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Dr. Malachi Z. York


Our Constitution


Government Key Witness Recants Her Testimony

Federal Court Pretrial Transcripts


Part 1 Isles Of Patmos

please read the words of our Chief (Maku/Mico)



Maku: Hello

Interviewer: Hello

Maku: Yes

Interviewer: Is This Mr. Malachi Z. York?

Maku: This is Maku, Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle Chief of the Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation Registry # 208 front slash 1999. I am presently incarcerated in Jones County, it is March the second Two Thousand and Four and I'm making this tape to clear up some of the discrepancies in out tribe. The Yamassee Native Americans Moors Of The Creek Nation.

Interviewer: Ok Now do i have permission to tape this interview?

Maku: Yes you have permission to tape my interview and to make it public known what I'm saying

Interviewer: Ok, There are some c.d.s circulating and other interviews and other conversations that you've done,
what is your position on that?

Maku: What happens is when we was doing these interviews and talking to people from the "Atlanta Gossip" and I gave them permission at first and then the lawyer told us to stop, don't put that out; cause it could be used against us. And so I told them, I spoke directly to Terra Boddie, and I spoke to her father and I told them don't put these tapes out and she promise me over the telephone that she would not release the tapes. And about a couple of days later I started receiving letters from different people from Tennessee and different States. Where they said they heard the tapes and that they like the tape and when did I make the tape? And I called in and she told me again she hadn't put the tape out. Then I heard from another person through a letter that some of the tape was up on the internet and they put it up there with Hip Hop music behind it. So I called her again and she promise me again, and I said it's not about a money thing. Right, because this person is going to put it out, I figured it was going to help her paper cause she was trying to get the "Atlanta Gossip" started. And you know, we been fighting a long time. So I figured I could trust her and I said well you know, you can put this out and this well help you get your paper printed and everything. I told her to go to the office, get in touch with the people cause the paper she was sending to me needed lay out and office was more professional about it and I told them not to do it but they did it anyway and I'm very disappointed about that.

Interviewer: Ok! There has also been some recent arrest and incarceration of people that are claiming to be Yamassee Native American Of The Creek Nation. Are they members of your tribe?

Maku: Well, we think that's quite convient that all this time we been down here since 1993, we don't have all these things, but in the middle of this case, in the middle of the sentencing, in the middle of the trial. People start doing a bunch of crazy things out of no where. And calling themselves Yamassee native American Moors Of The Creek Nation, I'm not saying these people haven't been on the land, I'm not saying these people haven't joined one of the many different branches of our organization. But by tribe, I know for a fact. There was a dog mentioned, a pit-bull was shot and marijuana was involved. The Nuwaubians, Nuwaubians of "The Yamassee Native American Moors Of The Creek Nation", we don't drink alcohol, we do not smoke cigarettes or smoke marijuana. Nor do we do any kind of drugs, nor do we have what we called jinn's or dogs around our house because of our old culture called "Ansarullah:. Where we never had dogs around out house. You follow? I know for one the girl that was mentioned on television who we know is from the Navajo tribe. The two fellows, i don't know who they are but I was told they belong to the Washitaw tribe no# 215 I think they call themselves; Mt. Arafat, and their under a chief Latif, and they're also called Nuwaubians, but I am not over them, and i am not they're chief. There are many Nuwaubian, I'm not the Chief of all Nuwaubian, there are many Nuwaubian all over the place. Some Muslim, Some Christian, Some Yoruba and some Atheist; for that matter and I'm not the leader of all Nuwaubian, nor I'm I the leader of the whole organization of Nuwaubians Worldwide.

Interview: Ok! Now what is the purpose of you putting this tape out today?

Maku: Right now rectify, there's a lot of Gossip and slander going on, about parties taken place during the trial, stuff that devils is doing to cause problems in our tribe, they're doing it now cause we have the devil by his tail and some of his helpers be the black devils or white devils would like to release him. and he's getting into the heart of people and they're letting the demon mammoth called money in the Bible rule over they're emotion and they're now mad at our Office, slandering the Office. All kind of things just cause they were making a couple of pennies of me and they only pretended they were concerned with my release, but in actuality they saw an opportunity to make some quick money and that's a sad thing. Cause that makes them just as bad as the people that went up and lied on me and put together this plot.

Interviewer: Hmm! Well I Appreciate your call and this interview that they are about to hear is predated and actually took place before the trail.

