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Dr. Malachi Z. York



*******PRESS RELEASE ******

April 25, 2004 A.D.

From: The Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation
P.O. Box 1845
Milledgeville, GA 31059

On April 23, 2004 A.D., an innocent man, Malachi York was sentenced to 135 years in prison by Judge C. Ashley Royal United States District Judge for the Middle District of Georgia. He received this lengthy sentence despite the fact that the legal maximum sentence for the crimes he was charged with is 50 years. He is a 58-year-old man, with a life-threatening illness, hereditary angioedema, and he has been sentenced to life and beyond for crimes he did not commit. This sentencing occurred despite the fact that new evidence has come forth in the form of a videotaped statement of the key witness for the government, Habiba “Abigail” Washington in which she states that she was coerced and threatened by the law enforcement officials to testify against Malachi York.

Habiba “Abigail” Washington was threatened with jail and the loss of her children and felt she had no way out so she had to continue to propagate the lies. Now, with the weight of the knowledge on her soul that she played a part in sending an innocent man to jail, Washington has come forward to set the record straight. Not to mention her conscience bothered her for sending Malachi York’s wife, Kathy Johnson to jail for a crime she did not commit, knowing she is afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis. As a condition of a plea agreement she made with the State of Georgia, Johnson had to agree she would not seek medical relief should she become ill.


With her confession that she was coerced and lied in interviews with the FBI and on the stand, Habiba “Abigail” Washington’s taped statement absolutely hits at the core of the government’s case. She was the first and key witness for the United States Government. Washington, along with Malachi York’s estranged son, Jake York were the first two people to go to the Federal Bureau of Investigation with false allegations of molestation against Malachi York. Jake York and Abigail Washington were the main perpetrators of the conspiracy to destroy Malachi York. Habiba “Abigail” Washington testified against Malachi York in exchange for immunity and “favorable concessions” from the Government. In fact, she did not want to testify, however she felt she had no choice as she was threatened by the government. She had to substantiate all of the false allegations made by the other witnesses for the government who even incriminated themselves to appear more convincing to the judge and jury. Her testimony contained information that revealed the many lies that were extremely detrimental to Malachi York’s case. There are also 8 alleged victims who also state that nothing happened to them. With the video taped confession that she was coerced, the government’s case against Malachi York has been totally destroyed. There are two additional people who were not allowed to testify that corroborate Ms. Washington’s statement and can confirm the existence of this plot by Jake York.


Ms. Washington has also signed a sworn affidavit. We would like to have this statement featured in the New York Amsterdam News. Ms. Washington is available to do an interview, as are the witnesses to the Jake York conspiracy and the other alleged victims who state nothing happened.  Extensive coverage of the case is also available on www.unnm.com. Enclosed is a DVD of the statement of Habiba “Abigail” Washington and additional information regarding the Malachi York case.












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