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Dr. Malachi Z. York


Our Constitution


Government Key Witness Recants Her Testimony

Federal Court Pretrial Transcripts


Part 3 Of the Isles of Patmos:


Interviewer: Maku, are you alright.

Chief Maku: Yeah.

Interviewer: Ok.

Chief Maku: I'm still under the Weather. In here you get the flu, and nobody gives you any medicine. You get Pneumonia, they pretend you don't have anything, and they try to give Tylenol or Benadryl, for everything. It amazing you see so many men, Elderly men walking around here sick and you see they have Asthma, they can't breathe or Pneumonia. And they're asking for the Medicine, the have people giving the Medicine that's not even Nurses, there's no in house doctor.

Interviewer: Hmmm.

Chief Maku: Ok, But we'll make it, The Most High Will take us through this.

Interviewer: That's Right.

Chief Maku: Go Ahead.

Interviewer: Um, now It's my understanding that the Federal Government has gain Jurisdiction over this case because of a move that you made from New York To Georgia sometimes back in 1993. Um, what was your reason for moving to Georgia?

Chief Maku: Well, actually we moved back down to Georgia because this is where our Roots are, our Families lived in Georgia for one. Out of Georgia all the way up as far as Virginia, from South Carolina, to Virginia, all the way up through New York, which is the Shinocock, all the way to the Pecos, and as far as Massachusetts, Massachusetts Indians; Where our Family Settled. But our original roots, where we moved, was down south in Georgia, in a place called Altamaha, right? And I've always longed to come back home, when I finished my retirement in New York in 1988 and I moved up State and I encountered so much. The Weather was so harsh, in up State New York, it was freezing up there in the Cascade Mountains; I couldn't deal with that weather. So I told Kathy Johnson, lets find a place right down where our roots are, so we found out that "Rock Eagle mound" was there. So we said let's get some where near that Rock Eagle, because my name was given to me by my Great Grandmother, Black Eagle; which is Black Thunderbird. And we wanted to be near our own Tribal Ancestors, the old ones. So we moved down here, I moved down here, she didn't moved here. But I was rushed down before I was suppose to come, because there was a death assassination on my life by Ahabs, right? And so that made me jump up and in one night and grab my son, Ishmael, and who his real name is Dwight By the Way, it's not my name and Hagar, one of my Daughters originally from Trinidad. And Come down here, ahh, to Georgia, to Putnam County where we had found the Land. We bought the land from a man who was from Holland, he was a Dutch; very nice gentleman. And the land was beautiful, had nice lakes on it; didn't have much property on it. And if I said it was a good place to bring the family, until we was all settling down here that was the only people that I was bringing down here.

Interviewer: Ok, now in the movement, at some point and time you did move to from Putnam County, did that have something to do with the Civil Suit?

Chief Maku: We were dealing with Harassment by sheriff Howard Richard Sills and his clan members, that they continued to harass us and stop us with intimidation. And even more into breaking it up with Violence, for someone to get hurt, especially myself, my Family, or Kids. So i decided it's Best for me to relocate to another part of Georgia, which his Clark County, in Athens. So we went over there, we lived there, we rent an Apartment for a while; until we could search out a house. And we found a Apartment, we moved to the Apartment and then from there we did some research with the Real Estate People and then 155 Mansfield, correct? With a large enough house so we could set up a business in it, because it legal to have a business inside your house. So we set a legal business, went down town; registered the Business as a mailing business and distribute out Books and anything that comes through our organization and set up there. We were doing well for a while, until Sills found out where we were at and then he started his mess over there too.

Interviewer: now but the property as far as part of the research that I've done. in February 2002, there was a Civil Case Cd1-1 if I'm not mistaken?

Chief Maku: Um Huh.

Interviewer: And at that point and time, that's when Hugh Winfield put on record that the Property in Putnam, did not Belong too you , is that correct?

Chief Maku: That's correct. In fact he Made his statement very clear, that I had no interest, which is very important; because that picks up all of the monetary into seeing he has no interest in the property. I had no interest in it, nothing to gain, nothing to lose. That does not give me the right not to visit there, I can visit there like anybody else because I wasn't restricted or ban.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: You follow, but it was not my property, I did not owned the property, the property was owned by the Evans family, the Richardson family.

Interviewer: Ok, now since this case is out, I'm talking about the immediate case, I've done my own research of the characteristic of a pedophile. And I remember back in May, that Sheriff Howard Richard Sills, classified you as a Pseudo Pedophile; which Blatantly violated your Constitutional Rights being that your in Prison.

Chief Maku: He's a very sick man.

Interviewer: Right. But Some characteristic that I remember, individuals live with they're parents, or may not be married. They're always are secluded and avoid being in the Public and things of that nature. Now what is it about your way of Life that proves that you do not fit in this profile of a pedophile?

