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Pauline Rogers

Pauline Rogers

Her testimony on the Montel Williams show shows that she is (Disgruntle) wrote letters according to Sheriff Sills about children being molested but, according to Pauline on the Montel Williams show she did not see no one being molested, she said, "that she saw children coming out of his house and she was getting this weird feeling in the pit of her stomach an according to her these pit feelings was her reason for writing the letters  (She's Disgruntle) pay close attention to her statements on the show, now keep in mind that according to Pauline she was put out and sent to spring valley in 1991 and that is upstate New York not  on the Yamassee property in Georgia you do the math on when she wrote the anonymous letter to sheriff Sills of Putnam County. Anonymous what is it? ANONYMOUS   a∑non∑y∑mous/əˈnšnəməs/Adjective: 1.(of a person) Not identified by name; of unknown name.
2.Having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal
.  Why hide if children was being harmed, keep in mind that Pauline have children by Malachi York and was put out and sent away from his presence so she became disgruntle look at her expressions. Pauline did not live on the Yamassee property in Georgia, she followed behind Dr. York out of anger these are the facts.   view the show


Montel Williams Show where disgruntle women like Pauline Rogers who said she didn't see NO one being Molested, she said in the pit of her stomach she felt that he was Molesting children come on the Government ACTED on someones feelings, where is the FACTS?

Look how Montel leads the guest on the show, would you call his show a cult, because she is following his lead.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah


 Keep in mind Pauline Recanted before the Trial, this is one of the reasons why the government didn't use her testimony.


Sakina Parham     Pauline Rogers        Nicole Lopez



These 3 women is the a major part of  the government conspiracy.

Sakina and Paulina was known for seeking money from

Dr. York for child support back in May 23, 2000 A.D. before this conspiracy and according to the prosecution lead witness Abigail Washington this CONSPIRACY started in the middle of 2001 A.D., view her RECANTMENT VIDEO and read the timeline of events [read this]

The government was looking for something on Dr. York and these women helped the FBI by using their imagination in this Molestation Conspiracy. Nicole is a talented artist that said on the Montel Williams Show that Dr. York would pass out indecent drawings, when in fact she was telling the audience her role in the passing out indecent drawings for laughs among the women in the office. Everyone that works long hours in the same room knows these actions do take place, via. pictures, e-mail, text messages, books or drawings and Nicole is a talented artist you be the judge.

Dr. Malachi Z York wrote over 400 books and the timeline news article shows two of these ladies pursuing Dr. York for money before the allegations of child molestation. Nicole's mother (BARBRA NOEL) has children by Dr. York and Nicole never said her mother introduced her to being sexually active with Dr. York, Nicole's mother lived there with them, No charges on her, Why?

Because these are all lies and Habiyba (Abigail) Washington tells the truth about these lies and others who made recantments also. 



Sakina said, on the Montel Show that she was the right hand to Dr. York , so she was very close to him and she is telling the world that she was molested.


Statements like that and thinking of the action of a right hand helper is not the action of someone that was abused, but take that right hand position away and what do you get, cooperation or abuse?


Also Sakina helped financed the Holy Tablets, they are not actions of someone being abused.


There's something the public is not aware of and that is Nicole her brother and sister is in this case against Dr. York, this is not about child molestation their involvement is attached to a family issue not molestation. their mother has a serious grudge against Dr. York.

Then Nicole's  mother was told to leave the village for certain reasons, this made her mad, then she moved in with Jacob York and helped in this government conspiracy. Then all the disgruntle ex-members were brought together with the help of the government and the son of Dr. York, (Jacob) and was financed by the government to setup Dr. York.

Now you have a mother her daughters and son in this case against Dr. York.

 Out of all the years Dr. York taught, people came and left an no one else made these claims against Dr. York or the Yamassee Nuwaubians until the RACIST (KKK) small town in the good ole boys backyard of Putnam County Georgia saw the Yamassee Nuwaubian Moors coming back to their home to settle down on their land in peace, this the " CONFEDERATES just could not stand.


SO you have this CONSPIRACY




Statement from Doc

Sakina, Pauline and Nicole come home and lets beat these evils, by now you know what I have been teaching is true, the devil will betray you to, the things they promised you you didn't receive and that is why you all are doing these talk shows. Chasing money



These women tell you out of their own mouths that they were 18 years of age, which is legal and the parents of these women didn't accuse Dr. Malachi Z York it was this Government Conspiracy set in motion that brought these Disgruntle Ex-Members together and Luqman Rogers was in the raid more proof of what Dr. York has been saying about having custody of his children by Pauline and her reason for being disgruntle. Do the math.



Notice the government's witness list they didn't call

 Ms. Pauline Rogers to the stand and in the

illegal guilty plea video , WHY?


Ans: Because Ms. Rogers started feeling guilty about her lies that lead up to this bogus case.

Governments witness list


The media tell their view but when we asked to rebut these lies the news media and Montel and Dr. Phil denied our request, WHY?



Pauline's children was on the Yamassee property at the time of the raid and this is one of the reasons Pauline was so angry with Dr. York.

Ques: As a mother without your children what kind of revenge do you think will come to your mind?


Lets be real here Dr. York is a father that kept his children and other peoples children and when they didn't want to live the way we all excepted as the best way for our survival and peaceful state they left and some was put out for doing bad things this applied to Dr. York's children too.


The Putnam County Government did not want us in Putnam, so don't issue them their building permits.

You can't build that!!!















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