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Dr. Malachi Z. York


Our Constitution


Government Key Witness Recants Her Testimony

Federal Court Pretrial Transcripts


Part 2 Isles Of Patmos

please read the words of our Chief (Maku/Mico)





Chief Maku: Hello.

Interviewer: Hello.

Chief Maku: Yes

interviewer: Yes Is this Mr. Malachi Z. York?

Chief Maku: This is Maku, Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle, Chief of the Yamassee Native American Moors Of the Creek Nation, BIA Registry Number 208 front slash 1999 that is when we registered with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Our Constitution of Declaration of Indigenous Status has already been in existence since 1992.Yeah. But they refer to me sometimes as Malachi and even to insult me Dwight.

Interviewer: Yes. Umm, I would like too....

Chief Maku: Excuse me. I'm suffering from the flu, like so many other inmates in here, they're suffering from the Flu and they're not giving them proper medical attention. They're not giving them anything for the Flu, they're giving them things like Tylenol and they're requesting stuff. Inmates are really walking around, some are spitting up blood and everything and it's really totally; there's no medical Staff.

Interviewer: Do the Doctors administer the Medicine?

Chief Maku: No, they got Officers giving, they don't have no Doctors giving out no Medicine here. They have officers coming round giving out Medicine.

Interviewer: Do they have licensed Degrees to do that?

Chief Maku: I don't think they do, I don't think they have a license, I can't say what they have in they're back pockets. I don't see it, I don't see nothing on them.

Interviewer: Hmmm! So they never presented that.

Chief Maku: We don't a button inside the cell, once your locked down, there's no way for you too get them to bring nothing by. Unless you bang or scream up in here, and I've heard men bang and scream all night. Coughing and choking and they didn't even open up.

Interviewer: Hmmm. I want to get back into the reason why, why; I guess it's such a threat that the Putnam County Officials and things of that nature has things under going I guess since 1993. Since the Yamassee relocated to they're rightful land. But what is that, you've written over 400 books is that correct?

Chief Maku: Yeah, About 408 Books and I'm still writing.

Interviewer: Ok.

Chief Maku: And I've solved many problems, I dove into facts; nothing but facts. I'm not interest in opinions, I'm not interested in faith, I'm not interest in beliefs. I talk about religion, whether it's talking about Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, I don't care, I go into the facts of it. I've done an intense study, traveled around the world, I'm fluent in several languages and I've translated books; that's what I do.
They're so intimidated by the fact that, that; which i teach is starting to spread like wild fire. It's bringing people to an certain amount of conscience, the kind of conscience it does is: the people in The Nuwaubian Organization as they call them, who is "The Yamassee Native American Moors Of The Creek Nation" are actually Doctors, Lawyers, Policeman, Fireman, Politicians, Teachers, Ah, Lay persons, ah, Private Vendors, Restaurant Owners, you know; Entertainers, Movie Stars, you know; you name it. This is the fastest growing Organization, It's not racial, It's not restricted to the black, as Sills and them would have you believe. There's many different people in our Tribe, because the Native American has mixed in with so many different people in America; that we have different Nationalities have blended in.
So we have different levels, whether your pure whether you full blood, half blood, whole blood, you could still be up under the same banner of the tribe. So it's really a very racial thing that they're doing, and they're afraid, petrified of what I teach, and how well it's working to civilized people. In fact the United States Government, wrote me a letter from the Federal Institution asking me could they used my books in the federal facility to help inmates. Certain books in particular dealing with the Mind and the Potential, and I'm the man they're calling a criminal, the man they wrote a letter too; which could be made available for your office. Right?
They're letter is asking can they use my books, because the books is so helpful to the inmates, cause I stop the inmates from running around here trying to sneak and smoke, and I stop them from vulgarity, I stop them from wanting to do all kind of things, and it's making them want to study and start reading and look forward to a better life and that's what they're afraid of.

Interviewer: Right, during the time period when they're alleging that these crimes took place, how many Books were written during that time period?

Chief Maku: I can't tell you, cause I never stop writing, you would have to talk to people that work on the books with me. I write books, like; I try to put my books, ah man; I can't even tell you how many books. Cause I live my life, day and night I work on books. And until when I pass out, I get up in the morning, I start again; that's me. Interviewer: Right: Chief Maku: Multiple Books.

