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Interviewer: With everything that is Going On, with Catholic Ministers,

Chief Maku: Um Huh.

Interivewer: Be that um, you know recently Michael Jackson has been brought up on charges.

Chief Maku; Um huh. The Internet, with the police Officers and all that Stuff.

Interviewer: Right Exactly, yes and so basically at this point, in your indictment, or in your case they super inceded the first Indictment was just four counts?

Chief Maku: Right.

Interviewer: and um i mean it was evident that they didn't have a case, unless they were to get this Rico trial which they never done in the State of Georgia before. What was some of the reason you think they went for a Rico charge and things of that nature?

Chief Maku: Well first of all, I brought in my Accountant in, The Duke Law Firm, from New York; who I've been doing Business with for over thirty years, from the Father to the Son. I never had any problem I never been audited, I never had any problem with the I.R.S. ever; in my whole career. I deposited millions and millions of dollars legally, I filed my tax, in fact I got money back. This is the first thing they claim which is a part of they're set up, right. Why they did this is because they saw the sex case. By going to the internet again, if they go up there they'll see all the evidence, that from beginning to end; they can see all the evidence. They went up there and saw that they were not going to win a sex case. And the only way they could go for this man money and go for the Community over there in Putnam, is to create something called a Rico.
The Rico is this new law that they created for Gotti and they're using it in the system now to destroy all these kids. They're arresting people, they have people turning State evidence, about 5k's; where one inmate can lie on another inmate and they'll take his time away. They'll send criminals into the streets to work for them and they'll just come in and their word alone; means that person can go to jail for 10, 20, 25, 30, years and even life. And this is a wide spread thing that you want know is going on, until you get in here and you see inmate after inmate taking 5k's on they're friend. They call it bashing each other in the head. And they squeal on each other and the Government gives them a chance to go out.
The same thing they basically did in our case, with a bunch of people they went to them and said we got charges on ya'll. And if you'll don't take this 5k and start squealing on that man, because we want to topple him; then we're going to lock you and your family up and take your kids etc. So now what they did, is take one person and they tried to use her age as an excuse to establish a Rico, right. They had to get the Rico because they knew the sex charges wasn't going to stand. So then they had to go back to the original people and go back to them and give them something new to say, because this wasn't in they're original indictment.
So they went back to those original people, they called they're Witness and told them this is what we need you to say. You got to say he structured money, now my records would show that how would I structure money for 10,000 dollars and I been depositing millions of dollars over the years? But what they did is, they counted on the fact that they invaded the land, and my house. And stole all of my personal files and Records and my Bank statements, so I couldn't present in court copies of my deposits. And then the ones they had fabricated, they presented to the public; one of them by the way, which they didn't verify, it had no date on it. They just put one up on the screen and they blocked me from being able to produce my own.
When my accountant was addressed by Mr. Maxwell Woods, from the prosecutor, what he did; Maxwell Woods lied directly to him and said: "Supposed your client, you know him as Malachi York, you know him as Chief Black Thunderbird, suppose he was using another name would you know"? "If he was filing under another name, like Dwight D. York, Would you know"? and he said: "Of course I wouldn't know if he didn't tell me". And he said see. And they used that and they took what they called Misnomer, a fake name; called Dwight D. York, which I never used and they put that up on top of the indictment, the new indictment and started pushing it from there.
Because they knew that's a mythological creature, which couldn't be traced to a Social Security number. So they wouldn't be able to back track everything that the public went into looking for. Because they would have to go under Malachi Z. York and Malachi York to find my Bank Statements, my I.R.S. statements and that's why they keep a fake name on top of all of my Indictments. So that nobody could trace out anything, when people want to start, you know; Enquiring minds want to know. So they use that one girl, they use her age. They come to find out in the middle of The Court, in Middle Georgia, right before Judge Royal, when they brought in an Attorney called Solomon Ben Davis, he pointed out that there was a mistake in the Indictment by the age. They said this indictment, not the law; the Indictment is wrong so it has to be thrown out.
If that happen the rape Shield Law, would of came to in act and that means everybody above the age of 14 could not be used to testify. And out went they're case, so what they did is they sit there in Court, in Middle District Georgia; and lied. And said she was under age, only for us to have her Mother on the stand as one of my Witnesses, with her Birth Certificate. Which the judge blocked again, but we have it also, the documents it's coming back and shows the Girl was over age. Then they found out that they're whole indictment had the wrong number in it. Through the whole Trial they had 21 and it should of been 12. And that threw it off cause she was 14 and that means that the motion that we put in would of been approved. And the Judge said so himself, he says right to the Prosecution I'm afraid I'm going to have to go with Mr. Ben Davis.
Then the Prosecution said give us another day to prove that, we'll get her Birth Certificate. Something they been had, they had this case for 2 years and they didn't have it. Cause they knew they didn't have a Birth Certificate for that girl, so the prosecution was lying; just to buy time. And they knew the Judge was working with them at the time, so now boom; we check the Documents by the time we got to the trial. And the Prosecution never address that Motion, so the Judge moved on that Motion on his own and went into Trial. Speeding the Trial up, to rush through it; closed the doors so nobody would see it. And tried to get a Hoodwinked and get you a Life Sentence, that was the whole game.
And then go after the Organization and try to smash them. That's what the Rico was set up for, that's how it was set up, and it was base around stuff that they couldn't prove. Laws they couldn't prove, they actually said I told one person, one of they're witnesses to structure money. When I have a history of depositing money, in fact I was engaged in buying a New Church and a Temple at the time. And we had deposited thousand and thousand of dollars in our Accounts. We have more than one Account, the Account that they didn't address is the Black Bank In Atlanta were we have most of our Accounts at.
They came down to small Banks in Athens, to Wachovia; and Banks that they knew was white Wash and would work with them. They didn't want to consult the Black Banks, or the previous Banks I've been dealing with for years, before I came down here in 1993. You Follow?

