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DR. MALACHI Z YORK-EL  [click to listen]




DR. MALACHI Z YORK-EL  [click to listen]





The Witness

Date: 2/16/2004 from UNNM.com

View the children video

From the beginning there, was a campaign by the U.S. Government and the F.B.I. to saturate the media with false allegations to taint any potential jury pool.

There was also a concentrated effort in the media to defame, slander, and character assassinate our Chief: Black Thunderbird Eagle aka Dr. Malachi Z York-EL.

They wanted to find him guilty in the court of public opinion before any trial even took place.

His presumption of innocence was lost from the beginning we told everyone


Its a number game.

They say he is charged with 208 count of child molestation to insinuate that there are 208 alleged victims. They say they have 200 witnesses to imply that 200 people saw the

alleged molestation take place. Don't be fooled. There are no 208 alleged victims there are 13 and out of those 13, 5 of them were kidnapped during the invasion and raid of the Yamassee land and taken into the custody DFACS by former Detective and sidekick of Sheriff Sills, and now known drug user, Noel Lee Wilson. Those 5 alleged victims stated they were NEVER molested and 4 of them have been released to their parents.

1 remains in DFACS custody and still maintains that nothing ever happened. Of the 8 remaining alleged victims, 3 have recanted their statements as well as told reasons for lying in the first place. They were forced to lie and promised money. This leave 5 alleged victims in which the prosecution said from their own mouths, which can be verified in the public transcripts, that they have no video tapes, pictures, or physical evidence that is consistent with the charges.

As for the 200 so-called witness, 175 of them are State and Federal Agents that participated in the invasion and raid of the Yamassee property at 404 Shady Dale Rd., this leaves 25, and of that, 18 are people that resided or were visiting the property at 404 Shady Dale Rd. and Athens Georgia. This leaves 7 so-called witnesses.

These 7 so- called witnesses have so much dirty laundry. We have witnesses, sworn statements, diaries, letters, and pictures of the orgies and sexual behavior of these individuals that concerned people that was at some of these so-called parties that they provided pictures and other personal information on these so-called victims in the conspiracy against Dr. York and the Yamassee Nuwaubian Moors of the Creek Nation.

How they were into group sex exchanging partners, and much more. Stay tune for more info...these truth must be exposed to show the world what kind of people the government is using to incarcerate innocent people, Dr. Malachi Z York-El 135 years and Ms. Kathy Johnson 2 1/2 years and the other co-defendants that stay in what the government calls detention while they was being TORTURED for crimes they didn't commit.

Check it out for yourself and see the kind of witnesses the prosecution brought to the stand verses the Defense witnesses. you can clearly see that the Defense had bonifide witnesses that attacked every aspect of the prosecutions allegations. The Defense witnesses refuted all of their BOGUS claims, even the some of the witnesses that the prosecution had in the indictment as their witnesses testified for the Defense and still feel that the government used their names to hype up these bogus charges to the grand jury to make their case

BE LIE ABLE (BELIEVABLE) and including:

Malachi Z York-EL is the undisputed leader and sole controller of everybody in the organization-FALSE

Horace Wright, the leader of the London community, testified to clear up this falsehood. Horace told the jury that he has video and audio tapes of himself teaching and leading his congregation in London. Horace also testified and told the jury what the word Imam really means" one up front" and that he himself is the Imam over in London. He also told the jury there is no way that Malachi Z York could be Jesus or God or even 6000 years old, and be born June 26, 1945.

Horace read the back cover of a video taped lecture of Dr. Malachi Z York-EL where Mr. York say" I am NOT Jesus or a Prophet". So much for those allegations, and

"why was the government so concerned about who Dr. York called himself, is it written in the Bible some where that Jesus was a child molester or involved in racketeering?"

Malachi Z York-EL sexually molested under aged boys and girls-FALSE

Every witness for the Defense adamantly denied any such allegation. They also denied seeing anyone else being molested.

The Defense called 8 of the Prosecution's very own alleged victims that they named in the indictment. All 8 denied any allegations of molestations. They all said NO! Some of these alleged victims were served subpoena, but were never called by the Prosecution.

Why? Because they knew that they would say NO because its all FALSE.

2 of these alleged victims, Sakina Woods and Ketura Lampkin weren't even served a subpoena, yet they were listed as victims in the indictment.

Malachi Z York-EL transported or caused to minors to be transported for unlawful sex-FALSE

Even the prosecution's own witnesses testified that Malachi York did NOT transport any alleged victims from New York to Georgia. They testified that they traveled with their parents or others, but NOT with Malachi York. The defense witnesses testified that Malachi York did NOT order anyone to travel to Georgia from New York.

Malachi York taught his followers that he is God- FALSE

Even the prosecution's own witnesses testified to that. This is something the media along with the FBI and Government wants the public to believe in order to say Malachi York had control over people. All of the defense witnesses laughed at the U.S. Attorney when this issue came up in court.

Malachi York claims to be Jesus -FALSE

The Government claims that Malachi York ordered his followers to refer to him as Imam Isa which they say means, Father and Jesus respectively. Firstly, no one testified that Malachi York ordered anyone to call him Imam Isa.

Secondly, anyone can look up the Arabic word Imam and see it means "one up front."

The prosecution stuck their foot in their mouth when it comes to the name "Isa" meaning Jesus because Isa Johnson, an alleged victim called to the stand by the prosecution and said he was Never molested and Never saw anyone get molested; He would also have to be called Jesus. Gone a little too far with that one.