Interviewer: Right. and so, this is known, because I know that I've done research and I've seen the amount of books that just come out during the 1993 period.

Maku: Yes.

Interviewer: Of which moving to Georgia. Maku: Hmm huh.

Interviewer: So I guess being that, what is a Nuwaubian?

Chief Maku: Ah, I'm not going to ever define that word to anybody, you know why? Cause that's the question I'm putting before them. You keep referring to us as Nuwaubians, my question to them is what is a Nuwaubian? And if you say a follower of Malachi Z. York that's not a definition, what is a Nuwaubian? Because if you call a Christian a follower of Christ, it's because his name is Christ. So you can't Nuwaubian, follower of Malachi, because they would be called Malachites, not Nuwaubians. And now I'm not going to tell you'll what Nuwaubians means, because one day i want to use that in court to say: you been identifying us as a Cult, a semi religious cult, a fanatical cult, and using the word Nuwaubian, and don't know whether your spelling it with a B or a P, don't know what language it comes from and don't know what it really means. You follow? Interviewer: Hmm Huh. Chief Maku: Meanwhile, you keep throwing it in the public, just to avoid using "The Yamassee Native American Moors Of The Creek Nation", to identify that we are Native Americans, Indigenous; the true people of this land. We called this land Mu-land before he got here, or we called it Turtle island, before the Europeans tribes came here and infected it with they're disease of hate and racism and war and drugs and pornography and all the things that they use against us, that they brought here and established.

Interviewer: Ok, now are Nuwaubians are they limited to Georgia?

Chief Maku: No. No. There's Nuwaubians all over, if you go on the Internet, you'll find Nuwaubians in London, you'll find Nuwaubians in Holland, you'll find them in Africa, you'll find them in India, you'll find them in the Caribbean's, you'll find them in South America, you'll find Nuwaubians, everywhere of every Nationally. No.

Interviewer: Ok, and all these individual has read over 408 books that your writing and still writing?

Chief Maku: Well, I assume they read some of them, those that gotten involved, cause the books are not written under Nuwaubians, the Books are written under The Yamassee Native American Moors, or some books are written under the Masonic Lodge, that I write for a different reason. All the books are not written for Nuwaubians.

Interviewer: Ok, now with um, I heard about, I know the case was moved to Brunswick Georgia?

Chief Maku: Yes.

Interviewer: And I know that the closing of the Court room issue was because um, what I read is that "The Yamassee Native American Moors Of The Creek Nation" were invited by "The Brunswick Downtown Development Authority", to participate in the Parade. What does that have to do with you, how does that have anything to do with your Court Case?

Chief Maku: Well, what happen is The judge Royal Ashley, got involved because he felted that that was tainting the environment see he pick and chooses what taint means. Right? They were invited down there as a Tribe of Native Americans, and they clearly stated to the people there that under the umbrella of our Native American Name "The Yamassee" there are different Organizations within us, Like the Masons, The Eastern Stars, The Shiners, The Al Mahdi Shrine Temple, The Egiptain Church of Karast, The A.E.O. The Ancient Egiptian Order, The Orders of Melchisedek, And different people, having they're own Fraternities, that belong to our Tribe. And that's how it was written up? When they got down there they saw all these people in these Masonic Aprons, and this; you know and they was like wait a minute: "you'll told us this". But there were Native Americans, the tribe was represented there in the plan also, so was the Egiptians and everything else. This scared them because the public got the chance to see us in our true light, what we really are, and not some fanatical cult; sitting around going humba humba humba. You follow? And it scared them, so they jump in and started saying they were going to file suits and they lied, they implemented my name and classified me with the grinch and I'm filing suit against them for that. And the Tribe is filing suit against Brunswick, for stepping in; because we had a deal with the city and the county step in where most of the racism take place and the Mayor and the D.A. and we filed suit against them, so they're trying to block that. So you had the same Judge from Middle Georgia, step all the way down there to Southern Georgia and try to get involved in that so they could derailed it. But the positive, all they did is gave more advertisement to Brunswick and now he still wants to carry the trial down there, still pull the Jury out of that same area; that he openly admitted himself was already spoiled. He's totally violating all of my Constitutional rights and he's violating all the laws and procedures that go with getting a fair trial .