Interviewer: Yes.

Chief Maku: So that's how they set it up. And therefore when they found out in the recently P.S.I, when we got the P.S.I. we got it back, we saw um huh, they change the dates around. They changed it from 21 to 12, that means that the whole Trial was being mishandled and was under bogus Documents. They blocked out Solomon Ben Davis Motions, the Judge took it upon himself to moved on it. And of course so that they could precede with this Rico, that's how it happened. It was a big Ploy, it's a big set up, because they knew they didn't have a Sex case. So they wanted to keep me, cause they had already locked me down for 2 years. And they knew they made a big stink about it, with Suites and files. Because I got Suites for the Torture I've been going through filed against them. I got Suites filed against the Judge. I got Suites filed against Putnam County, and the Sheriff. Suites going against the Prosecution and against the Marshals and the Institutions, for my Medical treatment; and different things. And they knew that was coming, they knew it was already in. But they don't never put that on Television, as many suits I got against them.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: They don't mention all that kind of stuff, they don't put on the Television, all the So-called Victims that came forth on my behalf and said: "You got me in the Indictment, I never told you that:" And people they got on the Stand and the Woman said, She says; a woman sat on the stand and said I never gave no one no interview, that's not mine. So when the Attorney turn around and said to the Prosecution can we see a copy of the 302, that the so-called Agents in California, is suppose to have gotten from this Individual. Who's on the stand saying that it never happened, they said we don't know about that, we think we lost it. And they never couldn't produce it, this was taking place in the Court, but the public wasn't privilege to these types of things. Because what they did, the only Press they allowed in, was the same Press; the exact same press that the Judge said was responsible for spoiling Middle Georgia.
Which was the Atlanta Constitutional Journal and Macon Telegraph, of course Eatonton Messenger, that's all. Black Reporters came down from Atlanta, Reporters from the Nation Of Islam came, Reporters for the Moorish Temple came, Reporter for the Magazine, a Black Paper in Macon call Georgia Informer and they all had they're badges; and legal Passes to get in and the Judge said no. He blocked all of Black Press, to put in only the Press that was part of what he called those responsible for spoiling Middle Georgia. Then he pulled the Grand Jury out of a part of Georgia, he said was already spoiled by the Parade; by Sheriff Howard Richard Sills, calling a Mrs. Shalom, down there in Brunswick.
And giving her a whole round on the Case and she had it in the Newspaper, in Brunswick; before the Trial came. So Brunswick, was also spoiled. But because he put his foot in his mouth and said that's the only place you can get a Trial, he knew that was the end of the Trial. So this Trial had ended at least Ten times. And they're awoke this Trial, even in the Trial when the Prosecution had finest they had rested. And then when the Defense Attorney when up there and smashed them down, what they did is open they're case after the Prosecution rested. The Judge let them open and bring in more witnesses, who by the way were proven wrong in both cases. Two letters that were revealed that she was lying, but they brought in so called Witnesses, after the Prosecution had rested they're Case, this is ridiculous; this doesn't happen. But in this Case, in the Malachi Case, in The Yamassee Native American Case, where precedent for Jurisdiction is a issue here; to identify who we are. Letting them know we are Native Americans, our Bloodline; and that this is our land, that's frighten them.
And then to use this and then to use this in a more standard way, to go after other Ministers. So they got a whole Package going on and that's why it's going on like this. And on and on and on, so they can get out the people minds. And they'll come back on Television soon with more lies, to put some more stuff up. They'll get some bogus People to come up and say that they're Nuwaubians and they did this and they got arrested for this. And keep on saying boy those Nuwaubians, are bad people.
But they don't never mention The Yamassee American Moors, which is registered in United Nation, it's registered in Geneva; it's registered with The Bureau Of Indian Affairs. It's registered with World Wide Yamassee American Moors in the Tribe and I am the Chief of that Tribe and it's on Record. They can hide and hide and run and run, but it's going to evidentially come to surface. Go Ahead.

