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Dr. Malachi Z. York


April 17, 2004 A.D.

From: The Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation
P.O. Box 1845
Milledgeville, GA 31059

Maku “Chief”: Black Thunderbird “Eagle” a/k/a Malachi York has been illegally incarcerated by the United States Government and the State of Georgia for nearly two years as a result of a conspiracy to destroy him and his tribe The Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation B.I.A. “Bureau of Indian Affairs” Registry No. 208/1999.
After nearly two years in pretrial detention, January 5th 2004 A.D. marked the start of the Federal trial against our Maku “Chief”: Black Thunderbird “Eagle” also known as Dr. Malachi Z. York, U.S. Federal District Court Judge C. Ashley Royal presiding. The Trial was held in Judge Royal's hometown of Brunswick, Georgia in the Southern Judicial District due to negative pre-trial publicity. Jury selection began at 9:00 AM. Over 150 potential jurors entered the courthouse after passing an excessive amount of heavily armed Federal and Local police. There were no demonstrations or protests on the part of the Yamassee Native Americans outside of the courthouse through the duration of the entire trial.

Several of the prosecution's witnesses are on the payroll of the FBI and government agencies. Immunity agreements were given to the REAL pedophiles and child molesters. Other witnesses for the prosecution included child abusers, and strippers. One of the prosecution's witnesses at the end of her testimony said, "It must all be a dream".
On numerous occasions during the case, Presiding Judge C. Ashley Royal helped in the prosecution’s case by entering evidence sua sponte [Latin - of one's own accord, voluntarily] without prompting or suggestion.
The United States government claimed they had 200 witnesses but only called 47 and out of those 47, most were FBI agents, and there were only 7 alleged victims. Out of those 7 alleged victims, 3 changed their stories after being threatened and pressured by the government and their parents. The remaining 4 contradicted themselves on the stand and 1 even admitted to lying to the grand jury.
Witnesses for the government also lied about the raid that took place on the Wahanee, Al Tamaha, on May 8, 2002 A.D. denying the use of tear gas, and excessive force. During this siege, there were guns pointed at women and children and even on babies. Body bags were seen during the raid being brought in bulk in anticipation of the bloodshed. Children were kidnapped and questioned without their parents’ consent or knowledge.


Throughout the course of the trial, there were no videos or pictures of any molestation produced. The Federal Bureau of Investigation claimed to have investigated Maku “Chief”: Black Thunderbird “Eagle”, yet nothing was produced in the trial showing any thorough investigation such as surveillance videos or audio, etc.
Because the Government knew its case was fake and based on false allegations, they did not even call or contact some of their own witnesses who they claimed to be alleged victims in the indictment. In fact, the defense called some of the alleged victims named in the indictment, who testified for the Defense, on behalf of Maku “Chief” Black Thunderbird “Eagle”, maintaining that NOTHING ever happened and that he is innocent.
The prosecution closed and rested their case, and subsequently re-opened their case under the guise of putting up rebuttal witnesses to respond to the Defense’ case, when actually they were new witnesses. Why? The prosecution realized they lost and were trying to save their case by calling new witnesses to the stand. Upon deciding a verdict, the jury was hung and in matter of one hour, the sole dissenting juror was persuaded to bring down a guilty verdict. This juror, number 62 maintained that Maku “Chief”: Black Thunderbird “Eagle” was set up and that she had heard of another case where someone was found guilty that was actually innocent. Despite the devastating case presented by the defense, a Guilty verdict came down on 10 of the 11 counts against Maku “Chief” Black Thunderbird “Eagle”. The United States Government is now attempting to have Maku pay the Government’s partial cost of prosecution of $113, 402.53 as well as$579.000 in restitution, which payment to the victims and to cover psychiatric treatment and educational services. Out of the 22 alleged victims listed 7 of them say that nothing happened and they do not need any money from the government. A sentencing hearing will be held on April 19th, and the fight has already begun on the appeal.
In an attempt to obscure the numerous errors made, Judge C. Ashley Royal has sealed the transcripts to the trial. In fact, the prosecution only asked for the transcripts to be partially sealed to protect the identities of the witnesses who testified who were under 18, but Judge Royal went beyond that extent to have the entire document sealed from the public.
Maku “Chief” Black Thunderbird “Eagle” has been unjustly accused, tried and persecuted by the United States Justice system without being under their jurisdiction as a Native American. He is nearly 60 years old and is an innocent man. He also suffers from a potentially fatal illness, Hereditary Angioedema, a condition triggered by stress, resulting in swelling and inflammation of the skin and the throat, which can result in asphyxiation. This illness has worsened due to his imprisonment. We wish to bring this case of gross injustice to the eyes of the public with the hope that they will come to his support, contacting public officials, organizations nationally and internationally to come to his aid.
Members of Maku “Chief” Black Thunderbird Eagle’s Tribe, the Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation have made the world aware of their Chief’s plight and international organizations, diplomats and others are working on his behalf. In June, members of the tribe will be going before the United Nations to address the human rights violations endured by Maku “Chief” Black Thunderbird “Eagle” a/k/a Malachi York. It is our hope that your media outlet can help get this story to the public. Taped interviews by Maku “Chief” Black Thunderbird “Eagle” a/k/a Malachi York has made during his imprisonment are currently available to the public. On these tapes, Maku discusses the unjust and inhumane treatment he has endured and continues to endure. It is our hope that interviews serve as a tool to make the world aware of the plight of Maku “Chief” Black Thunderbird “Eagle” and help in securing his freedom.

Maku "Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle (AKA Malachi Z York-EL)

Speaks of the injustice and torture that he has been enduring from the United States Government 













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