Interviewer: Ummm. Now in doing that, they've mentioned something about some fliers being passed out and things of that nature. And I also heard that, was Sheriff Howard Richard Sills, down there?

Chief Maku: Yes. We found that Sheriff Howard Richard Sills, we got pictures of him and his people. They had locate themselves in over 250 miles, they jump over about thirty something other Sheriff Departments, to be down there in so called undercover clothes, right? They could of been the ones passing out the fliers. And notice when I saw copies of the flier, under my name and they had my age as eighteen something and seventeen something. Nobody in my Tribe would of done that, cause they know how important this is. Because I was born the year "The Constitution of The United States" was established June 26, 1945, that's the year I was born and that's a very important year, we knew what that meant. So we wouldn't have that, if you look under the picture that I saw of me, somebody made a copy of it, they paste it together and put it together and were distributing it. That was all a part of Sills I believe, the Judge working with him all of that there to cause this here thing and close the Court down because they don't want the public to hear this here Trial, they don't want the Public to see this Trail. If I was such, if I thought I was such a evil man, why would I want my trial public? Shouldn't I be trying to hide this? As vaguer as that sounds, with all that stuff that their saying, all that lust and all that sex, and all that Racketeering. Would I want to have a open trial? Would I be saying: "Great I glad they're having a private trial"? The fact that I'm saying give me a open trial, I want the world to watch this trial, tells you right there, that I want the public to see it. And the fact that they don't tells you that they have something they're trying to hide from ya'll.

Interviewer: Right. And I know that throughout this whole entire time, um; the tribe The Yamassee American Moors Of The Creek Nation, have always been there in your support whether they can get in to the court room or whether they can't?

Chief Maku: That's Right.

interviewer: Now I've seen The Signs and the different protests and actual peaceful protests.

Chief Maku: Right.

Interviewer: Stating they're first amendment right. how did the Judge say that would effect during the trial?

Chief Maku: Ah, what the Judge is trying to imply is that the Protest would influence the witnesses, when in actuality Dawn Baskin, from the state case is responsible for putting the witnesses names; and they're p o 2's in the Public. Had a copy of a bogus plea on the Ebay, broadcasting it with everybody, all these kids; I can't say kids cause they're not Children, that's a fact. Let it be known that none of them are children, there's nobody under age; with a child. No one under age ever reported being pregnant or there's no one under age ever reported being pregnant and having an Abortion while they was a part of our Organization. But he's doing all that there to use a excuse to derailed this case.
To keep it from hitting public, Monday is going to be a freighting day for them, when they finish they're open statements and they got to see the power and the amount of energy and all the Lawyers we're bringing and entertainers. They got to keep the public from knowing that, otherwise this case is really over.

Interviewer: Hmmm. Now this whole entire case began because of an anonymous letter, when was that?

Chief Maku: That was way back in 1997, by a Pauline Rogers, who they don't want to use now because they found out that she had already admitted. And came over to our side and did affidavit video tapes telling the truth about how she was bribe, how they offered her money; and different things they put up throughout in Clark County. they hired her and Sakina Parham, was meeting in a Library with the Constitution Journal; Bill Osinski and everything like they setting these plots up. And now that she has told the truth and don't want to use that, but the worse thing about it is the fact that that letter was said if it made me such a dangerous person would he read her 302's? Right. If it made me such a dangerous person, Sills; let me roam the streets from 1997 too 2002 and leave all these kids in that danger because his statement was he didn't have enough evidence, by the evidence he means he needs me to do more things. So basically he said he need for him to do more things to children so I can get a stronger case.

Interviewer: Hmmm.

Chief Maku: But wouldn't that endanger the Children?

Interviewer: Hmmm.

Chief Maku: So that shows right there, that's called reckless endangerment. This man, he's the dangerous man and whoever works with him on the case whether Julene Ward or Baskins, whoever worked with him in that period of time; was saying it's alright for this dangerous man to roam the street from 1997 to 2003. And he's a endangering children, he's a pseudo pedophile, he does this, he does that, he does that, but we're not going to arrest him yet because we need to catch him doing things, so when we catch him we can use that in court. They come up at the end and we speak down there in court, Mr. Richard Moultie, stands up and says we have no video tapes of Mr. York, doing anything with anybody. Oh yeah we have a couple of Video's of him going in and out of Red Lobster.