Interviewer: Right. So a lot of testimony that did not make into trial, was the Testimony that um! basically collaborated the Conspiracy story.

Chief Maku: Yes.

Interviewer: And I know that um, after the Trial Eatonton Messenger, actually had an article that Jacob York, actually did a Interview with I believe it was Rob Peecher?

Chief Maku: Yes Um Huh.

Interviewer: He Works at Eatonton Messenger now, he was fired from Macon Telegraph.

Chief Maku: That's Correct.

Interviewer: But actually the Conspiracy it's much bigger than Just Jacob York, basically what your saying is he was just a pawn in the game?

Chief Maku: Exactly. Jacob York, was a Pawn, Jacob York had a store in Atlanta, right before the Trial, Jacob York Store closes and he disappears. Why didn't the Prosecution bring they're Key Witness and put him on the Stand, Jacob York? Because they knew if Jacob York, got on the Stand and he got cross examine; the Truth would come out that he's was on Pay roll and that Conspiracy. And that it's bigger than Jacob York, when they trying to say we're saying it's ah Conspiracy with my So called Son, No! No! It's not. It's Middle District Georgia, and they're conspiracy against all Black Ministers in the State of Georgia. Because once the Precedence is set on this Case, it's going to start flying across to the different Ministers, watch. Unless we make sure that they don't pull that off.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: And that's what we're working for And we got World Wide Assistance. But the immediate Clergy, better become a part of this, the immediate Black Politician, in Georgia; better become a part of this, NAACP, better be a part of this. While they're trying to throw your attention on a whole bunch little fitches Cases about a Colored Guy, raised by a White Family, having sex with a little White girl and all you'll go march out there for them. And they're making a fool out of you, cause you have a Charter they not telling you'll about. You better get over here where there's a Legit Case. Where somebody is being Lynched Illegally, Where All these lies are being told. You better get under a Case, behind something that is strong and it's real, because in the long run my Case is being sit up, to sit up all the Black Churches, and all the Black Leadership.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: Anybody can come out the Frame work and say twenty years ago you had sex with them? And they have no proof and no Medical Records and they can use that and say it's justified because of the new law they have.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: What's called Conspiracy, that they created actually for Drug Dealers. And now they figured on that they got so many Drug Dealers arrested, that they'll use it in other ways.

Interviewer: Hmmm!!!