Maku: That's just it, and we're going to do a tape after that, whenever you'll are ready.




This Interview that your about to read has been written down from Isles Of Patmos cd Part 1 Between a Female interviewer and our Chief, Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle, Dr. Malachi Z. York El. And It has been written down, verbatim and typed with the Best of my Ability.

Interviewer: Hello!

Chief Maku: Yes, Hello.

Interviewer: Yes is this Mr. Malachi Z. York

Chief Maku: This Is Maku, Chief black Thunderbird Eagle Chief of The Yamassee Native American Moors Of The Creek Nation BIA Registry # 208/1999. That's when we were Registered with the Bureau of Indian affairs. Our Constitution of Declaration, as indigenous Status has Already been in existence since 1992, yes! But they refer to me sometimes as Malachi and to even insult me; Dwight.

Interviewer: So are, so are you saying you were never, um! your arrest, the name you were arrested under, um! Dwight York was not your name?

Chief Maku: That's Not my name and the Birth Certificate that was issued to me, the Roxbury Massachusetts, as a Massachusetts Indian; by the way was issued under the Name York. There was no first name on it at all and that back Birth Certificate, is available in several books that I've written, copies of it with its number so it can be verified.

Interviewer: And has your genealogy been verified by Certified Genealogist?

Chief Maku: That's correct, we had someone from the Cherokee tribe who's a Genealogist, I can't read her name off cause like I said I been deprived and denied a right to get to those things. I was only allowed Telephone Communication within the last couple of Months. But Yes I had a Mrs. Robbie Hibner have that investigated for me and they did a Genealogist chart that check back from me, my Mother and My father, My grandfather, which is William York and Carrie and all the way back to Margaret and then it went straight back to Ben York and the Louis and Clark Expedition. Showing that that's the Moorish side of our family, but Ben York also Married Anna Maria, of the Washi, a Washi woman. That made us Washitaw, and under that number we're number 215, 1992 or 1993 if I'm not mistaken that is our registry BIA number there.

Interviewer: Ok you mentioned just a few minutes earlier about torture?

Chief Maku: Yes

Interviewer: When you were first arrested you went to the Atlanta Penitentiary is that correct?

Chief Maku: That is Correct.

Interviewer: And is that were the torture began?

Chief Maku: It began before that, it began at the arrest, and i have witnesses to it. It began in the Baldwin County Mall, Shopping Mall in open day light. It began with them knocking out the windows of my car with the butts of their guns. Dragging three females along with myself on the floor in the streets, you follow?

Interviewer: Yes

Chief Maku Continues: As they attempted to arrest us. Nothing in that warrant to my knowledge ever referred to me as a dangerous person, ever referred to me as a armed person or armed and extremely dangerous person. Which would of cause for such and over use of force in the present of a Sheriff, Sheriff Massey of Baldwin County, who stood there and watch all of this abuse. That's where the tortured started.

Interviewer: Ok and how many arresting officers were there at that the time?

Chief Maku: I couldn't see, cause I was hit so fast, I was hit so fast; and hit to the ground so fast and they were keeping the guns poke in me from every direction and I wasn't allowed to look up. Don't look up, don't look up. But I did notice as I being dragged out the car, I looked to my right, I did see Sheriff Massey from Baldwin County standing there.

Interviewer: Now you are, I've read in many articles that you suffer from a condition called Hereditary Angio edema?

Chief Maku: That's correct.

Interviewer: Now were you given your medicine at any time?

Chief Maku: No! And they were informed from the time of my arrest about my medication and that I have a chronicle disease that thirty percent of the people that have it die. Right! And it's activated from aggravation, frustration and tension. Which it couldn't be more expressed, by the way we were being harassed, you know; attacked in the streets there in Baldwin.
So when I got up there to Atlanta, which is the worse prison system in the nation as been admitted by the Newspapers. Right! And we told them we needed my Medication, I need this and they wouldn't give it to me.
I told them i need medication, I told them what I had and they wouldn't give it to me. Doctors up there had no idea what Angio edema was, they was running around; A Filipino doctor, a Ethiopian doctor, a Latino Doctor and they didn't know what to do. And thy wouldn't do nothing about it, So I got locked in a cell, me and three other men, one of them was Bryan Pitts, and i learn that he saved my life. I was sleeping on the floor, one guy was sleeping on the bunk, one sleeping on another bunk, and one guy; was sleeping under the bunk. In a two man cell up there, rats, roaches, filth. You know what I mean? I mean it's a mess, the dietary law, the clothes; they don't give you fresh clothes, their not allowed.

