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Dr. Malachi Z. York

Ques: Why is the government still holding Dr. Malachi Z York-EL with these FACTS from there lead witness?

Ans: Because, Abigail recantment proves the government targeted Dr. Malachi Z York-EL and the pretrial transcripts backs her testimony, No EVIDENCE, Agents didn't audio tape or video tape the alleged victims statements and more. (Government Conspiracy)

What happens when Black people can no longer recognize white racism? [read moor]


Dr. Malachi Z York-El caring ways

Novice vs. Veteran




Royal, C. Ashley
Born 1949 in Augusta, GA

Federal Judicial Service:
Judge, U. S. District Court, Middle District of Georgia
Nominated by George W. Bush on October 9, 2001, to a seat vacated by Duross Fitzpatrick; Confirmed by the Senate on December 20, 2001, and received commission on December 21, 2001. Served as chief judge, 2008-present.

University of Georgia, A.B., 1971

University of Georgia School of Law, J.D., 1974

University of Georgia, M.S., 1976

Professional Career:
Assistant district attorney, District Attorney's Office, Augusta Judicial Circuit, Georgia, 1974-1975
Private practice, Georgia, 1976
Public defender, Glynn County, Georgia, 1976-1977
Private practice, Georgia, 1977-2001

Race or Ethnicity: White

Gender: Male



Lawson, Hugh
Born 1941 in Hawkinsville, GA

Federal Judicial Service:
Judge, U. S. District Court, Middle District of Georgia
Nominated by William J. Clinton on August 10, 1995, to a seat vacated by Wilbur D. Owens, Jr.; Confirmed by the Senate on December 22, 1995, and received commission on December 26, 1995. Served as chief judge, 2006-2008. Assumed senior status on December 31, 2008.

Emory University, B.A., 1963

Emory University School of Law, J.D., 1964

Professional Career:
Private practice, Hawkinsville, Georgia, 1965-1979
Judge, Superior Court of Georgia, Oconee Judicial Circuit of Georgia, 1979-1995

Race or Ethnicity: White

Gender: Male


Judge C, Ashley Royal was nominated

by Former President George W. Bush in 2001 


I think I made a mistake.


When you look in the Strong's Hebrew Lexicon, the word "bush

" in Hebrew is Strong's #0954 buwsh boosh, meaning "to put to shame, be ashamed, be disconcerted, be disappointed"

Result of search for "buwsh":

954 buwsh boosh a primitive root; properly, to pale, i.e. by implication to be ashamed; also (by implication) to be disappointed or delayed:--(be, make, bring to, cause, put to, with, a-)shamed(-d), be (put to) confounded(-fusion), become dry, delay, be long.


When you look up this same number 954 in the Greek Lexicon you get


Result of search for "954":

954. Beelzeboul beh-el-zeb-ool' of Chaldee origin (by parody on 1176); dung-god; Beelzebul, a name of Satan:--Beelzebub.


This a nominee was a NOVICE decision that former President Bush made, he too was a Novice as President and Former President Bush works speak for itself.


Ques:  What type of law did he practice and was it enough experience to judge a federal criminal case, prior to this appointment?


Ques: Why do the Boss always bring family and friends on board instead of the best person for the job?


With federal case law motions being presented by defense and prosecution in the pre-trial transcripts shows that the decisions judge Royal made he was inexperience to federal law. 


Read the pre-trial transcripts and you will see these statements are true.  We know that judge Royal, in his private practice, took on several civil cases, but his criminal history is unknown for now.


QUES: Why would  former President  G. W, Bush nominate judge Royal with no Judging experience on the state or federal level? Is it because judge Royal was one of President G. W. Bush major Presidential campaign donators, or are they Republican friends?  It surely wasn't because of his experience.


On August 6, 2003 judge Royal took over for a much more experienced judge Hugh Lawson 16 years as a judge in the Superior Courts of Georgia and 7 years as a Federal Judge in the Courts in Georgia that's 23 years experience of sitting on the bench verses 1 year experience if that, this conspiracy is go up higher the we look into this unjust case.


WOW, LOOK at the CONSPIRACY unfold !!!


Judge Hugh Lawson experience show that he did not want to be apart of this conspiracy and huge counter lawsuit. 













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