Leader Malachi York of The Nuwaubians, GUILTY on All Counts of Uppityness!

Amiyr AbuHamin


Malachi Z. York-El, aka As Sayyid al’ Imam Isaa al’Haadi al’Mahdi, Rabboni Y'shua Bar El Haady, Chief Black Eagle founder of the Ansaar’ul Allah Community, United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, Sons of the Green Light Sufi order, Nuwaubian Grand Lodge Ancient Free & A Masons International, Holy Tabernacles Ministry, Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation, Al Mahdi Shriners, Ancient Mystic Order of Malchizedek, Holy Seed Synagogue and founder of Mahdi records (with his own high-tech music studio) and having a membership in the tens of thousands, having in Georgia 11 Nuwaubian bookstores — now known as All Eyes on Egypt, there are bookstores in Albany, Atlanta, Athens and Augusta; other stores were in Baltimore; Hartford; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Memphis; Pittsburgh; London, England; and the Caribbean island of Barbados, has been accused and found guilty on all counts, with more charges coming in, for the major crime of being an "uppity Nigga'.


"Black mans Uppityness usually carries a sentence of imprisonment for one's adult lifetime (so as to prevent anymore agitation of other Blacks), or discrediting via the news media (so as to distance the African communities from the individual) making one impotent in the Black community, in severe cases "murder" (Malcolm X, Dr. Khalid Muhammad, Congressman Ron Brown) or using the legal system to drive them out of business (Marcus Garvey). Uppityness is a crime of white folk, that when the violator is charged, sends a clear message to the masses of Black folk to stay in their place, be complacent and suffer quietly, but do not DARE to be “uppity”, causing a ruckus among the ex-slaves and decide to do things and think outside of the status quo.

Some of Malachi York's Uppity Crimes:

- Never asked for white help
- Never asked for or depended on Arab help with his Muslim organization
- Organized black youth
- Taught from his own knowledge
- Self-made millionaire
- Became a self-taught real estate magnate
- Talked against white people and exposed their group racial dislike for Blacks
- Made public that what whites don't Blacks to know
- Gave hope to thousands of downtrodden blacks
- Taught blacks literacy
- Taught blacks to be critical thinkers
- Fused Black Nationalism with hip-hop, religion and pride in group-identity
- Raised questions of history that was been presented by Whites
- Promoted scientific thought for Blacks
- Rallied members to do for self
- Living by codes and mores' not ordained by the Christian/democratic majority
- Practicing polygamy with consenting partners of age permitted by all religions
- Freeing Black minds of what York calls “THE SPELL” of ignorance and replacing it with “RIGHT KNOWLEDGE” of facts and logical reasoning.
- Establishing international alliances and connections (in Africa) between Blacks in the West.


Leader and teacher Malachi York established the Nuwaubians, primarily consisting of African Americans, which is a flag for most white superioritists. York was leadership material since his youth by being defiant and bodacious as an independent thinker and always wanting to know more information than the average person. According to him, God’s hand was upon him to fulfill a mission which he did not know until he began following his own intuitions of spiritual direction in his early 20’s.

Inspired by Shaikh Daoud and the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, Imam Isa formed a group called “Ansar Pure Sufi” in 1967 in New York City after additionally studying ancient Hebrew doctrine for almost 10 years. In 1969, the newly found group began incorporating traditional African culture and changed its name to Nubian Islamic Hebrews. See Ansaar beginnings. The Ansaaru Allah Nubian Hebrew formed a very closed community, which identified very closely with the Muslim culture of the Sudan.

For several years the group was also known as the Ansaru (Helpers of) Allah community, being an ultra Islamic group that abided by the strictest of Muslim traditions. Much of the Community character was adopted from the stringent Islamic example of Muhammad al’Mahdi, the Sudanese liberator/revolutionary who successfully fought against the British thus driving them from their African stronghold in the Sudan. York made intimate political ties with the Sudanese government and established an alliance between them. York even entertained a Sudanese head of state at the Brooklyn headquarters and intermarried his offspring with royal families from Sudan.


Beyond the rhetoric of the hidden galaxies and Illiyun (Sirus), the adoption of other peoples' theories (i.e. the I AM America Map, and the cosmogenesis theory (the study of the origin and development of the universe) and the anthropogenesis theories (the study of the origins and development of humanity), being a descendant of the Sudanese Mahdi, the affiliation with Native Americans, the efforts at relating to the Moorish doctrine, the acquisition of Masonic lessons, the affiliation of ancient KMT philosophy (Egiptian ), the knocking of other Black organizational shortcomings (The Nation Of Islam, The Nation of Gods and Earths, Black Sunnis Muslims & Christians, Moorish Science Temple), the incarnation of himself as being “Divine” (Messiah, Mahdi, Master Teacher, Savior etc.), the mixing of various doctrines to formulate a new one (Right Knowledge, Nubian Islamic Hebrews), esoteric teachings of metaphysics, that perhaps some works of Malachi's were plagiarized from other philosophies and York’s seemingly apparent flip-flopping from one doctrine to another (Muslim, Hebrew, Christian, Native American, intergalactic theology, Moor, Masonic, Shriner) and carrying the titles (Imam, Rabbi, Reverend, Maku, doctor etc.) along with him as he evolved, Malachi York has proven without contest to be a deeply devoted scholar, thinker, spiritualist and having a profound sense of dedication and commitment toward the plight of Black folk and independence.

"...If you believe in it, it is a religion or perhaps 'the' religion; and if you do not care one way or another about it, it is a sect; but if you fear and hate it, it is a cult."
Leo Pfeffer.