Chief Maku: Well the funny part of it is, that first of all that Sheriff Howard Richard Sills them say they were investigating me from 1997, when they first got the letter from Pauline Roger, Right?

Interviewer: Um Huh.

Chief Maku: And when they ask him in Court, about what kind of investigation they did? They said we have investigated him going in and out of Restaurants. That's not hiding from the public.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: Ah, we have investigated him from going back and forth on multiple trips to Disney World, in the midst of thousand of people and that's not secluded or private, that's public. Other than that I took adults down there and Wedding Couples and even paid they're way there as a wedding gift. Because I love going to these exciting places.

Interviewer: Right. I been keeping up with the various News Articles involving the Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation,

Chief Maku: Yeah.

Interviewer: Since the migration to your home here in Eatonton, since in 1993,

Chief Maku: Yes.

Interviewer: In these articles they classify the Land as a compound, the tribe as a Cult. I been on the land myself and I've seen no gated entered entrances,

Chief Maku: Right.

Interviewer: Or armed Guards as the Media may want to betray, in the minds of the public. Why do you feel the Media has painted this picture?

Chief Maku: Well because they were doing it during a period of time, when they were doing the David Koresh, thing. And Sills people be trying to packaged it with David Koresh and the Star people, I forgot they're name and you know those cults, which are usually Caucasian killing themselves anyway. They're not going to tell you that there are Euro American, killing themselves, right? And or Christian killing themselves, So he feels that it's a idea time to mix the two and that's why he punch out that time. And he started calling the land ah Compound, that's another mistake they make, cause in the court; they let Mr. Moultrie, makes statements and they say some people stay in tents, by saying the people from the compound and we wouldn't call it compound. Or Dwight, no one would call me Dwight, cause they know that's not my name, little things like that. That were revealing that conspiracy, coming from Sills, you know; disguising his offices and going out passing out flyers. And doing a whole bunch of getting on the Internet and trying to incite the Judge, who was on his side anyway; so it doesn't take much. You follow? So I think the whole concept of making it look like a Religious cult, was very, what you call perfect timing. It is was suited to tie in with David Koresh, and a bunch of other crazy stuff that was out with Euro Americans. So they needed something out there that was under Euro Americans, to balance the Scales and they choose us. And like you said there no gates, it's not gated in. Anybody that visit on that land or stayed on the land, can walk in any of the four direction: North, South, East, West and can walk off the land; they're not confined there. Family are free to walk there, visitor come on, there's no course to walk on. There's a gate that you pass through, so people know your coming in to tell you where to park your car. Or the legal Security Guard that's always been there, like any other Park or Recreational, or Private Venue. Where people want people to be directed in the right direction, so they don't walk into people private houses or whatever the case may be.

Interviewer: Right, now ah, what is the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors?

Chief Maku: Well now United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, is a conglomeration of all the different organizations that are talking about liberating themselves. It involves people in the Hebrew Israelites, involves people that are Black Muslims, involved Five Percenters, Gods and Goddesses, Nubian Islamic Hebrews, The Ansarullah Community, Nation of Islam, Egyptologists, you know Africans; Yoruba, everybody. You know it's a place that is set up where a Nation, set up the United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors, Right? The word United is some self explanatory, like I said before I will not give you'll the meaning of Nuwaubian, because they keep using it I'm one day going to put them on the spot and ask them what does it mean, right? So The United Nuwaubian Nation is obviously and Moors, (Morenos)Which is a Latin word meaning dark skin or Brown. Which as oppose to the Nigra, which also means black. So it's talking about a group of people who came from Morocco and here and settled here and mixed in with the Indians who was already here; which is us. You follow?

Interviewer: Yes I do.

Chief Maku: Combined all of that to make like a unity amongst everybody.

Interviewer: Ok, now are you indeed the Leader of the United Nuwaubian Nation?

Chief Maku: No. Nor am I the founder of the Nuwaubians, that's another hoaxes, the ideal for Mr. Howard Richard Sills and more slander and defamation of Character by the way. I'm not the leader, if they look on Sunrise albums back in the 60's, if they look on Karl Sanders, album they'll find on the back of that album the word Nuwaupo was already there; before. There's books written back in 1963 and are on record in Washington D.C. "Behind the 9 Ball" and quite a few other books that they don't have me down as the author or the Publisher or a part of that Publishing Company at all. You Follow? So it was something new and exciting, they grab it and they knew nobody down here would know what it is; so they would really investigate it. And so they they threw the name out there, no I'm not the sole leader. I was a Teacher and I was a Lecturer, and I still am a Teacher and I still am a Lecturer. And if they ask me to come lecture on a certain Questions, I make myself available and I'll answer question. If they decide to donate toward me, a free will offering for they're services, I appreciate it; if they don't that's the will of the Most High.