Malachi York structured cash to evade reporting requirements-FALSE

Defense witness Neil Dukoff who is Malachi York's tax accountant and whose father was his accountant before that for over 30 years. Mr. Dukoff testified, from 1996 to 2001, Malachi York reported well over 1 Million dollars in taxes for each year. He also testified that Malachi York paid more taxes that he should have for each of those years. Malachi York was Never audited by the IRS and never received any notice from the IRS.

The prosecution produced NO such documents. You be the judge.

Ques: Why would Malachi York even open a bank account if the point is to evade reporting requirements? ABSURD!!!


In the Illegal Guilty Plea video that the government put on youtube.com

 names their so-called witness list in the beginning of this case. [view video]


Prosecution's Witnesses vs. Defense Witnesses


Notice the number of FBI agent witnesses and Experts for the  Prosecution, that they called to the witness stand.





Prosecution Witnesses             

  1. Joan Cronier-FBI agent                                         

  2. Sam Mayrose -FBI agents                                      

  3. Shirley Bolling -FBI agent                                           

  4. Mark Robinson -Putnam County Detective                  

  5. Tracey Bowen -Putnam County Detective

  6. Jalaine Ward - FBI agents  

  7. Amala "Amanda" Noel -alleged victim

  8. Wanita Thomas -Ex- Walmart employee

  9. Debora Jenssen -Expert witness Pediatrician

  10. Kenneth Lanning -Expert witness

  11. Nicole "Adah" Lopez -Witness given Immunity

  12. Glen Graves-FBI agent

  13. Derrick Smith-FBI agent

  14. Steve Emmit -FBI agent

  15. Rebeca Harrison -FBI agent

  16. Edward Reinhold -FBI agent

  17. Neil Ulrich -FBI agent

  18. Debora Devito - FBI agent

  19. Khalid "Eddie" Eddington -alleged victim

  20. Salha Eddington -alleged victim

  21. Taariq "David" Noel -alleged victim

  22. Tamika Pittman -Wachovia Bank employee

  23. Allison Jackson -Expert witness Pediatrician

  24. Abdul Salaam " Shilemoh" LaRoche -alleged victim

  25. Kristen Coach -FBI agent

  26. Jin Hee Bae -Witness

  27. Habiba "Abigail" Washington -witness

  28. Ebony Hill -Witness

  29. Krystal "Beluwra" Hardin -alleged victim

  30. Tatiana "Atiyah" Thomas - alleged victim

  31. Isa Johnson -alleged victim

  32. Joanna Wardell -DFACS

  33. Joan Cronier -FBI agent 2nd time

  34. Sakinah Parham -witness

  35. Safa'a LaRoche - alleged victim

  36. Qumra Muhammad -witness

  37. Jalaine Ward -FBI agent 2nd time

  38. Nicole "Husna" Hardin- witness

  39. Kristy Postorino - expert witness child

  40. Cheryl Collins - expert witness Psychiatrist

  41. Sharon Ashford -expert witness Nurse Practitioner

  42. Teresa Degrandi -expert witness Doctor

Rebuttal Witnesses that was called in after they closed

  1. Gary Harris -FBI agent for Raid

  2. Richard Hanking -Brunswick Postmaster

  3. Muniyra Franklin - alleged victim

  4. Jennifer Muckworthy -FBI agent

  5. Arline Karima" Hamilton -witness

  6. Jalaine Ward -FBI agent 3rd time

  7. Clint Johnson -UPS worker



 Defense Witnesses

  1. Jalaine Ward -FBI agent
  2. Joan Cronier -FBI agent
  3. Evelyn Rivera -witness
  4. Samara Samad -witness
  5. George Drayton -witness
  6. Rhea Harris -witness
  7. Nathaniel Washington-witness (Habiba Father and name as one of the property owners on the property deed)
  8. Diane Kelly -witness
  9. Daniel Cosme -witness
  10. Raymond Valentine -witness
  11. Marguerite Drayton -witness
  12. Jessie Hill -witness
  13. Mildred Cosme -witness
  14. Sakina Woods -alleged victim
  15. Salima Lampkin -alleged victim
  16. Afiya Taylor -witness
  17. Gerald Richards -witness
  18. Ketura Lampkin -alleged victim
  19. Ebony Henry alleged victim
  20. Husna Evans -alleged victim
  21. Hasna Evans -alleged victim
  22. Hanaan Merit -alleged victim
  23. Dr. Frederick Bright -Expert witness Doctor
  24. Ali Vasser -witness
  25. Saidu Capers -witness
  26. Wafayi Walker -witness
  27. Neil Dukoff -CPA Tax Accountant
  28. Muhammad Vasser -witness
  29. Pam LaRoche -witness and mother of the LaRoche's
  30. Ziyaad LaRoche -witness brother of alleged victims
  31. Kevin Ashley -witness
  32. Horace Wright -witness Leader in UK
  33. Samara Gray -witness
  34. Laquandia Debnam -witness
  35. Albert Murray -witness Police Officer
  36. Rahil Harris -witness
  37. Leah Mabry -witness
  38. James Thomas -witness
  39. Sandra Stubbs -witness
  40. Suhaila Thomas -alleged victim
  41. Sathanese Thomas -witness mother of alleged victim
  42. Elisha Hibner -witness
  43. Hagar York -witness












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