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Maku: It's March 6, 2004. I'm talking to you from the belly of the beast. This Is Chief Maku, ah Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle, Chief of the "Yamasseee Native American Moors of The Creek Nation" Registry Number 208, 1999, I'm Also Known as Dr. Malachi Z. York. And I'm answering some questions for some people who are concerned about my feelings while incarcerated, or should I say while in Bondage? Go Ahead.

Interviewer: Good Afternoon Maku.

Chief Maku: Good Afternoon.

Interviewer: My first question is, um this Case involves long time members of this Tribe?

Chief Maku: Some.

Interviewer: Some were born into it, other were you know; came in with they're Parents.

Chief Maku: And some just drifted in.

Interviewer: Okay. Now there's one person that's been named in some of the different literature I've read, namely Wali, also known as Bruce LaRoche.

Chief Maku: Um Huh.

Interviewer: He was your best friend for over thirty years and now three of his children and i think one Niece, involved in this case against you. How does that make you feel?

Chief Maku: Ok, well actually um, it does bother me a lot, right? But it bothers me only because I thought that after thirty years of being around a person on a everyday basis, that they would really know you. I know that anything that he may have said was prompted, after he was told the lies; after they planted it in his head. Did he really hear the truth, or did he hear what the children wanted him to hear? They forget the kind of children, you know; some of the kind of children, we raised and how they thought. Because he had so many conflicts with his own children, did he forget how they think I mean if he been around some of them he would know them, you follow? Some of the kids that got up there right in court and said well I was forced to do this. Because my father, namely him made me do it, they put pressure on me. And I had to get on the phone and talk to two other so called victims who were there testifying on my behalf. And this is all in the minutes where the young girl gets up there and says: " Ok I admit I had a boyfriend, I was having sex with the boyfriend, I admit that nothing happened between me and Mr. York." And then when I got into the streets after being taken into Custody by D.F.A.C.S. But they didn't get caught. Actually they were suppose to be taken into custody by D.F.A.C.S. But they wasn't. They were put in the custody of Noel Lee Wilson, that took them off their land for four days, before they got to D.F.A.C.S. They're trying to hide that fact also, Something else we're investigating; alright? But while in the Custody, after being Incarcerated with them for a period for over 6 months, that person kept saying nothing happen, nothing happen, nothing. I promise you they lied, etc, etc, etc. And then the moment the person is forced to leaved the Land, in the company of other relatives who were being a part of this "Financial Plot" against me to try and get rich. Then the person admits, that the only reason I'm responding is because I had peer pressure put on me by my father. Telling me that I can't go out, I can't go; every time I cancel this here thing. Called some Friends, who were two of the other two people that had been picked up and released, right? And mind you all those Kids, The 5 that had been taken off the Land, on May 8, when they finally went into custody and was examined and was interviewed, Critique, cross examined and it came out in the long where it came out that nothing was wrong with. And a Judge called Species, in; I think it was in Putnam County, right. Actually released them and said we find no trace of Molestation or Physical Abuse in any form or fashion. So they actually just dropped it, you know what I mean, threw it out. But they kept one of the kids in custody named Issa Johnson, because they wanted him to turn over on his mother; or on me. And he persisted all the way up until they put him on the stand in Brunswick. Still after two years of being separated from us, they put him on the Stand, he still said nothing happened between me, my Mother and Father; nothing happened. I wasn't molested by anybody, I don't know what these people are trying to do to me. You follow what I'm saying?

Interviewer: Um Huh.

Chief Maku: So I think what he may have forgotten, Wali; along the way. Is after being with a person everyday from Sun up to Sun down, you get know that person; you know something about that person. But one thing I know about him, from being around him, is that he is easily suaded. The kids worked on his emotions and they turned him against me, he wants to believe it because he's already out, he's disgruntled; he had problems with members. when I got to the south, I started driving for myself, and me and him wasn't socializing everyday; our friendship weaken weaken and weaken. He went out, he got involved with brother Abdus Salaam Wife, called Haleen. And remarried and you know, had other children by another family; but he still lingered in Georgia. That's what I've noticed about all of these people, who were supposedly followed me down here; of course many of them were here before I got here. All of the people with the attitudes don't seem to leave though, when they leave; why don't they return back to where they came from? New York, or the Bronx's, or Queens, or Jersey, or whatever the state they they came out of? They all seem to stay near me some kind of way, you follow what I'm saying? So yes, I was kind of disappointed about it, but I understood, I know him; just like he knows me. But in him knowing me, he should know better than that. And I know him, to know; what they did, they worked on his emotions. He's a very emotional person, so he broke down and cried. And at that point he would of said anything the FEDS wanted him to say. He knew they could of use him anyway they want, because he would of been thinking, well; I want revenge. You follow?