In the general condemnation of the "skunk word” CULTS (According to the Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary (1971) the term, "cult," originally referred to "worship”) shall we forget the fact that his members: don't use drugs or alcohol, place high emphasis on nutritional dietary habits, highly family oriented, pay taxes from their businesses thus strengthening the economy, are highly spiritual moral people, stay to themselves and believe in voting and participating in political efforts, strategies and organizations i.e. NAACP, CORE, etc., have more members (percentage wise) who attend college than with other minority groups and these forgotten urban people became the builders of an entire community from the ground up!

The Nuwaubian Community of inner city Black folk created carpenters, plumbers, masons, custodians, horticulturalists, farmers, painters and the list goes on and on. In whatever they did the organization would depend more of it being done from within the group. They published their own books, maintained all of their websites, designed and built their housing, ran their wiring and plumbing, dug their roads, made their own products for resale, designed and sewed their own clothing, wrote their own books, ran their own schools, policed themselves, made little use of hospital services and were beginning to grow their own food.

Sometimes twice yearly the organization would hold celebrations on their land where literally thousands of Black folk from all walks of life could come from as far around as Europe and the Caribbean to enjoy the atmosphere of unity, culture and information. Their land became a tourist attraction for Black folk wanting to learn about their history, learn about Black culture and to enjoy the benefits of the pride at seeing in real time what accomplishments Africans can do.

Then there were the parades where the membership would dress in their costumes, cultural attire and uniforms of their respected affiliations with various sub-groups of the organization. The pride felt by not only the membership, but all who witnessed the pageantry and gloriousness of Black folk dressing in ancient garb reflecting modern day progress was a sight to behold and memories implanted into the minds of the youth forever.

THE ORGANIZATION: The Nuwaubians describe themselves as the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors a ''fraternal organization'' and not religious organization, of people of different religions, including Christians, Muslims and others. They made regular significant charitable contributions to Black charities, defended the rights of women for leadership within and from outside of their organization, established homes and social services for homeless youth and adults, provided incomes for many jobless left behind men, turned ex-criminals and social deviants into hard working responsible adult males, provided psychological support to many of the Black communities' forgotten left-behind mentally challenged, provided a forum for channeling anger, frustration, apathy and intellectual development among many of the inner city poor, provided a Black imagery in books, magazines and tapes to counteract the prevalent white racist theory of racial superiority thus providing an outlet for racial balancing, provided stability to the unstable and education to the labeled ‘un-educationable’. Nearly all Nuwaubians are well spoken, educated and articulate and that is not how most came into the organization. Nuwaubian members had begun to get involved in local Black organizations and participate as active members in the collective community. Moreover, its numbers have appeared in the ranks of the NAACP, Operation PUSH, SCLC and the National Action Network.

Al Mahdi Shrine Temple No. 19, with York present, donated $20,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, according to a news release from the Al Mahdi Shrine Temple and media reports. The $20,000 was raised during a July 4 "Olympics" for handicapped children and adults, according to the news release.

The group, along with the Black Men of Athens, also donated some 3,000 cans of food to the Northeast Georgia Food Bank, the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank and the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter, all located in Athens, where York lives.

Marshall Chance, a pastor with Holy Tabernacle Ministries, another Nuwaubian-affiliated group, said there is no connection between the Nuwaubians and Al Mahdi Shrine Temple No. 19. Instead, Chance said, Al Mahdi donated $10,000 to the Holy Tabernacle Ministries to pay for electricity bills.

Chance said he saw reports on television about the $20,000 Make-A-Wish Foundation donation, and "we were able to get in touch with (Al Mahdi), and they gave us $10,000 for our children's fund."

Some of the group’s accomplishments have been to submit a petition to protest claimed harassment and the result was President Bill Clinton on September 22 signed into law the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA), which protects their land as a Holy Land from local officials. To name another, the removal of the Confederate Flag from Augusta's State Building by a Nuwaubian, the Reverend Alexander Smith, President of Augusta's NAACP.

To date, according to the Georgia Informer, D.G.M. York is categorized as one of the fiftieth most influential Black Men in the state of Georgia. Being the Supreme Grand Heirophant of the Ancient Egiptian Order Lodge #9 in Athens, GA., the owners of Tama-Re, "Egypt of the West," has requested that he dedicate their Social Club named after Ramesses II as the central Grand Lodge #19 for Free and Accepted Masons in Georgia and surrounding states.

Financially, the organization was reportedly (Atlanta Journal Constitution) averaging more than $1 million a year in receipts for the six years before his 2002 arrest. Never has any African man in the West amassed that kind of wealth for the propagation of freedom for African people since Marcus Garvey. York's accountant claimed York's federal income tax returns from 1996 to 2001 that indicated a gross income of nearly $6 million over that time period. His net annual income - the amount after expenses related to operating his businesses are deducted - ranged from $70,000 to $225,000. The income came from four businesses: The Ancient Mystic Order of Melchizedek, Holy Tabernacle Ministries, Holy Tabernacle Stores and rental properties.

THE MAN YORK: Notwithstanding, Dr. York was truly a doctor in the real sense; a master organizer, an astute business man, an avid philosophical/theological researcher, mental healer of the “Negro” mentality, wrote more books than any African in the West to date, managed and maintained (politically and tangibly) an entire Nation of African folk (which is a MASSIVE feat within itself) for over 30 YEARS, an accomplished musician/artist in his own right, became not only a re-writer of African American history but became history HIMSELF with the formulation of his Movement and it's impact on our development and sojourn in America, caused other Black national leaders of grass roots organizations to re-think their sometimes outdated strategies of policies, directions and philosophical constructs. He proved always to have been a charismatic leader and attracted a diverse group of Black American followers.






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