The telephone is only five minutes before they cut you off and you only get that twice a week and you really don't get no access to a library to fight your case. Lawyers are ignoring people and not responding. Garland and them never showed up, up there, except once to visit, cause they wanted to talk about money. You follow that? They never wanted to go over the case, they sent one kid up there named Charles who would come up there and talked about history and nothing about the case.

Interview: And that's from the Garland Firm?

Chief Maku: The Garland and Lobe Firm.

Interviewer: Now I want to go back, just briefly and talk about the medical condition. Do you have your own private Physician and was he allowed to see you at that time?

Chief Maku: Yes I have a Private Physician, who been my physician for over ten years, Dr. William Thompson. And no! He wasn't given the right to see me, he was blocked and he called and called everyday on the hour and we have a report of it. However, a strange thing happened, when i got transferred over there to Jones County, recently. Right! Interviewer: Yes. After two years of this humiliation, there's another inmate here name Gary C. Tatum, Interviewer: Right! Who's also classified as a Yamassee Native American Moor, of our tribe and a Nuwaubian by the way. Right! Dr. Thompson, same doctor, my doctor came out here and they called Mr. Tatum out. They didn't say a doctor was here to see him they just told him to go there to the Front desk, when he got out there he saw Dr. William Thompson for the first time. And then it was the point of making he had access to my personal doctor for over two years. Interviewer: Right
The officer that was involved in that was a officer called Mr. Wood and a officer called Mr. Lovett and one called Kent, here. And had a obsession with making me uncomfortable Right.

Interviewer: Right

Chief Maku: So they came to me Mr. Wood and Mr. Lovett came to my cell and ask me do I want to go out and see a doctor? Well I couldn't say yes, cause I recently filed a suit against the doctor of this particular institution and I wasn't going to go out there and put myself on their hands knowing I had just sued them. You follow?

Interviewer: Right

Chief Maku: So now I was caught in a rock and a hard place, but he never told me my doctor was out there waiting to see me. He ask me do you want to go see a doctor or go to a hospital? And I said no. And they said could you please sign that down, and I said yes, at this point no. So I sign that down and I put under duress under it, to let them know, I know I'm being set up. Only later to find out from a letter from my doctor that he had ask the officer Wood out there, does Mr. York, know it's me out here? And officer Woods lied and told him yes. Mr. York, know it's you, he doesn't want to see you. We have that on record, we documented it and Mr. Tatum, also signed his document to verify he does it, he was allowed to see him physically in one day. That's the kind of torture I been going through.

Interviewer: Now it has just been passed on to me, there's been letters that were sent from the Department of Justice; and the Bureau of Prisons in regards to your Medical Condition. Maku: Right.
Interviewer: And it states that it's Acute Hereditary Angio Edema? Maku: That's correct. Interviewer continues: Now when you went in it was Just Hereditary Angio Edema?

Maku: Right! Well the condition, the way I been treated, I been hoodwinked, I been shoved, I been pushed, I been handcuffed, I been shackled, shackled to a bed in New York, with a black bag over my head. By one Caucasian officer, who doesn't let the other officers know what he's doing to the inmates up there on 10 south, he walks around with a grind. When all the other officers walk out he changes into this demon and does all this demonic stuff, to people. Right? Yes.

Interviewer: Ok! Now basically your the only other person that witness, umm; i guess along with Brian Pitts and some of the other inmates that have been there in the facility there with you. What is the reason why your going through such torturous treatment and things of that nature?

Chief Maku: Well! First of all, they know who i am. They know I'm the chief of the Native American Tribe, They know that the whole State of Georgia, belongs to my tribe and has since 1715, "The Yamassee War". They never excepted us to stand up again and claim our indigenous status. When I stood up and claimed my Indigenous status, the first chance I could really do it was in a small part of Putnam County, by using the word "Secure Party." By Using the word Secure Party, just to keep the court off balance, until I got to Federal Court. Who on June 30, I made it very clear who I am, I made a declaration Status, Me and My Tribe, Our Number 208. And they knew that if the jurisdiction goes through they had no authority over a large group of people they were calling the Nuwaubian Religious cult, which is really a Native American Tribe and the only Nuwaubian part of it was the Masonic Lodge. And they were bending the word, twisting the things to the Public, through the Media. Because certainly those media outlets are working directly with them to deceived the public, into the point; the impression they're trying to give, as oppose to the truth.