Interviewer: Yes.

Chief Maku: So that was a disappointment, but I understood it, I still love him, he's still my friend; I always will. But I know he understand his children, more better than I do. Because he had to beat one of them and throw them out. In fact he's the one we had a problem with, I think the son name is Eddie. And we have have actual Records, where Eddie, in his first statement; they call him: Khalid Abdullah Muhammad, right. And in his first Records, he mentioned to the Government that he was molested between the ages of 6 and 9, by his own brothers. And his father beat the heck out of him. And we had a stack of Witnesses out there who had witness the beating and witness the conversation between them in Brooklyn, how he beat the kids; for what he was doing. We had other people that was apart of it and testifying of they're involvement. We even had a boyfriend, ex-boyfriend of Khalid, who was willing to testify and come in and say that they were having sexual involvement. Way before I knew I even knew who Eddie was, in Brooklyn New York. But the Judge of course blocked that part of Information out. We Have it, we have the Records, we have the Documents, We have the available Witnesses that went along to testify, but they put a block on it; for the time being of course. So yes, it affected me in the Case, but he'll always be my friend, I'll always love him. I mean I'm hurt by it; I'll overcome it, that's all a part of understanding; what the Scriptures says.

Interviewer: Right. Now another, I just want to go down the line,

Chief Maku: Ok.

Interviewer: Of different people that's effected the Case tremendously, ah now; one of the main people in the Conspiracy is your Son Jacob York,

Chief Maku: Um Huh.

Interviewer: How does a father answers a thing like that?

Chief Maku: Well his real name is not Jacob York, his name is Yacuwb Abdullah Muhammad, Right? And his Mother's name is Zubaidah Abdullah Muhammad. And he has you know, Siblings; brothers and Sisters. Right? Ah, it's a very touché situation, because his Mother died of an Aneurysm attacks. Me and her has been separated for many, many, many, years. You follow? And she died from a Aneurysm attack, which her Father also died from it and one of her Brother, Mattie Johnson, all died from it. He went off and told people that I was responsible for the deaf of his Mother, this really affected the kid, it destroyed his mind.
Then on top of that one of his brother, one of his twins; which is my Son Yadul Lahe, he was at a party in New York. He was down here with me, living in Georgia. He said he was going up to New York, to spend a little time with his Sister Fatimah, because of Valentine Day. And he wants to let her know that he's going to moved down to stay with me, in Georgia, You follow? And when he went up to New York, he got involved with them, hanging around them, living in his Jacob house. Ah he calls himself Jacob, or Jake York, or Yacuwb. Living in Yacuwb house with him, Yacuwb, eventually throw him out of his house. He got involved with another Member of his Family and ended up at a party and was you know; was shot, fatally and died. You follow? I think that also effected his mind, you know what I'm saying?
Then he was also involved with Little Kim and them, I don't have to tell you about Little Kim and her dress Habits, and the Vulgarity and the Ludness of it. And involved with that Company, that calls themselves Yorktown Records, or Yorkville, or something like that; York Records. And he was hanging out with Junior Mafia, and hanging out with that whole hip hop tuff guy, calls himself Gangsta. And he was involved with all kinds of Bank Fraud and Forging false Checks, all kinds of things; you know what I mean? Deceiving, to trick the Government.