Interviewer: Hmm Huh. Chief Maku: Ok but they never mentioned right before Red Lobster, we went into a Bible Store and bought Bible, that's not what they want to tell the public, they want cut off what they want. But there's nothing of me doing nothing with anybody, there's no video tapes of me doing anything, there's no pictures of me in any shape or fashion. So if he's been doing this since 1997 and you'll wait till 2003 how is that possible? If you didn't catch him in any uncompromising situations in that period of time. How is that possible?

Interviewer: And if I'm not mistaken they didn't find any DNA evidence and the medical evidence to support they're case.

Chief Maku: They found no DNA evidence, they took pillows and blankets and sheets and they have to admit there's no DNA. If I was performing all these illicit acts on this pillow there would be some DNA. All these doing, they found a stuff animal up the hill with a phallic on it and said see; your saying that the pedophile is using they're pillows, it wouldn't of been discarded up on a hill, in some shed; it would be in my house in Athens. Then they said they found films, which is suppose to be cartoon animals in sex films; but then they have they're 302's and they're so called lead witnesses say i use to watch him destroy all his films. So if i destroyed all my films and you watch me then who's film did you find in Athens in that little closet or cubit that you say found it in?


Interviewer: Hmmm.

Chief Maku: You follow what I'm saying? Interviewer: Yes.

Chief Maku: Who films was that? It had to be the only person that would know to put something and where to put it at? Because she was the one that was taking care 155 house and running the business over and running the bank routes and everything along with ah (Husna) Nicole Harden and another one called Chester, they got rid of her they didn't need her no more.

Interviewer: Right. So basically with everything that's been said and done they basically wanted to go forward with this plea, to hurry the case, so they torture you.


Chief Maku: That's right. And then once you basically realized the plot and the ploy and the fight for your life and the torture and your family were more involved. Because you had access to the phone and things of that nature, then it began to set that Attorney Ed Garland; Was really behind this hold thing?

Chief Maku: I felt he was a part of it, once I got a chance to get to the media, a chance to get to a telephone, remember they didn't let me get to a telephone to talk to my family for like five minutes. In fact I couldn't say nothing but how you'll doing, is the kids ok and all this? Blip. So, once I got a chance to see that Kathy Johnson was out, you know; back on her medication with conditions that degrading, deterring, which is going to be a problem. And that Lampkin and Merrit was back out and I was the only one that they was still torturing as long as I was safe with that. And said now it's time for us to put up our fight and get rid of these Lawyers and get on the ball and bring the public eyes to this. and that's what they're trying to block right now.

Interviewer: This is a very, this is a very tremendous case?

Chief Maku: Let's bring everybody in, let's bring The Black Panther Party, let's bring the Black Muslims in, let's bring the Hebrew Israelite in, let's bring in the NAACP, lets bring Rainbow Push Coalition, let's bring G.A.B.E.O. let's put all on the spot. And Let's bring in Sonny Purdue who on video tape said he's going to address this situation.


Interviewer: Hmmm Chief Maku: And we have a video tape of them saying don't let him off the hook. Interviewer: Right. Chief Maku: Thank you.

Interviewer: So as an Indigenous person you are claiming your indigenous status?

Chief Maku: Claiming my Indigenous status as Native American. That's right I'm claiming it, I want the world to know I'm a Native American Yamassee. I'm the Chief of Yamassee Native American Moors Of The Creek Nation, our lands extends from Alabama, to the tips of North Carolina, all the way down in the tips of Florida. And straight all across the Savanna's all the Europeans or Europe they're not European, they're euro-Americans, who are here need to go back home where they belong. Because all they brought with them is a lot of trouble.

Our Drums began to play. And thus this tape momentarily stops to continue in the Next Session which your about to Witness of our Maku and a Female Interviewer.

Interviewer: Hello.

Chief Maku: Hey.

Interviewer: Hi.

Chief Maku: This Tape is On?

Interviewer: Yes It is.