Interviewer: Now that was the June 30, Court Date is that right?

Chief Maku: That's Correct.

Interviewer: And after that, after you made that declaration, and that is when your Defense or the Defense Attorney's, that you very eloquently stated that you never hired. Chief Maku: That's correct.
Interviewer continues: Stood up and then wanted to do a competency hearing, could you explain that?

Chief Maku: I don't know why, because I had already been evaluated by Garland own personal Clan of Psychiatrists, under a Dr. Eldridge, which is very important I mentioned that. You know why? Because recently in the paper Mr. Rob Peacher, I think the day before yesterday, Right! mentions in there that a psychiatrist told him that I didn't want to work with the Garland Firm; that I didn't trust them and i knew they were working with Sills. Meanwhile, the judge the other day in court Judge Ashley Royal, made a Statement that he thinks the letters that I put in, to start the proceedings; For filing against this firm, "The Garland and Lobe firm" for ineffective counsel, he said he thinks it's a ploy that I just started that day.
And then the following day, make it clear, that Rob Peachey, comes out with a article stating that he heard it from a Psychiatrist and the Psychiatrist he's talking about was Dr. Eldridge. And she gave me a so called evaluation while I was incarcerated in Polk Baldwin County. That's before I even got to New York, to be evaluated by the New York Police Psychiatrist Department. So she already heard me say I didn't trust him before the so called, what you call it?
Interviewer: Dismissing.
Maku: Plea agreement before, I already said I don't trust them and I don't want to work with them and they just kept hiding it. They actually shackle me and made me come out to the phone. They would actually come in there and drag me to the phone to talk to Garland, while he reiterate: "You must take a plea." "it's better for you to take a plea." "Ain't no sense in you suffering like this." Your facing a thousand years." "I'll never be able to win this case." "I had cases like this before." "Why you letting these other girls suffer?" "Why you letting all these people suffer?" "Don't think about yourself, if you was my son, then I would do this for you, I would tell you to do this."
He was working all the time with them and I knew it, cause I knew they didn't have no case, I knew there wasn't no such thing as no video's, I knew the witnesses that they were talking about, I knew this was all big plot. And he didn't want to to fight this case, because he made a deal with them. Took a million point five; as I'm told by my sister, in cash money from our tribe. And flaunted it and didn't even use it and never intended on having the trial, but intended to put there a bogus plea. But they knew I wasn't going to take a plea, so they had to torture me into taking a plea.

Interviewer: Now in that torture, you were um, what was the experience, that you learned of the other co-defendants?

Chief Maku: I was told that they were being treated the same way I'm treated. And that means that I was sleeping on a concrete floor; with real pork, bad food. Wasn't getting my medication, watching rats, roaches, bugs, and stuff. In the midst of very dangerous criminals, fights breaking up, people getting stabbed, suicides, I watched four or five people commit suicide. I was caught up in the middle of a riot in Atlanta, and some guy was suppose to have hung himself. There was a riot between the Florida Boys and the Georgia Boys, all this going. And the Black Muslims, you know what I mean? Interviewer: Right. Chief Maku continues: I said these kids are subject to that.
I knew that Sheriff Howard Richard Sills, right! Got names for these two ladies, which is Chandra Lampkin and Khadijah Meritt, out of a A.E.O. Magazine that we put out; that's the only place. The only people in this court, involved three people that's in a magazine; that's where he got the names from. He got Johnson name; because Kathy Johnson, is standing behind me, while we're advertising Egiptian Attire for our Lodge.
And those people being in there, are described as looking exactly; a Replica of Ancient Egiptian Dieties. Right! So that's where he got the Chandra Lampkins, Khadijah Meritt and Kathy Johnson, to put this in. He had figured they'll torture them, and if i think they're Tortured, i know that Kathy, Suffers from M.S. which is a very, very Dangerous Disease. I said if they're not giving me my Medicine, her's is brain deteriorating; she'll be cripple for life. They use that, not to mention starvation, sleep deprivation, where they kept waking me up. And I'm not allowed telephone calls, interfering with my mail, you know; basically a poor diet. You know a whole bunch of things, and just out right vulgar and physical abuse.

