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Activists protest in Toronto to release Dr. Malachi  York

Protest to release Dr. Malachi  York in Toronto

In a demonstration on Labor Day, protesters in support of Dr. Malachi  York's release created a controversial protest by dressing in inmate uniforms and sitting in a prison cell with a sign 'Freedom Not Torture.'


On Monday, activists in Toronto were protesting to release Dr. Malachi  York (also known as Dwight York) because he is, according to a website called InnocenceSociety.org, being wrongfully detained and receiving cruel and unusual punishment.


The 64-year-old native American Chief, writer is also a teacher, Consul, musician and a scholar and written on many topics such as Egyptology, science, religion, world politics and other important issues. In May 2002, Indigenous tribal Chief was arrested on child molestation charges however; the group claims that he was given a 'bogus trial with an anonymous jury and sentenced to 135 years in prison.' York was sentenced in April 2004 and is being illegally detained in Florence ADMAX, which is suspected to be the most dangerous prison in the United States.

Protest to release Dr. Malachi  York in Toronto

According to one report on www.InnoncenceSociety.org one of the child victims may have just told the cops what they wanted to hear, ‘I told them what they wanted to hear because I felt that I would go to jail if I didn’t go along with what they were saying,’ the girl stated in a court report.
One alleged victim was even bribed by a FBI agent. The agent said that if he were to cooperate then he could get his mother out of prison, nevertheless he still testified that he was never molested.

Protest to release Dr. Malachi  York in Toronto

In July 2009, the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors founder asked the judge to vacate his 135-year sentence due to prosecutorial misconduct. The activist group has been protesting in Korea, Jamaica, United States, African nations and other parts of the world for the last seven years, according to one activist at the protest.


The protesters were dressed in prison uniforms with one actually in a prison cell that held a sign saying “Freedom Not Torture.” Demonstrators were handing out flyers to bystanders and trying to obtain signatures for their petition. The group received a lot of watchers due to the controversial exhibition at one of the city’s busiest street corners.


Protest to release Dr. Malachi York in Toronto

According to one flyer, it is very urgent to release York because he suffers from Acute Angioedema, which increases adrenaline, perspiration and goes as high as suffocation and heart failure. The flyer concludes with ‘It is imperative that he is free before his health condition deteriorates any further!
To learn more on this unique situation you can visit: www.InnocenceSociety.org  or call them at (416) 828-1484.






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