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Dr. Malachi Z. York


Our Constitution


Government Key Witness Recants Her Testimony

Federal Court Pretrial Transcripts



Articles and News Letters that the Yamassee Nuwaubian Moors was putting out in the Public to help tell their side of the Story, with Facts not like the Federal Government close this hide that suppress this we are not going to hear that (JURISDICTION)


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Maku Charged For his son's crimes Can Our Maku Get A Fair Trial
Government Trying To Coerce Yamassee Children

Change Of Venue: Brunswick Ga. Already Spoiled

Judge Helping The Prosecution April 25 2004 Press Release
Defamed By The Anti-Defamation League Officials Running Scared
There Is Only One TAMARE Secured Party
A Brief Synopsis Suppression of what evidence
What Does UN-215/1993 Mean Fell In The System Trap in Immunity
Where is the Tax's Payers money going now Who Is Chief Black Eagle?
New Trial Flyer Who Is Dwight D York
A Letter to the UN for Human Rights More Conflict Of Interest
Sheriff violates the Courts Order Attorney Francis Nearn Ford A Liar
Does Common Law Still Exist? Bogus Plea
Illegal Detention: A Plot For Destruction Circus in the Court
A Must read its not in order Games the Government Agents are playing with our Maku's life
How can I fair trial being judged by settlers? Medical Evidence Don't Don't Lie
Sheriff Sills Last Chance A Must Read Real Owners of the land fighting to keep
Civil Forfeiture Documents with Malachi Z York's name on them WHY? Complaint of Civil Forfeiture
Consulate in Atlanta letter from Dr. Walter Young Honorary Consul General April 2005 look in Aug. 2004 they was dealing with Washington D.C. the top Liberian contact in the U.S. Why go back to Atlanta without proper Documents  (Cointelpro)  WAKEUP August 19 2004 these 4 documents the Liberian Government was asking for and look at the date the Consulate in Atlanta letter to Richelle Davis April 2005 Why?
 815 Docket 815 Answer
Appeal_Decision Appeal
815 Complaint The Government knows Maku live in Athens pg.5 Government's rebuttal to the appeal this is a must read
Reply Brief Redacted What is an Oral Argument?













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