Interviewer: Now prior, prior to the so called agreement that was given to you, what was told you that; about the other co-defendants, during this whole torture experience?

Chief Maku: They told me those people would go home free, totally free, they'll do nothing; it would be all over. And you would be the one that would bare the burden, cause after all your the trophy that Putnam County wants, the State of Georgia, wants you; that's it. The Land, they would leave those people and they're land alone; and everything would go away that's the promises that they were lying. They kept me up for three days, Garland Firm; they kept sending they're own psychiatrist and they kept me up all the way up to the day before. I didn't have but, I think, I don't know how many hours exactly......Operator interrupts. Maku Continues: I think I had about three hours to make the decision on the plea. It wasn't like I had time to go back and forth, they kept me up all night, until the next morning. "We got to get the plea now." And my Step daughter Richelle York, Was there to verify that.

Interviewer: Now! Um! Mr. York, ahhh! Or Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle, as I should say to show you Honor and respect, It just said that there's was one more minute for your call. But I do have more questions and would like for you to call back, if that's at all possible?

Chief Maku: I'll call Back........

Interviewer: Ok! I'm going to hang up now.

Chief Maku calls interviewer back, interview continues from previous question about Plea Agreement.

Chief Maku: Rahubaat!

interviewer: Rahubaat! Maku, Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle, we left off at discussing the plea agreement?

Chief Maku: Yes!

Interviewer: Now within these plea agreements that you were tortured into taking. Maku: Right. Interviewer, continues: Was the 476 acres of land, and I think I also heard of an exuberant amount of money that was taken during the raid. Was those all mentioned in the plea agreement?

Chief Maku: I never got a chance to read the Plea agreement. That was the whole thing they kept me under the pressure and scrutiny of they're psychiatrist over the whole night. Then took me back to a cell around four or five and then call me back out, before I could get to sleep. And then started with the plea agreement. I never read the papers, I never knew nothing about: like that P.S.R. or P.S.I. Or whatever you want to call it. I didn't know anything about none of that stuff, they already had all of this planned.
I know that when they did jump down on those people's land, and the land was verified as theirs and not mines; by a Judge in Putnam County, I think Hugh Winfield, right! They did take an exuberant amount of money from them. I know when they went into my house in 55 Mansfield in Athens County, Clark; I mean Athens Georgia, Clark County, Where I lived, where I'm registered. They took money out of my private, private money out of my house which is illegal, you follow? They didn't find no weapons, they didn't find nothing that would implement me, if they did find anything in my house; it was put in there by Abigail Washington, who was taking care the house. You Follow?

Interviewer responds: Yes.

Interviewer: So you are registered to vote, and your legal resident is Athens, Clark county?

Maku: Clark county, I registered to vote, I voted in Clark county, I registered when I purchased that house at 155 Mansfield, They asked me my Nationality? I made it clear then, I was a Native American, one something i came up with over night.

Interviewer: Right! And going on, just moving forward within this time period, that was January 24, 2002 that these umm; that you were tortured to taking these plea agreements. Now you were imprisoned all the way up and currently still incarcerated all the way up until May 29th which was the sentencing date?

Chief Maku: Yes.

Interviewer: Now at that point and time was you given any indication or anything going on with your case from any of your Attorney's between January 24?

Chief Maku: I wasn't getting no communication from the Garland Firm. Every now and again they would send a little guy in called Charles, you know what I'm saying? And he would discuss, he would actually discuss the Bible and History with me. Nothing to do with documents, he wouldn't even go into anything with the case. Garland, made it clear that he didn't think he could beat this case, and I was like; it's time to get rid of him. After he had taken 1.5 Million dollars from our Tribe, he was ready to sign over an agreement. Which his Firm is known for, selling Agreements and selling people out.

I told him from day one that I didn't trust him, and the Judge tried to claim the other day that it was some new idea and it was proven. But that was proven false the following day by Mr. Rob Peachey, in his own article. Where he states very clearly that Malachi, Told the psychiatrist way back that he did not trust Garland, he said he was working with Sills. So if that's true, then the letter that i issued to the judge, the other morning; down stairs in a private meeting. Cause he didn't want to hear it in the public, cause he's afraid of the Public implication; that he made his own personal assumption. "This is something I feel you did, there's a ploy your doing." You follow! How is that possible if I've already told a legally recognized, Georgia State psychiatrist; that I didn't trust the man? And it's on they're Records.

