What went wrong?

As with most Black leaders, who fall into the category of being “uppity” by having the nerve to organize others to do for self and establish independent thinking, my firm belief is that Malachi York fell within that category. I strongly believe those whose interests are in maintaining the status quo, in general, target Black leadership for silencing by one means or another.

The following is an inexhaustive listing of some of the “white-folk crimes” that Malachi York is DEFINITELY GUILTY of:

- GUILTY #1 criminal offense - Encouraging Black empowerment self-determination
- GUILTY Treason against established white racial superiority!
- GUILTY Establishing an African identity without permission
- GUILTY Teaching literacy to the masses of mis-educated Blacks
- GUILTY Providing alternative educational information
- GUILTY Creation of an original spiritual concept
- GUILTY Providing Black images negating racial white dominance in everything
- GUILTY Of establishing a national recognition and alliance with Africans on the Motherland.
- GUILTY Establishing Divinity unto himself when only white imagery is permissible i.e. York’s reference as being “Savior” and “Messiah” to his people. York openly said, ''I am the lamb, I am the man,'' on his website and also ''I am the Supreme Being of This Day and Time, God in Flesh.''
- GUILTY Refusing to associate and depend on others for knowledge and substance and NEVER accepted overseas or government money for his dream
- GUILTY Creating his own Islamic Mosque, Hebrew Temple, Christian Church, Masonic Order, Shiners Organization, Native American society, Moorish Order, Sufi Order and the membership becoming more proficient in those collective philosophies than those who spent lifetimes within those cultures.
- GUILTY Becoming learned in Scriptures that augmented himself above those who practiced those cultures thus acquiring the titles (*without permission) of Imam (Sheik), Rabboni, Reverend, Grand Master, Master Teacher, Chief, etc.
- GUILTY Boldly organizing his members regardless of theological persuasion and celebrating a unity never before done by any Black in America.
- GUILTY Growing and evolving in spirituality, politics and demonstrating his growth via additional sub-groupings of his main organization thus attracting an even larger segment of the Black community under the concept of what he called “BREAKING THE SPELL” of ignorance of RITUALISTIC worship
- GUILTY Organizing Black Hip Hop youth, who were attracted to revolutionary, bold and different teachings that spoke to the greatness of Black people and defiance to mainstream.
- GUILTY Creating and reviving his own language Nuwaubic.
- GUILTY Defiantly Writing and self-publishing over 300 books plus translating from the original language the Bible, Qur’an Torah and other ancient Scriptural texts.
- GUILTY Establishing a connection between ancient Egipt (as he spells it) and those ancient traditions and knowledge’s.
- GUILTY And lastly, for Dr. Malachi York to have the audacity to prophesize his dream for Blacks in America by saying, “"I'm talking about a real Nation, our own Nation," … "With our own passports, with our own tax system, where no one tells us what to do but us." This tone of INDEPENDENCE violated everything white-folk want to believe about Blacks in America. York’s members referred to the land in Georgia as a utopian society on their 476-acre compound of Egyptian-style architecture.

As with others before him (Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Imam Jamil Al’Amin, George Jackson, Assata Shukur, Nobel Drew Ali) who also were ‘guilty’ of similar crimes against what is allowed by the powers that be; York had to be brought down one way or another.

York’s case raises questions about police and FBI frame-ups, the threat to the power structure posed by militant, race-conscious Islam, and post-9/11 religious intolerance. The question becomes whether or not York posed enough of a serious threat of being uppity that law enforcement and prevention agencies would deem his continuance a hazard that could affect the “stability” of the country as a whole thus worthy of the millions of taxpayer dollars directed toward York’s fall.

There is “indisputable evidence that J. Edgar Hoover was a genuine subversive and that his FBI engaged in the persecution of black leaders that was nothing less than state terrorism” according to the Black Leadership Forum.

Federal investigations into Malachi York have been going on for years that included being investigated by the FBI, under the rubric of domestic terrorism, for crimes including murder, bank robbery, arson, counterfeiting, extortion, illegal weapons and had never been able to stick anything to the law abiding group.

York being a spiritual and community leader with a large following was reason enough for a federal investigation of him and his organization.