Chief Maku: This tape is being made January 1, 2004 while still incarcerated in Jones County Jail. Right? Awaiting to be transferred to Brunswick to start trial on January the 5th.This Is Maku Chief Black Thunderbird, Chief of the Yamassee Native American Moors Of The Creek Nation, Registry Number with the Bureau of Indian Affairs 208 front slash 1999.

Interviewer: Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle I have another question for you?

Chief Maku: Um Huh.

Interviewer: The way the Media is talking about this case has considerable changed, what is your position on that?

Chief Maku: If you really listen to it, you can see from way back too May 5, when they went out in the public and they told you in 2002 they got all these charges this man is a convicted felon, he's a ex-rapist, and you know what I mean? He's a pseudo-pedophiles and this and that and a cult leader. And a such and sort and he pretends himself out to be God and all that there. And then the charges jump into transporting minors across the State line for sexual purposes and then all of sudden now a Rico charge and ah Minor, that was not a minor at all. Right. And all of it has been watered down and the public is not hearing the drama that's been watered away and they're going to have to front confront the response of the public with the truth. They've now watered it down, and it's simple things like child molestation charges and RICO charges. Mr. York will now be charged with child molestation. What happened to all that drama, and all the facts? What happened to the fact that they found that I'm not a convicted felon and never was and had to return the guns? What happened to those people? All of the different things over this period of time has come to past, and has come to be true, right. and all the lies that they perpetrated by the media has come to be untrue why isn't the public not being told that? Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: Continues: And that's why it's changing, and that's why they watering it down now. Cause when it get into they're court and it's black and white: it's going to come out well; He's never been a convicted felon, he never raped anybody? He never did this? He never did that? You know what I'm saying? He didn't transport a minor across state line, he has no Rico violation? What the heck is going on here? Then it's going to become clear and right now these are the longest days in they're life too. Just trying to figure out what they're going to do between now and when this stuff gets public.

Interviewer: Right. Now I've notice in May 8, 2002 um they basically denied you your presumption of innocence even without being?

Chief Maku: Judge Hicks, Magistrate of Middle District Georgia, that's right.

Interviewer: That's was May 13, of 2002 now he also put on the record that one of the reason for your continued detention was because you had a criminal record, but isn't it a fact that a lawyer in New York sent some Information down?

Chief Maku: That's right a Lawyer that I had up there umm, I'm trying to think of his name?


 Interviewer: I believe it was, if I'm right; Jonathan Marks.


Chief Maku: Jonathan Marks, Jonathan Marks called down during the period of the court case; spoke directly to Mr. Mannie Aurora, on the phone and cleared it up on the spot that I was never a convicted felon.


 Interviewer: Right.


Chief Maku: And that was suppose to be it right there, I should of been able to make bond. But Mr. Garland, working with them was not about to let me get on bond cause they know if I would got on bond I would of been able to work on the case.

Interviewer: Right. Now your bond, ever; the bond decision that was denied was that ever appealed?

Chief Maku: No. It had ten days to be appeal and I asked Mr. Garland why didn't he appealed it and he says well he knows those old Crackers down in that little town and they're not going to ever give you bond.


Interviewer: Hmm Now.


 Chief Maku: He was taking it upon his self as working with them.

Interviewer: Now I've done research on the other um child molestation cases that have come up in the last five or six years and the Catholic Priests and now even as recent as Michael Jackson, he was given bond for 3 million dollars, now did they the Attorneys Ed garland, ever explain to you why he did not give you bond?

Chief Maku: No. He kept saying literally they're not going to give you bond. In fact the Catholic Ministers are back on Television last night about the same complaint and they said they're not going to disclose any information about them because it violates they're religious rites. They better be careful calling us a religious organization because that'll become a clause for this thing to go under covered? So no Garland was never intended for me to get on bond after we said it in his meeting repeatedly, they never intended to let me in the streets. They put this whole thing up, in fact Judge Hicks, actually got there and compared me to Jim Jones, a known murderer and I think David Koresh, right in the open court. I think you'll have a Jim Jones, or a David Koresh, in open Court this is the Magistrate Judge, just took away our presumption of Innocence right in front of everybody and Garland and them didn't do nothing about it.

Interviewer: Hmm. Now that is the travesty, that is a definite Justice.