Interviewer: So! Ok, at that. On May 28, that is when I was reading in the article that a meeting had taken place. Between the Judge, the Garland firm and the prosecution; now was you present at that meeting?

Chief Maku: I was not, but I found out later that I was suppose to have been, but I was not present they went on; and moved with ah, a plea agreement. A whole bunch of different things, that I didn't know nothing about. All I know is they were telling me, your going to plead guilty; so you can get these people out. And your going to get to your Medication, you'll be put in a nice facility; as a old man. Where you can, you know, you'll be able to write your books; and do the things you do. But those people, those young woman and Kathy Johnson, will be free; this will be all over with. No details were given to me about anything, I never been in the situation before. I never understood anything about what was going on about this here plea, so I didn't understand how the federal system works.
I didn't understand my plea's, I didn't understand none of this stuff; about what they call conspiracies, and all that kind of stuff. Let alone Rico, these are all new words; that's only Television terms to me.

Interviewer: Right! Now in that meeting it was brought to my attention that the prosecution was wanting to drop three charges. Ahhh! Just to get the plea?

Chief Maku: Right! That's right they were going to drop the charges, so they came to the court with the intent to drop the charges. Mr. Lawson didn't want that to happen, because Mr. Lawson of course was working with the System also and trying to prevent the indigenous status. And they want to take those people land, and locked this court and toss me away and also block the doctrine I propagate forever. So they blocked Mr. Moultrie from and Mr. wood who was there, from dropping. To put into the court, put before the court that they must respond to it.
And they, they would just actually ignore, out right just actually ignoring Motions; like they never existed. And some motions they would transferred the motion, from one name and put the U.S. Government; on it. So they can hide the Motion, that was pointing out that Mr. Moultrie, them had to present if they had any more intentions of sabotaging; or what they call ambushing, they going to have any charges or any more things. And they hid that there and to this day they wouldn't address it, and until the other day; mentioned in court it was brought up again by Ah! Mr. Patrick, Adrian, the new Attorney on the case and still; they're avoiding it. They're avoiding, avoid Jurisdiction; they avoid the most important issues, while they're pursuing their own endeavors, they're own quest; I should say to over throw a Tribe.
Georgia is one of the few states that want recognize Native Americans, or American Indians every other state in the doggone country is recognizing it. Georgia is fighting with everything they can to keep this as a Confederate state.

Interviewer: Hmmm!!! Because I notice that you been incarcerated for over two years now ....Maku: That's Right. Interviewer: And the trial is not, just now coming up to this January 5th ah! Hearing or the January 5th trial date. Now up until that time period, even going into New York, you were sent to New York for a competency evaluation?

Chief Maku: Yes

Interviewer: Ahhh!!! But even in reading the rules that they use in regards to that, it was a rule that the prosecution usually uses?

Chief Maku: Yes!

Interviewer: And Basically when you went to New York what kind of treatment were you meet with there?

Chief Maku: Whoa!!! I was put in what was called 9 south first, which I thought was evaluation. Now I came in the day of the black out, so the whole prison was shut down. Right! Interviewer: Right. I came in with a bunch of inmates, they had us in a dark room; where nobody could see each other so anything could happen to anybody. Cause the whole New York City was out, then they kept us there overnight, they gave us a Sandwich. They couldn't even let us fill out the paper work that night, because there was no light; eventually some generators came on. I don't know what point it was, and then they start bringing us come out one by one; the Doctors was asking us questions about our medical conditions.