So he came to me at one point and asked me for some money, right? He wanted me to help him back Little Kim. I told him I can't Back a person like Little Kim. With my Reputation, I'm not going to put my Reputation on the line. While she's nude, I ain't got nothing against her and her Career, that's her life. But it doesn't fit into our Lifestyle as "Yamassee Native American Moors," And I didn't want that to reflect on our Community. He got very mad, he started cursing, stomping around and you know; he left. And went off, him and um Sakina Parham, at the time was kind of close because they use to be boyfriends and girlfriends when they were upstate. See Jake York or Yacuwb was Ada boyfriend, he was also Sakina Parham Boyfriend. And they were like caught several times upstate having sex right. And they got in trouble for that he was mad about that.
He was running a record Store that I once had up there in Liberty New York, and he got caught stealing Money out the Store and he got in trouble for that. I did everything I could to try to shape him into being a better person, but down inside he had this desire to go his own way. He became a Avid hater of me and he became one of the Campaigners of this whole Case. Of Launching this whole thing, getting these People together and threaten them and scaring them. He was on Payroll, and he was on the Payroll of the F.B.I.
Now a Witness, got on the Witness Stand, who was his best friend; who was there when the deal was made with the F.B.I. Agents. And he was also the one who was going to Testify that Jake came to him. Because he knew that he was good at Forging Checks and try to get him to forged Checks for him. So he could use those forged checks to try and buy a House, because his Credit was not Strong. His Credit was around 2000 and he needed 24,000 to get covered from the Bank. And the guy refused to do it, which is a friend called Damon Pryor. Who was up there at the Court, to testify about this. And in that Testimony, he testified how Jake York, was on the Government Payroll.
They got to Jake York for things he had did in the past, right; and then turned him. He already had a dislike for me and he used that as an excuse to try to toppled our Organization and toppled me. So they got to him and told him to Solicit people and then he ran around trying to get people. Meanwhile; while they were soliciting these people, like Atiyah Thomas, she was that guy Hakeems; Girlfriend. And so then he pulled her away from Hakeem and he's having sex with her. He's having sex with Karima Muhammad, he's having sex with Sakina Parham, he's having sex with all these people. And they all testified to it on the stand, yes; that Jake York is the one having sex with all these people and that they all lived in this his house together.
The thing is, now as he had hired this guy, who was supposed to Adjust Checks; So the amount of money would be suitable so he could get this Loan from the Bank. And the guy refused to do it, but then he eventually got the House anyway. And we have the Records to show his Account, that he only had 2,000 dollars in the Bank. And we checked the Records of the Bank for the Person House and the records was up, then the Forgery was actual done. This guy Damon Pryor didn't do it, but he Forged it and he bought this house along with Barbara Noel, which is Ada Lopez and David Noel and Amanda Noel Children. Those are the ones, they're all in this Case, you follow.

Interviewer: I do.

Chief Maku: It's like a Plot, a Conspiracy. Then he got together with a bunch of these people and invited them down to South Beach, Florida. So he could get it together, they rented Buses, they Transported Minors across the State Line; but Nobody Said Nothing. Coming out of Georgia, down to Florida, so they could you know get together and plan they're Plot and get they're Story together. When they came back from South Beach Florida, they went straight into the F.B.I. Agency. Jake, went back up in there and started letting them who he had and how he got them coerced and how these people were all scared. And they told them if you don't do this were going to put you in Jail. Because you were involved in this, we already know this and we already know that. They got a whole bunch of stuff and putting the thoughts in the People's head. The started writing, the Agents wrote they're own 302's and made these people try to memorized these 302's so they could use them on the stand.

Interviewer: Um huh.

Chief Maku: Things didn't go there way, because everybody didn't comply. Jake couldn't convince everybody, other people saw he was full of it. He brought down a lot of Hip-hop Groups, they were down in South Beach, they were getting Drunk, they were smoking Marijuana. And we had a whole lot of Witnesses, that were willing to Testify about what went on in South Beach, the Judge blocked it. The Judge blocked some of the girls who were minors, who said they had sex with him down there, the Judge blocked it. The Judge blocked the fact that they was using Marijuana and using Crack down there; the Judge Blocked it. The Judge blocked that the fact that they were having Parties, and all the girls got naked and they were having big Orgies and that they were Video Taping it; and we were getting access to the Video, the Judge Blocked it. You follow what I'm trying to say?

Interviewer: Yes I follow you.

Chief Maku: So Jake was being used. He's my Son, he'll always be my Son, right; at least I hope he's my son, I'll got to say it like that. He'll always be my Son, regardless; I can't say I'll ever hate him, that would be in human, right. But I know they manipulated him and they used him, as they wanted to do the try and topple this Organization. He had no concern with this Organization, cause he was in the Hip-hop World; so he didn't have anything to lose anyway. You Follow?

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: But they had him binded by things that he had did. And that prompted him to really go out and do a lot of devilishment. You know what I'm saying?

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: In the Course of trying to topple me.

Interviewer: Right. Now there's another key person in the whole conspiracy, that keeps on coming up. And that person name is Habiba Abigail Washington.

Chief Maku: Yes.

Interviewer: She's name as one of the primary conspirators, along with Jacob York.

Chief Maku: Um Huh.

Interviewer: She according to the Case was very close to the Organization, she at one point was even brought in Organization dealing with the Finances. Now how, what is your feelings on her role, in the whole entire Case; and thing of that nature?