Chief Maku: And the People in the Jury don't see it. This whole thing was set up to bust Drug Dealer and have them squeal on each others. They got so many people coming in Jail, I've bounced around to so many Jails. I've seen so many People snitching on People. They got so many people arrested, the Jails is packed with people, so now they're saying wow let's use it somewhere else. Let's go after all the Ministers, let's go after the large Black Cooperation. Let's go after those big Black Businesses in Atlanta, that's fighting them.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: You know what I'm saying, cause they're afraid of Atlanta, cause Atlanta is full of Black Independent Business Men. And they're like we got to get them out of here, in order for us to turn this back into The Good Old Boy South.

Interviewer: Right. Yeah that's definitely evidence, especially with this Case. And the Cases that your seeing, Um, that we see are coming up.

Chief Maku: Oh yeah they're Gaming.

Interviewer: Definitely. So Basically after everything was brought to the forefront and Witnesses took the stand. And they're Witnesses took the Stand, it came down to um Jury Deliberation?

Chief Maku: Um huh. We had a hung Jury, that means the Case suppose to be over right there. When it's a hung Jury that's it. This Judge took it upon himself to read a small portion, right? To scare them again to threaten them. You Could tell that that Juror, was threaten because of the way she responded. Cause she didn't say Yes Sir like all the White ones. She said yeah, yeah. She had her head down, she wouldn't look up. She's the one that said this man is being sit up, you'll are going after this man and I don't believe it. And I don't want to be a part of anything where it's going to be overturned in three months, like the other Case. Talking about the (Mac Martin Case) Which is a fact similar to this Case, where they did it in California. They set the same Program up, to go after the people out there.

Interviewer: Hmm huh.

Chief Maku: You follow? So the Jury, when it came to a hung Jury; that was suppose to be it. But after the Jury came back with a hung Jury, this Lawyer made up his mind to closed the Court down. We know he did it himself, because we know doggone well if they release one, out of all the Charges; the only charge they found not guilty is 8. The 8th account and that deals with Disney World, why? They couldn't foreclose on Disney World, cause Disney World is too big, that is so obvious. Ain't no way in the world, could tell me that those Jurors, studied all that stuff and understand what Rico Laws and what Rico Accounts are about. Them Functioning illiterates they had sitting up there, no way possible. That was all a part of the Plot, the Judge and them had it all sit up like that, to fooled the Public. But it's going to come around, we making it public.

Interviewer: Um. I definitely appreciate you taking the time too.

Chief Maku: My Pleasure to get the Truth out.

Interviewer: That's right, and that's what needs to be done at this point, to let people know exactly what took place in the Trial.

Chief Maku: Ok.

Interviewer: Ok

Chief Maku: Yes.

A Momentarily interlude and our Music play shortly there after; the Interview continues.

Interviewer: Um I heard on the Radio that the Attorney put into his Closing Arguments, put in there that it was physically impossible?

Chief Maku: Um Huh.

Interviewer: For these alleged acts to happened?

Chief Maku: Yeah.

Interviewer: Through they're Testimonies And how many times they said it happened?

Chief Maku: Yeah.

Interviewer: Per week, per month, and in one of those Closing Arguments He said "over a 1993 to 2001 which is a 8 or 9 year period of time.

Chief Maku: Right.

Interviewer: You would of have to had sex, 11,568 times?

Chief Maku: 11,568?

Interviewer: Yes.

Chief Maku: At my age, 57, 56.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: Go ahead that sounds Good, ain't that much Viagra, in the world. But go ahead.

Interviewer: And the Alleged sex acts per year, this is for; continuing for a 9 year period of time, would of been 1,446 times.

Chief Maku: Wow.

Interviewer: Yeah. And a 121 times per month. and he was mentioning that this is continual like none stop. So that's like around 4 times a day for a 9 year period of time.

Chief Maku: Well now that's only part of it, what they didn't do is, think about all the Witnesses that we put up, the So called Victims. If they would of added in what they was claiming and how often they would have been, cause there were other people making Records of them having been with them. So if you would add that on with it and then add the ones that deals with all the victims, that didn't show up. The people they couldn't get.

Interviewer: hmm huh.

Chief Maku: You know you would have at least ten time as much.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: It would clearly come out to 1,000 ah times a day. That's physically.

Interviewer: Impossible.