Alright that's when they, they started noticing my breathing conditions, and added back on my childhood Asthma, was added back on. A condition brought out, because the conditions I was in, no air, locked down there in New York there in a tomb, with no lights and no circulation, we couldn't breathe so that made me have that breathing problem again. Now I'm back on with Asthma Medicine. Right! I was put in a cell in 9 south where a Latino guy who had already been found guilty. Right! I can't say he was a cruel person, no problem; we talked and joked. But the place was filthy, rats were there, holes in the wall.
I spoke to a man, I can't think of his name, he was suppose to be the counselor there; a little short Puerto Rican man, he laughed. He thinks it's funny the conditions we say we were in, there rats in there. "Well, yeah, everybody know there's rats in New York". There water bugs and things, It's filthy, there's mildew on the wall and that's dangerous. "Well everybody knows that." "I say well ok." So that went for a while, they kept me down there, i can't remember exactly.
Like I said they knock out your days and night, by putting you in a corner in places where you can't see. And then from there out of the clear blue sky, they put a Arab in my cell, from Morocco. Some Arab guy, they know in my records it says that me and Arabs don't get alone. You follow? So they endangered my life by putting a Moroccan in my cell, then within two days; they saw that no violence was going to happen there. They transferred me up to ten south where they have all the Terrorists at, Right? They're tape player said don't say nothing, don't question us, don't look at us, don't say nothing to us; and they throw you in a cell. And that's it, some Caucasian guy comes back there and says you don't talk to no other officers, you only talk to me. If you want anything you say it to me, they just lock in a room and there's nothing in the room, you can't see outside; and it's a concrete bed, and a ah concrete desk. Eventually when all of the other black officers would leave, then he come back in, he would hand cuff you down; put a black bag on your head, at night time. and then when the shifts, with so much going on round there he would come and take it off you, but you better not say nothing to nobody about this here. Or so and so and so, it went on like that, i don't know how many days I was up there. They stop my mail, stop my visitation, stop my telephone conversation. And then want to rush me back down, by taking me through Oklahoma; and then bounce me back down to Georgia, back to Jones County, and then rush me into court.

Interviewer: Hmmm!!! And that's how you?

Chief Maku: I never been prepared, that's how I been living, I been living under those Torturous conditions.

Interviewer: Now this isn't the first, speaking of F.C.C. New York, that's not the first facility where you where you were kept in um, conditions where you were separated and alone?

Cief Maku: Naw! I was locked down, I was locked down, in Jones Bell County, in a Medical Cell, that was set up for people with Tuberculosis, and the whole temperature was like ah 100 and something degrees all the time, couldn't breathe. Two doors locked in, by myself, no windows, no nothing. The only time I would see somebody is every now and then, a person; I woke up would come by, a nurse or somebody. A couple of officers there and they would stop and they would come in and say this room is too hot, and they would open the door. And say this room is to hot and a couple of officers would crack the second door, so I can breathe and the other officers would come and close the door. And I was allowed to get out, cause I guess I must have pass out, cause they came through. And I found myself, they took me to a day room, which is not very big; about 10x10. And in that day room there is about 5 other guys, but I know these guys are very sickly looking, only to find out after talking to them they were Aids and Tuberculosis patients. Locked in the same room, we're using the same; one telephone on the wall.

Interviewer: Hmmm!!!

Chief Maku: And I know if I use that telephone I'm taking a chance, or not get it, so I had to go to the phone, that's why I made some contact with outside to let them know what's going on, what's happening to me in Jones bell, West Clayton County. Then of course I was bounced over to Putnam County from there. Every time I raised any questions, I would be bounced to a lower and lower and lower conditions; and more Substance and more torture. Abuse, pushing, shoving, cursing at you, calling you names. Who do you think you are, you ain't nothing, you have a whole bunch of vulgarities. And all kind of different things, you ain't nobody, you're just ah another Nigger to us. You know stuff like that?

Interviewer: Hmmm Huh! now throughout this incarceration, um; you been held at about, from what you stated today about five or six locations?

Chief maku: About five or six yeah about, yeah. They still bouncing me, they getting ready to bounce me to another one now, to Brunswick. Interviewer: Hmm!!! Maku Continues: In the judges environment, where he went to school; and he practiced for twenty years. So he can pull a jury of his peers, trying to; cause they know by now that we have all of the facts. And they have no evidence. Interviewer: Hmmm!!! Maku Continues: and they know we're about ready to beat this case, So now they're trying to put a curve ball in this situation. And Hoodwinked the Public, so the public want know what's really going on. That's why they're trying to close the court, cause they thought they had me dead to right. If all that stuff they put in back in May was right, all that filth, and all that stuff was true, all the witnesses, and all that there; they would want it on Television. Don't tell me that, this would be one of the greatest shows they have in the public.

Interviewer: Right!!!

Chief Maku: And now with the Michael Jackson case going on to, and the host of things that just came back on with the Catholic Ministers too, this would be a beautiful one. Why would they want to hide this one? And don't tell me they're trying to protect no children, cause there's no children in the case. Everybody in the this case is over 18 years old.

Interviewer: Hmmm!!!