Chief Maku: Okay, first of all; when they speak about Habiyba Abigail Washington, Habiyba Abdullah Muhammad, Right. She was more than just a part of the Case, she was someone I was very close to, she was someone I trusted a great deal and loved a lot. We have two Children, a Son named Enlil and a Daughter named Sestah, two beautiful Children; Alright. I'm close to the whole family, alright; I know her Mother I know her Father. In fact her Father Nathaniel Washington, which is named Yusef short, was on the Stand to testify on my behalf. Never to bad mouth or talk bad about his Daughter, he didn't never say anything against her, You know what I'm saying, bad. It just that he said he knew that when she came to him she was 17, about me and her Relationship. And then the Prosecution, tried to make it look bad, by saying that you didn't feel it as strange that a 40 year old man; was trying to marry a 17 year old girl? And he said well she came to me and then he came to me and talked about it.

And we lived by the Bible Law, we don't live by what your calling your System of things, we lived by the Bible law and our Tribal Laws. And in our Tribal Laws we don't have the same principals. Where you'll pretend you'll have all these ethics and you'll pretend you'll have all these Morals for the Public; but behind closed doors all kind of things. Like the Clinton situation, is going on; and I can go on and on, And the Catholic Churches etc, etc. So let me leave it like that there, alright. As far as I'm concern Habiba Abdullah Muhammad was threaten by people and coerced that they were going to take our Children away from her and was put on the spot. She's really a beautiful person, they put her on the spot.

And I could tell cause when I was in the Court, looking in her eyes, from the stand. After knowing her from since she was a kid, right, I knew that they were manipulating her; against me. You follow? And I could see the regret at a certain person in her eyes because it hurt me to just sit there. But I could feel her touch me heart too heart, you follow what I'm saying? And I said this is ridiculous, this is getting out of hand, you know what I mean? There's nothing in our life, that involves this much, to go this far; where they're trying to put me away, the Father of her Children for life. I don't see her as a bad person at all, as people would want me to see. I'm not mad at her, I'm not angry, I'm hurt some what. But I realized after I saw her, I needed that. When I was down in Brunswick and I was in court and I saw her eye to eye, I needed to see that. For me to be able look inside and say they have cornered her. They may have been mad once she left, because I distrusted her for certain things. You know what I'm saying?

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: But in actuality I could see that she didn't mean for it to get like this, or go this far. That they all got trick by Howard Richard Sills, and by Jacob. Who was threaten them on what was going to happen to them if they didn't cooperate with the Government and all that old kind of stuff. And I understand that and they received Favorable Concession. They paid them, all kind of things to coerced them to topple the Organization. But I don't think those people really thought it was going to go this far. Especially I don't think she would think it was going to go far, they were going to put me away for me life. Or as many times as they have tried to killed me and Torture me since I've been incarcerated, I don't think she anticipated all that happening. You follow?

As far as the Rico and all that stuff they threw the Rico together at the last minute. It wasn't even in the Original indictment, they just threw that together because they needed some way to whole this Case together. Then went to them and told them what we need you say, is he told you to Structure Money or whatever, you know; in a certain amount of time. Then they give them the Dialogue, and they got to say it on the stand; and that's it. Because by the time she was re-question  by, after the Prosecution finish, by the time she got before the Defense Prosecution, the whole thing changed. When they started putting the receipts up, she was saying, I don't; I'm not saying that he told me that day to do this or that; things changed.

But the Judge had already, the Judge and the Jury and all that was already pre stacked, you know what I mean; it was already set up anyway and they were going to go on regardless of what was coming down. And we got all of that on the minutes and everything that's written down. And we're getting the Transcripts, so that could be exposed for they're Appellate. But I don't have any hard feelings against Habibah Washington, or I call her Habibah, right at all. Okay?

Interviewer: Okay. Now we discuss some of the older um, people involved in this Case, but there's a lot of ah, there's no Children, that was just a wide use of deception.

Chief Maku: I glad somebody knows, that they made it look like little Children, all of these people are Adults.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: They had to create a Law, to get them in, they couldn't of done it without the Rico.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: And that way they could get those adults to get up there and say this happen to me when I was a kid, 10 to 15, 20 years ago. And tell the Public and make the public think some kid is setting up there.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: So they can get some hate group against me.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: That was a tactics.

Interviewer: Now how do you feel about those who um Testified, that basically grew up or spent they're whole lives within the Tribe and practicing the Tribal Customs and the Culture and the Way of Life Nuwaubu, that Testified against you, how does that make you feel?