Interviewer: Right. now as a Black Indian Tribe Correct me if I'm saying this wrong?

Chief Maku: Yeah, we don't like to be called Black, but we'll live with it. Cause people don't understand.

Interviewer: Ok, now are there other Races that make up your Tribe and what is your position on Racism?

Chief Maku: Oh yeah, because our tribe are broken up from everything from what you call Pure blood all the way straight down, to full blood you know all the way out. And people inter Marry different races of people, they all belong to the same tribe; they're all Yamassee, yeah. It's not restricted to any race, it's not a black thing as they call it.

Interviewer: Ok. and what is it, cause I know the Public likes to portray groups of this Nation, having something to do with racial issues, and what's your position on Racism in itself?

Chief Maku: Well my position of Racism is very clear in several books that I wrote, that they want make public, they want let the public know about. For instant um "Are there Black Devils" I wrote a whole book, because so many people been calling the white man the devil; as long as I can remember. Through the Cultural Revolution, that I'm saying wait a minute we got a whole lot of Black people that's the devil too. The Devil does not come on in shades or colors, the devil could be black or white, it could be any doggone body.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: You know what I'm saying?

Interviewer: Yeah.

Chief Maku: So I made it very clear, in fact I made a statement many years ago, " No one wins in the Race in Racism". And I think the thing is it's very convenient for people like Sills and them who are obviously Racist. To use that because it look like a black organization, because we identify with Egypt, because we identify with Native Americans, who are darker skin to make it look like a racial issue. It's convenient for him to stir Euro Americans, get them upset, to make it look like some black group out there doing this. Using the word Cult, and the word Cultural is over looked because of they're Misuse of the word Cult and they don't understand English.

Interviewer: Right. Now I've read in many articles that they state the Nuwaubians, quote, un quote; have claim to be Muslims, Christians and Jews. And have been Classified as a Religion?

Chief Maku: You can be a Nuwaubian, and you can be a Muslim, a Christian, a Jew, a Buddhist. You could be a Clown, you can be a police officer, you can be a Sheriff, you can be a Ice cream sandwich. you can be anything you want to call yourself and still be Nuwaubian. That's why I'm not going to tell them what Nuwaubian means, cause they think they know. Nuwaubian, has nothing to do with Religion, Nuwaubians are not a Religion, in any form or fashion.

Interviewer: Ok, now have you ever said or are you saying that you are God?

Chief Maku: Never ever have I, well so far lets stop it, the word God has no strong variance; because it's a German word, gutt; it just means good. If you were talking to a Moslem, he would use the word Allah, if you talk to a Jew he would use the word Adonai, You know? If your talking to a Buddhist, he might use Buddha, if your talking to a Zoroaster's, he might use, you follow? So Americans, are very, they like to play words games and the language is very weak. So they think when you say, that I'm a god they say ah well see! If you open a Bible, too, the Bible that they believe in Psalm 82:6 your going to read in there law "That I said ye are gods." And this is David speaking about his people. "Is it not written in your Law I said your god." But you have to look in the Hebrew to see the Word Elohiym, to know that the Elohiym, Ellyuwn, Eloh and then you go to the New Testament of course that went into Greek and that got really distorted. So it really messed up the relationship between The Most High and Jesus. or Issa, Yashua, Al Mashiyach. So no I've never claimed to be the Creator of the Boundless Universe, nor have I claimed to be the God of The universe. In Fact, I've wrote several books saying I don't claimed to be. And I told them right there, I don't claim to be Jesus, I don't claim to be God, I don't claim to be, you follow?

Interviewer: I do.

Chief Maku: The Book is still in circulation and there Pyramid numbers on all of our books and you can get it from the Internet.

Interviewer: So your Books are international is what your telling me?

Chief Maku: That's right my books are International, and have been translated into other languages and others are still growing.

Interviewer: Ok, well I do want to continue um these questions, so would you call back?

Chief Maku: I'll call you back........

Our Maku calls back momentarily and connects with interviewer.
Interviewer begins with a continuation of questions from previous call between herself and our Maku.

Interviewer: Ok, now uh, Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle are you saying that you are totally innocent of these charges?

Chief Maku: I'm saying I'm totally innocent, this is a long term plot with the restrictions that the community set up. Our philosophy is that they're not suppose to have sex until they're married, you follow? And that they're not allowed to drink Alcohol, or smoke Cigarettes, or listen to hardcore or vulgar Rapp or those things, or wear explicit clothes anything in that nature. We as Native Americans are Culture, and we believe in a part of Modesty and modest apparel, You Follow? These kids wanted to get involved, because the Land was so open. So they would see street kids come on and the girls would have on all this Blond hair, extinctions and Wigs and Perms and the tight pants and all that. And they would be attracted to that; and that caused a problem. By the time the Estrogen set in on these kids, you know what I mean? They start to going to that teenage stage, they started rebelling, fighting with they're Mother, sneaking up the hill; seeing boys and all kind of things; and I just couldn't take it no more.