York is slandered in every major network and media outlet in America for years. The press was out to get York from the beginning and intensified its negative portrayal of York throughout York’s relocation to Georgia. The press portrayed York as a “fanatic” and always referred to his organization as a “cult”. They freely interpreted his remarks of Blacks seeing themselves as “GODS” to be an argument for York being a religious heretic, rather than a description of positive self-imagery, which is what York really promoted.

In the mid eighties there was much data floating around the Black communities that was aimed at causing friction between his organization (Nubian Islamic Hebrews) and other mainstream Black Sunni Islamic groups. Some entity seems to have tried to create deadly feuds among the leadership between Muslim groups in New York.

In the late eighties, a Caribbean Muslim, under Saudi Arabian influence and monetary backing, launched an all out attack upon the Ansaar Movement and York’s personal character via a book that was freely distributed by the Saudi government all over the United States and Caribbean islands denouncing York’s Islamic teachings as being not only heretical but “criminal” because of what they claimed to expose of the issue of some of York’s members being on public assistance. The book included a Muslim cleric’s decree that no true Muslim should be associated with the Ansaaru Allah group.

Several attempts were made in the late eighties by foreign Islamic governments to directly subsidize his organization, which was flatly turned down by York in every case. York refused to give any non-Black Muslim foreign statesmen an audience.

A thwarted attempt is made upon his life by supposedly an ex-disgruntled member. Later, members asserted that the assassin was being paid by unnamed sources for the execution.

New York City investigates his organization and although his taxes were up to date pressured different levels of city government to harass and levy costly fines on the groups housing facilities.

York changes doctrine of Islamic/Hebrew to focusing upon his Native American heritage thus leaving no ground for Muslims to criticize him.

York moves from rural upstate New York to Eatontown, Ga., paid nearly $1 million for 476 acres and established sub-organizations that reflected his personal growth and spiritual development that included Masonry, Moorish Science, Occult metaphysical knowledge, astronomy and Kemetian ideology. His organization builds on the land the most exotic, history revealing monuments reflective of an Egyptian ancient city.

The local authorities move to block his building of structures on his land unless approved by them in code and DESIGN.

Ex-members are picked off to testify against him on various charges, which resulted in the coning of some close members of his family to testify sexual misconduct against him.

In May 2002, federal authorities and the local sheriff's office raided the group's compound, took five children into protective custody and arrested York at a Milledgeville grocery store. York was charged with numerous state counts of molesting children and charge with federal violations. The 300 law enforcement officers, from the ground and air, stormed the compound and confiscated documents, computers, seized $400,000 in cash and numerous guns found in searches of his Putnam County compound and Athens home and made arrests. Many of the children who were there at the time testified that they were terrified by the incident. York was arrested himself at another location and charged with molestation and endangering the welfare children.

The government has maintained possession of the cash since it was seized during York's arrest and during the raids on the two properties.

After his arrest, York was indicted by a federal grand jury and a Putnam County grand jury. In January, just before the trial was to begin on the state charges, York pleaded guilty in federal court to one count of attempting to evade federal financial reporting requirements and one count of transporting minors across state lines for the purpose of having sex with them so that as he said, “(in order) to free his wife from imprisonment”.

York pleads "not guilty" to 208 criminal counts of sexually molesting and exploiting minor children.

After 2 years of incarceration and judicial preliminaries, in January ’04 Malachi York was convicted in Georgia in his failed attempt to vindicate himself of the charges. He was sentenced in April of this year to 135 years in prison for purportedly racketeering and molesting boys and girls at the group's ancient Egyptian-style compound. U.S. District Judge C. Ashley Royal sentenced him in Macon. This sentencing occurred despite the fact that new evidence has come forth in the form of a videotaped statement of the key witness for the government, Habiba “Abigail” Washington in which she states that she was coerced and threatened by the law enforcement officials to testify against Malachi York.

Malachi York, the 58-year-old ``Master Teacher'' of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, will also have to forfeit the 476-acre compound, adorned with pyramids and a sphinx.

Earlier last month, York's wife was sentenced to 20 years in prison, of which two years would have to be served and the remainder served on probation. After her release from prison, Johnson will be banished from all Georgia counties except Clayton.

"If she does one thing wrong, she'll be brought back to Georgia and we'll bring her back in front of the judge," Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit assistant prosecutor Dawn Baskin said Tuesday. "She was sentenced to 20 years in prison on each of these charges, and we would ask for the full sentence if she breaks the law."













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