Chief Maku: That is the Justice that's going to be address, it's going to be in the file pursuit, for ineffective Counsel; that's being done against the Garland Firm.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: I'm going to stop blacks for wanting to go to that firm and trusting them.

Interviewer: Right. Now you have there's also a Torture Civil Suit out, um! I heard about that you
know looking at the news. What is your position on the Torture Civil suit?

Chief Maku: I want to let the Public to know that regardless of how this trial goes I been tortured, I been treated inhumanely. I filed it with Hague, I filed it with the International Community in what is called Geneva, base on Record there. It's on file there with a organization called NGO and I'm a honorary member and my number is R900; Right. The Organization is the Soul of the International League for Human Rights, we have people there working. The Documents has already been filed, a bunch of other things that is going on that the Judge and his Clan of Friends don't have no idea it's going on; but the international community. I been filing about the way I've been tortured and treated inhumanely, how my constitutional rights is taken away, how my right to a fair trial, my right to a speedy trail was removed. Everything was removed, so they can precede on with what they want to do. And they we're not going to address it.

Interviewer: Right. Now Judge, dealing with judge, Judge Lawson was recused from this case what? Distortion comes on the line, it is not clear until question is rephrased .

Chief Maku: I beg Your Pardon?

Interviewer: What was the reason for Judge Lawson recussal he was recused from this case, for some violations?

Chief Maku: Well, First of all I never understood what the P.S.I. and stuff was. But what happen was the Judge was a part of they're Clan so bad, he wanted to give me more time, by the time he found out that I wasn't a convicted felon , the so called numbers of the P.S.I. dropped. I might of got out, based on the amount of time I had already served. Because when you served time in a maximum confinement in the Fed's, most Lawyers can get that double time. You follow? So that Year and a Half would of turned out to be Three Years and so that based on the charges and how far my P.S.I. Number went down, I would of been out. And they saw that, so they said lets up with the part. But in the process he gave himself away and it reflected. And they had a private meeting and tried to figure out how to go up too 20 years, so they could guarantee I'll stay in prison. You follow? And in doing that he violated a rule, called rule 11 which I later found out, like I said before I didn't know nothing about all this stuff until I got locked up and started getting a chance to study this the last minute. He violated Rule 11 or something, where the Judge is not suppose interfere with the probation procedures or the P.S.I. procedures until after the hearing. And then they had a private hearing and I wasn't there and I should have been there physically. So Garland and them all working together and started trying to protect themselves and rearranged everything and went to staged and phases that we're at now.

Interviewer: Now you sound very well learnt, in the Legal; as far as your case is concern, what is the reason for that, the Attorney's never came to see you and I know that some people there as Inmates; they don't have access to the phone, or even access to Family members, to help them out.

Chief Maku: That's right.

Interviewer: So how were you able to get the information you have now about your case, if Attorney's weren't coming to see you?

Chief Maku: Well, what happen is I had a prison point, they gave me access to a visit with my Daughters, right and they would bring me information about my case. And it would be inside religious document and they would say here's some religious paperwork and they ok here so let me have it in manila envelopes. And I would be able study it answer them and I finally got the access to the phone which is very rarely, my family will confirm this. And I get to blast out as much as I can, and then I would talk to other inmates, that I finally got a chance to be around. Cause at first I wasn't allowed to be around anybody except the first couple of months, when I was locked in the cell with all these Criminals, then they locked me in a cell by myself. You know what I'm saying? So eventually I started asking people questions, asking this here. People starting helping, then Lawyers started coming on, people started searching; My daughters went crazy out there trying to reach me and get things out to me so they started calling people and getting things done. My Sister was being manipulated by the Garland and Lobe Firm, so she wouldn't really help. And so that's how we got this far.

Interviewer: Hmmm. Now what and being in the Facility, of course under the worse of conditions, but what have you experienced about the legal and Criminal Justice Systems?

Chief Maku: It's amazing, they got a whole system set up now just to locked people up. It's a whole game, that they're putting people away by the 1000,000 thousand, whites and blacks. They got two different falls: One is Crack for blacks and it's amphetamines for Whites. right? And they're locking these people away, 10, 20, 30 years. A boy 19, 20, years old by conspiracy. Just on the fact that some person gets up and say yes that person sold me that, no verification, no proof, no Videos, no exchanges. Just some person saying it, yeah that guy did this here, he sold me this here. And that person could be an out right criminal making a deal with them called immunity, right? For some charges that person did and that person will point the finger out and have another person put in jail for 10, 15, years; it's just that's easy.