Interviewer: Hmmm. Now why do you feel there's a conspiracy to have you incarcerated, either by the Government, or what I understand to be those that left the Tribe?

Chief Maku: Ok the Children are tools being used by the State first, the Government is also being manipulated by the State. The Government step in, Right; to do a State a favor, and didn't know the State was lying to them. Howard Richard Sills, and a hand full of his Cronies, down in Oconee Circuit area, the lake People; a bunch of Racist, who's been racist. We done a whole research on they're whole history, there's been Clans, Confederates, and Sherwin march through there. And they're trying to Hold on the Old good old boys mentality, they hated us from the day we pop up. So he just had to wait until the right time, he tried everything, from every kind of violation, from the door knobs are to low, the lights in the wrong places, there's no exit sign. And was closing everything as fast as we we're building it, closing as fast as we were building. Meanwhile I had applied for my Indigenous Status, so I could eliminated being involved with him at all. But I had to go ahead and continue dealing with it, until that paper work came through, you follow? So he would block everything, and take us to court and take us to court and he would lose and he would lose, and they would lie. They would alter Permits, and it went on, when they finally realized that that was not going to work. When the Judge finally exonerated me, he had to come up with a good one. So he looked for disgruntled Children that had been thrown off the Land, for all kind of things that I don't want to discuss right now and used them. And the Government part is they were being manipulated by the State, the State wanted to stop us in our Doctrine. Cause Sills themselves took the time to read our Books and he knows who he is and what he is, to us. And therefore he wants the World to stop getting Books but it's to late. It's far to late, I have over 407 Books circulating in different languages and their constantly coming out, there's no way they can stop this Doctrine from spreading now. The more attention they're giving us now, with what they're doing now, has made the organization increase by Millions already. They done it they're own selves, just by torturing me. The put in the Model position, they put me in the great person position; they're doing it.

Interviewer: Right. Now um, I came across a Video and I thought it was going to be one of your lecture tape, but it was actually a Video during a Dr. York era, um you had Music Video's out probably the late 80's,


Chief Maku: Yeah, that's right.


Interviewer: The late 90's?

Chief Maku: Yeah, that's right, Yeah. Had a Modeling Agency, had my own Video company, I owned my own Production Company. I had several groups out with tapes on the Charts, I produced quite a few prominent Artists. I had my own Albums out, and my Records sold over seas, all through Europe, and the far East, and even here, climbing the Charts as Dr. York, The Love man. That's right.

Interviewer: Now you also did quite a bit of traveling during your time, how man different Countries have you been too?

Chief Maku: Ah. I been, dam near all over the World, excuse my Language.

Interviewer: That's that's nice. Now is there anything that you would like to say before we end this interview, that would let the Public see your side of the Story, that has been Blatantly misrepresented over the last 2 years?

Chief Maku: The main thing I would like them to notice is; why would they want to close the Court, if they had all this good filth and the Public loves filth. All this lust, and all this violence, and all this pornography and all this Child Molestation, why would they be trying to hide that? They're not trying to hide the people, because the people are not Kids no more. Why are trying to keep the Public from hearing this case publicly? Cause I remember Mr. Bright, when he jump on the Case, when the new Indictment was 200 and something Charges, back about a year and a half ago. The first thing he said was the article in the Atlanta Constitution, was I want to make sure everybody hears every detail of this case. That came out of Mr. Fred Bright mouth in the Newspaper, you can look it up. So now all of a sudden what happen? All of a sudden they don't want no one to hear, they want hide down in Brunswick, closed the Court, selected Jury, Cable T. V. them, So they can edited away the truth. There trying to hide the truth from the Public, I want the public to demand to want to see every detail of this case and monitor every detail figure, so they can see that this is a lie. This is a plot to stop our Indigenous Status as The Native Americans.

Interviewer: Hmmm, Well I really appreciate you doing this interview?

Chief Maku: It's my pleasure.

Interviewer: And I know this will be a Victory for You.

Chief Maku: Thank you very Much.

Interviewer: Wadu

Chief Maku: Wadu





Attorney Jonathan Marks and Judge C, Ashley Royal sabotaging Malachi Z York's changes of judgment of acquittal or new trial before it reason the court of appeal judges this is illegal



 Malachi York filed Pro-Se motion to reinstate the trial motions that Jonathan Marks Sabotaged on August 13, 2004 when he withdraw Attorney Adrian Patrick's trial error motions with no reason given to the court  Download


Judge C Ashley Royal denying Malachi Z York Pro-Se motion asking to reinstate Attorney Adrian Patrick's trial error motion 1 New trial motion and Judgment for acquittal  Download














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