Chief Maku: You Follow? And the other two they say were under 18, were excused, and they were already verified as not having been molested. When those other 5 kids were released, the doctors said they haven't been molested, so that's what he's calling two kids under age. The other time he lies and speak about, and most the kids getting up and lying, to the Judge that girl was 13 when we got her birth certificate and verified she was 14. It's out right lies, it's conspiracy, to try to destroy our tribe; take our land and block our Jurisdiction, our Jurisdictional right.

Interviewer; Right!!! Throughout all that, throughout all the torture that you been put through,

Chief Maku: Um huh.

Interviewer: And things of that nature, now your leading up to the court case and it just seems from what i' m reading and the public is at, now they're trying to violate your constitutional rights, by allotting you a fair trial?

Chief Maku: That's right.

Interviewer: Um, and that's what this Judge C. Ashley Royal, wanting to close the court room?

Chief maku: That's right.

Interviewer: What's that's about?

Chief Maku: Blocked away my 1st Amendment right, my 6th Amendment right, my 5th Amendment right, and I think my 14th amendment right. He just trying to closed the court, cause he don't want the public to hear this trial. He's lying, and saying he's doing it to protect the children, but there's no children in the case; so that, that can't be the real reason. So now, you know what I mean; what is the real reason? To keep the public from hearing the truth. When we start presenting to the video tapes we got, the picture we got of these kids and they're real nature. The facts, the letters we got, the actual witnesses we got, the affidavit. Those who was raised with them, who hung out with them, not the 4 people they're talking about, or the 5 they're talking about. But another 50 another people who was there.
Their own mother's and father's, their own Brothers and Sister's who were willing to testify that these kids is a plot for money. People was a part of the of the meeting when they had when they had the plot planned, went to Florida with them. How Jake and them transported minors across the state line, from Georgia, bringing them down to Florida; just to set up the plot. They trying to hide all these facts and the judge will help them, because it's an embarrassment to the state of Georgia and went through all of this just to find out all of this was a lie.
It was all a big plot and they got trick by a bunch of kids. That they're calling kids of course most are in their thirties now, but their call kids; it's embarrassment. So they got to let me fall and, you know what I'm saying?

Interviewer: Right!!!

Chief Maku: To Save Their butts, and we're not having it, that's why were public and that's why its on the internet, and it's called ah WWW.U.N.N.M. com and get the facts, go to Petition. COM and go there and you'll see the facts it's up there.

Interviewer: Right!!! Now you speak of um, the different um; the different things that have taken place throughout this whole entire time period. What do you think has lead it to this point, and do you think the new Rico charges are an act to basically um, or punish you. Maku: Yeah, Exactly!!! Interviewer: for wanting to refer to your 5th amendment right?
Chief Maku: The RICO charges, cause they released I did not owned the property in Putnam County, and that the Judge Hugh Winfield, a judge Called Hugh Winfield, had released the property back to original owners. Which is the Evanston and the Richardson, right? And now they got to come up with some Rico charges; and all of that to figure out a way to control the money and keep the land. And it's a way of chastising me, if I have ah audacity to fight them back.

Interviewer: Right!!! Now you in fact, you in fact retired in 1988, is that correct?

Chief Maku: That's Correct.

Chief Maku: And Abigail Washington father, Nathaniel Washington became the President or leader of that organization from then on the Vice President became Vincent Powell, l or their Secretary became somebody name. Note: The Name of the Secretary, wasn't clear."

Interviewer: Now you been ah, you speaking, these are legal organizations that your taking about?

Chief Maku: I was a Nubian Islamic Hebrew, in the Ansaar community Incorporated way back in Brooklyn, yes. I retired in 1988 and went about my Business.

interviewer: Hmmm!!!

Chief Maku: And i form The Egiptian Church Of Karast, I went back into the Masonic Lodge, and held the Doctrine From There.




Attorney Jonathan Marks and Judge C, Ashley Royal sabotaging Malachi Z York's changes of judgment of acquittal or new trial before it reason the court of appeal judges this is illegal



 Malachi York filed Pro-Se motion to reinstate the trial motions that Jonathan Marks Sabotaged on August 13, 2004 when he withdraw Attorney Adrian Patrick's trial error motions with no reason given to the court  Download


Judge C Ashley Royal denying Malachi Z York Pro-Se motion asking to reinstate Attorney Adrian Patrick's trial error motion 1 New trial motion and Judgment for acquittal  Download














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