Interviewer: Hmmm. Now what is your experience on like the attorney's do? I mean what is your experience on visualizing other inmates cases, basically with your own?

Chief Maku: I'm watching Inmates get destroyed in here, they're destroying people lives by the hundreds. It's a racket, it's like a manufacturing. Part of it is to take away they're right to vote, because when they get a felon, when they become a Felon they can't vote. They're trying to make sure that every young black man is arrested, every Latino is arrested, every person of color is arrested, with a felony. Regardless as to how small, they can't be a vote problem, you follow? Then they get them effected in the drugs they bring over here, I mean 90% of them are drug dealers or drug user; that's the only way they can survive. I mean they're just taking them through the system, there's lies, set up's, it's an on going circle. I see people commit suicide, hang themselves, people stabbing each other up, I mean you know. It's gangs in here and they have they're different signs and if you don't know the right signs, it's a very sad situation. The devil created it.

Interviewer: Right. Ok now with the fact that um, I'm going back to Attorney Ed Garland. Chief

Maku: Yes?

Interviewer: Thought my thought. Um. Where he never visited you, how many times would you say he visited you while you been incarcerated?

Chief Maku: Wow!!! I guess about three times. Interviewer: Three Times in the matter of 2 years?

Chief Maku: During that whole period of time and most of that was accompanied by somebody and he never say anything he had them do all the talking.

Interviewer: Ok. And have any of these Facilities, allowed you to get Legal Mail, otherwise from concerned people; that just care about your case?

Chief Maku: No. They would block my Legal Mail, they would make sure that I always got something from Ed Garland and them. Now I realize, that; that was done through his Firm and he never really said anything. So He never let anyone else in, they were all; I realize now all these officer was working with him. So if anybody else tried to let me get any Legal Mail, which I was suppose to get Legal Mail from my Family, or any other Legal Institution. Like the Presumption of Innocence Organization or Foundation, they actually would open they're Legal Mail. And they still to this day open your Legal Mail here and it tells you by Law your not suppose too. So the only package I get unopened is Garland Packages.

Interviewer: Um. Ok.

Chief Maku: It's a Racket, They're all working together.

Interviewer: Right. But as far as the whole continuous and things of that nature, what was the Judge C. Ashley Royal position on you?

Chief Maku: The Judge was doing everything is his power not to give me a continuance cause he was afraid. He did not want a continuance, because he knew that with a continuance; I have a chance to work with some Attorney's for the first time. They know that I'm articulate, if I can work with some Lawyers we would of got this thing beat. He was trying to make sure these new Lawyer's who by the way happened to be Native American, or what they might call blacks, Right? Colored people. Right? Were hindered. So I said I have a right to have a continuance, so I would be able to work with the Lawyers, cause you said I was getting evaluated because I would not cooperative with my attorney's, that's your own statements. So now I'm saying here I got attorney's and I'm ready to cooperate with them, give them some time to get the case together; before we could rush. But because he's from Brunswick, he had this thing set around New Years, having a good time and going home, you follow? He just totally ignored it, he said I'm going on anyway, I don't care if they know it. We have to show him that this Country is not govern my him, it's govern by laws and he just falls in it, he not no Government.

interviewer: This is Definitely a battle.

Chief Maku: It's definitely a Battle, it's a war, it's another Yamassee war, we had one in 1715.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: We're having another one Now.

Interviewer: You Will Persevere.

Chief Maku: We will Triumph, Wadu




Attorney Jonathan Marks and Judge C, Ashley Royal sabotaging Malachi Z York's changes of judgment of acquittal or new trial before it reason the court of appeal judges this is illegal



 Malachi York filed Pro-Se motion to reinstate the trial motions that Jonathan Marks Sabotaged on August 13, 2004 when he withdraw Attorney Adrian Patrick's trial error motions with no reason given to the court  Download


Judge C Ashley Royal denying Malachi Z York Pro-Se motion asking to reinstate Attorney Adrian Patrick's trial error motion 1 New trial motion and Judgment for acquittal  Download














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