Chief Maku: It's a Physical impossibility and the Judge recognized it. Cause he mentioned during the trial, I realized which way your going, I see what your doing; by asking these people how many times. And then we noticed that as we got near the end that people started lessen the amounts of times. People said: oh three times a day, everyday; four times a day. But then having one person getting up there and saying I've been knowing him 4 years and we only had sex twice. It got that serious, because the Prosecution was taking them in the back and telling them what to say.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: Because they saw that the Case was starting to look ridiculous, especially a man my age; then for them to claim to having sex that's amount to over a 1,000 times a week; that's physically impossible.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: If it's not physically impossible, I quite sure all the men listening to this program like to find out how.

Interviewer: And the whole point is they're not taking into consideration on another note of your Medical Illness?

Chief Maku: Right I suffer from Angio Edema.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: I suffer from Acute Angio Edema, in fact I passed twice and was resuscitated back to life. And I've had several seizures while incarcerated, because of them not knowing what Angio Edema is. And giving me the wrong Medication, over these last two and a half years. And what it does is it reduces your Testosterone levels and it cuts down your sexual drive. So for two years, before the arrest, i had but already been diagnosed, three years before May 8, 2000. I was already diagnosed with Hereditary Angio Edema.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: And They called it acquired Angio Edema.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: Right. And 1/3 of the Population of people who have that die.

Interviewer: Hmm.

Chief Maku: Right! And of Course I died twice. But by the Grace of The Most High, my Doctor was available. Dr. William Thompson, he brought me back. And we have this on Record, on logged. But it brings down your sexual drive anyway, you have no interest in sex; because your testosterone levels drops. That's the only way they can keep you from having flare ups or swellings, that would result in something very similar to an allergic reaction.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: It goes around your Heart, around your Brain, could be around your Eyes or it could be in your throat, various soft tissues and it effects you for life. So what I've been suffering with for the last few years, though it appears there's no side effects. The fact they been giving me the wrong Medication, down the line; five years from now there will be side effect to it, damaged has been made. Just from me being sustained, by them giving me something like Benadryl, to suppress it, but it's building up inside anyway. And I know that down the line, I know things the Doctor explained; I know I will have some complications. Because of the way I've been treated while incarcerated for the last 2 1/2 years.

Interviewer: Hmm. That's the damage and that goes into the Torture Suite complaint that's been filed?

Chief Maku: That being part of the Torture, which is in the hands of the United Nations now.

Interviewer: Ok.

Chief Maku: And where going before the Floor of The United Nations, within the next 3 weeks to present our Case for the second time. We've done it already in Geneva, it's been excepted; it's been logged. So an Onward under investigation is going on. People down here hasn't felt the Investigation yet, but it's definitely in the making. This Case is not going to be Shoved under the Rug and giving me a bunch of time and shipping me off to some little old prison cell. It's not that kind of Case and it's already in the making to be exposed.

Interviewer: Ok.

Chief Maku: So yes it was impossible for me to be having sex like that and for each Witness, to get up there. And a Victim to be put on the spot like that after saying it never happened, now mind you that; after saying it never happened. They say well you say this never happened and then your saying so and so, you could see the poor. These young folks had been brain washed, they had been rehearsed, some of them had been brought down from New York. And they'll give the 302's and tell them to study it, they couldn't study it well.
Some of them say they never had a Education, then they left the land and went out and got a High School Diploma and in College now. Some of them say they didn't eat well and you could see that they were obese when they were coming into Court. You know what I'm saying? It was a big Charade and they didn't want the Public to see it.
They didn't want the Public to see those People sitting on that Stand. Because when thy sat them up there, the people started saying this never happened to me, Mr. York never Molested me. That would of Messed they're whole Case up, all you need is one or two people saying it and that was it. In my Case you had over Thirty saying it and they still went on and added them in the P.S.I. as if they've said yes.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: But it's says that they said no, in it. And added points on it, to boost up my rating, so I would get more time; just because they're setting up precedence. But we're not letting them have it, we will fight them till the end.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: Fight them for our rights and our Justice as Native Americans. I'm a Native American, the State of Georgia has no Jurisdiction over me; I'm the Yamassee Chief. They have no rights over me whatsoever, you follow? So that's a big Hokes there, and that'll be exposed and we'll moved on with the Federal; who has no rights over me. We were Here before they set up, we were Colonists; we were in this Country before they Came.
They already proved in Brazil, Scientist has dug up the Notes; they did the research and found that the Original People in this Land, North America; was not Mongoloids but were Negroids, the Olmecs originally. And that the Mongoloids came later with a man called Hushan, or what they called the Z Tribe, The XI Tribe. And then they mixed in with us and then Africans were brought here through Slave Trade and then they mixed in with us.
So you have The Yamassee, The Creek, The Seminole, The Shinocock, The Seminole, you know there's quite a few Tribes. There's Iroquois, there's Ararat's, in the Caribbean's they call them Ararat's, they called them Caribbean's. They moved down into Barbados, they went into Jamaica, they were in Brazil, and the Maroons, they were in Haiti; we moved all over the place.