Maku: Right

Chief Maku: Well when I was in Court and I was listening to Individuals talk, I got a different perspective of it. When I saw David Noel up on the stand, ah! David Noel "Tariq" and I heard them questioning him. And he admitted that he recanted and it didn't really happen. And then he yelled out it did and then the F.B.I., the prosecutor was looking at him like you better change that. Cause we got you on that Stand and don't forget we got your Mother. Because we're going to get your Mother, for trying to embezzle him and Bribing him. And we got the Actual Documents on the Computer where your Mother under the Name Belkes. And we traced it back to her, where she was trying to Bribe Mr. York, for money; while he was incarcerated to make this thing Go away. And how your Sister is here to Testify and his Sister, his older sister came in and Testified.
How David went to her, while visiting her and ask her for pencils, to write Letters, so he can write Letters. To let the World know how this is a hoax and its all out of hand. And that it's all about money and that he was being Coerced. And now he found out that, because they gave him the impression that his Mother was in so much danger. And that she was in such a threat that she was going to go to Jail. And Dawn Baskins, and um I forgot his name Mr. Bright turned it around, as well as Woods and Mrs. Thatcher as well as the Federals; turn it around. So when I saw David on the Stand, I saw how he was being questioned. I saw how they was attacking him and putting him on the spot.

Then when the Prosecution came up, how he Recanted., And we have 3 Letters to prove it. How he meet with Mannie and them and told them how he didn't want to do it. But then we realized that Mannie and them came out of Garland office. A man in there who was suppose to have been a Private Investigator, was trying to trick David; by trying to Bribe him with some Baseball Tickets. To try to destroy the whole Recantment, we realize now that was part of the Plot. But When David, walked by me, he looked me in my face and smiled. And after the Court, he even tried to called my Sons and all of them. To tell them you know; that he wants to talk to them and talk to the Family; and this has been happening recently. And they know that because they're monitoring everything we're doing. So I have nothing against David at all. You follow?

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: Or his Sister Amanda, she got on the Stand, she named all these People. I understand with Amanda them. Adah and them was just vicious, because they were caught up in a money game. The Kids was influenced by they're older Brother and Sisters, to lie with them; Right. Ada and them was going for money, Ada, was going for money, Sakina Parham, was going for money; Abigail was trick into it. Some of them was just vicious people, that you know was angry and all kind of stuff. Ada, knew we had a Letter with her as a Child Molester.

And lets say Abdul Salaam or Wali, which is Bruce Laroche' Son and Maryam Son. Has a charged that's getting ready to come up on him for Molesting my Grandson, Ishaq Muhammad. Which is my Son Ish's um Son and Fiythaka and there's charges that we have, that's in the DFACS. That might be coming out, that will be coming out against Abdul Salaam Soon. You Follow? In his Case, when he was on the Stand, he messed up every which way; his Lodge was wrong. He put his Studio in a House, when it's in a Building. All kind of different things, it was very obvious in the Minutes, that they were being Coerced by these People and bribed into thinking that they was going to get something that they can't possible have.
And after it's over the Government tried to Foreclosed and take everything and give them nothing. No money for Psychiatric Evaluation, they wasn't concern about they're Health, they not even concern about they're Futures; of what these young men's look like. Putting themselves upon the Stand, putting them in these Sodomistic states of minds for the Public.
They got to go with that and deal with that and they're like they don't care. These People, these Racists, will go back and leave them out in the World. After all of this is over, with all of this on they're back. Millions of followers that are Nuwaubians, are angry; Malachi Is upset. And that's why I'm doing this Tape, to let the Nuwaubians know I am not angry at them people. And I don't want you'll to be angry and fall for the devil trap; where we turn on each other. That's what they want us to do, Divide and Conquer.

Interviewer: Right.

Chief Maku: It always works that way, I don't have nothing against any of them. That's the ones that are Malice, they'll will get there's on they're own, cause that's how it is. The Most High will take care of them, you know what I'm saying the Ancient ones will work against them. But the other ones, don't believe for one minute that I am mad at any of them, if that make me sound crazy to you'll then I'm crazy. But I understand that this is a Systematic Elimination process, to stop my books, my Doctrine and the growth of our Tribe. And our Indigenous Status, which they know they're having a hard time getting around. That's why they want to call me everything but by my Tribal Name, Yamassee. You know what I'm Saying?

Interviewer: Right.













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