution with the sting of child molestation. This is consistent with the content of the Federal Indictment. This is an example of how jurors can be influenced and confused and render unjust verdicts. People have a natural incline to pass judgment based on their dislike, non-agreement, or lack of understanding of an issue rather than if the Law was broken. This is why there are Jury instructions given by the Judge, but statistically those instructions are often misunderstood especially in complex cases involving RICO charges.


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