Interviewer: Hmmm

Chief Maku: So you know with this Tribe here that I'm the Chief of, Georgia; is our Base from here straight up to Massachuset, was our land. From the Massachuset Indians, to Yamassee Native American, the Creek or what we call Bali or Ghuali which is another word we use; Gechies. Which you'll find in Savanna, Augusta, you'll find them in Brunswick. You'll find them all throughout Milledgeville, Putnam, Baldwin, Jones, all in this whole area; where the Mounds are. And the Washitaw tribe mixed in with us along the way, but we are the original Yamassee, also spelled Gamassee. And that's a black Tribe that was here before the Africans, we're not descendants of the Africans. We were here when the Africans were brought here on three separate occasions, they brought Africans here. First they brought them here from the Ivory Coast, then they went and brought them from near Sudan. They migrated on they're own, cause they came with a Treaty; from Morocco, and set up in 1770. Aseti Muhammad Seti the 1st and he made a Treaty with George Washington. So you had the Black Moors that came over here from Morocco, you had the African Slaves that were brought from the West Coast and then you had the Nubian Slaves who were brought over in the Sixteen hundreds by ah Prince Charles The Navigator. So you had three groups of Africans that came here, with three different characteristic by the way they look. And they mixed in with us, who was already here and that's why some of us look Africans and some of us still have wavy hair. Some of has long noses, some of has thick lips, you know it's a change taking place.

Interviewer. You mentioned your Tribe and with everything that is going on with the case and things that has been coming out in the News. What is the state of your Tribe?

Chief Maku: The Tribe got so much going on, I mean it's amazing, we got documents all over the World now. People from over the World are becoming conscience that this is real. We did a Family Chart, like i said. We had a outside Genealogist, who's a specialist, do the family Chart for my Family, from me, my Sister, it's goes all the way back from to Ben York of Lewis and Clark Expedition. All the way back to his Father who was a Malian Moor, right; All of that's been traced. We have the Native American Side of our Family was here and the ones that came in as Moors. That's why we call ourselves "The Yamassee Moors of The Creek Nation". But basically we're Yamassee Native Americans first and some of the Moors came over here and mixed in with us. So our Tribe is on the ball, the Tribe got all kind of things going on right now, they got Documents out, letters circulating in the World. There being translated to every language right now and we definitely got a response, we got the verification of our Jurisdiction Status. Beyond a shadow of a doubt the State has no Jurisdiction, they never did; over any of us in this case we're all a part of that Tribe legally.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: Our Name and Family is Registered on our Rasta of our Tribal Memoirs.



Attorney Jonathan Marks and Judge C, Ashley Royal sabotaging Malachi Z York's changes of judgment of acquittal or new trial before it reason the court of appeal judges this is illegal



 Malachi York filed Pro-Se motion to reinstate the trial motions that Jonathan Marks Sabotaged on August 13, 2004 when he withdraw Attorney Adrian Patrick's trial error motions with no reason given to the court  Download


Judge C Ashley Royal denying Malachi Z York Pro-Se motion asking to reinstate Attorney Adrian Patrick's trial error motion 1 New trial motion and Judgment for acquittal  Download















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