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Our Constitution


This is a page to highlight the case of Dr. Malachi Z.
York in Eatonton, Georgia. This case has been going on
for approximately (10) years now.


Remember Judge C. Ashley Royal denied Attorney Adrian Patrick a continuance to get prepared to help his client Dr. Malachi Z York, attorney Patrick only had

6 days before trial, because Ed Garland's Law Firm was fired on the record and they gave Adrian a bunch of boxes of scattered information, they had No layout plan for this trial via witnesses or documents.

   The government had 20 months of preparation.

Where is the FAIR TRIAL?


Please spread the word and do what you can. Too many African-American leaders such as Marcus M. Garvey of the United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), Noble Drew
Ali of the Moorish Science Temple, The Honorable Elijah Mohammed of the Nation of Islam (NOI), Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X aka El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz have been taken out by various, nefarious means by those who wish for the African-American nation to never have either a strong leader or organization. We must come together during times of peace and consolidate our resources, for the betterment of all.

Please do not let crime continue.

Check out images (a slideshow) of TAMA-RE holy land at
here: http://www.nuwaubiaholylandofthenuwaubians.com 
Please read the following information

Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM has traveled and studied amongst various indigenous people with some of the richest cultures on the planet earth. He attended the University of Khartoum, Sudan, Africa and the American University Cairo, Egypt, where he did most of his research and discovered those who call themselves African Americans and Native Americans long hidden past, which links the
Indigenous People of America, the original mound builders (Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana) to ancestors of
North, South, East, and West Africa. He is fluent in many different languages and dialects.

 Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM has spent most of his adult life dedicated to the upliftment of the African American Negro in the United States of America. Throughout American History the Blacks in America have been remembered by being stolen from their homelands, while the indigenous Americans, having African ancestry, such as the Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation, have had their lands stolen from them and both of these groups of people have been enslaved, stripped of their natural languages and cultures to this day.

With this being in mind, Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM began in 1967 A.D., with the reconstruction and the renewal of the legacy and the true story of Nubian American Experience across the globe. He has written over 400 books published by Egipt Publishers of Athens, Georgia for the re-unification and the education of people of color in America. These publications brought the spirituality and nobility that blacks in America and abroad were lacking in their everyday lives. Dr. Malachi Z. York ©TM purchased 476 acres of land in Eatonton, GA, to the benefit of these displaced peoples in America, to renew their story and give enlightenment to a dark past of slavery in an effort to
show these noble people that “their story” far surpasses that of European American History.

On the 476 acres, with the help of those with a common goal in mind, these progressive people reconstructed the cradle of the first civilization on the planet earth beginning with Egypt on the continent of Africa. By bringing Africa to America, this angered many of the
public officials in this country and more intensely those in Georgia. Thousands of Africans and Indigenous people
gathered weekly, monthly and annually on this land to benefit from the teachings and the renewal of their religious and cultural practices, leaving the door open to people of all religions.


What is going on with TAMA-RE

Eatonton--On June 11, 2005 A.D. demolition crews began to destroy the once beautiful Tama-Re Egypt of the West where hundreds of thousands of Nuwaubian Moors worldwide convened in respect for their religious practices as well as a retreat to the serene environment of the religious Holy Land. Sheriff Howard Richard Sills lead the demolition although at the time no demolition permits had been issued by the
Planning and Zoning Board of Putnam County. It is ironic that the very Planning and Zoning Board that gave the
Nuwaubians numerous fines, denied permits to build and caused lengthy court battles, is the same board that would allow the illegal destruction of the Holy Land without forcing “the new land owner” to apply for those very same permits. It is obvious the interest was more in the destruction than in the building of a foundation and way of life for those who respect cultural diversity.

Sheriff Howard Richard Sills also received over half of a million dollars from the sale of the property for 1.1 million dollars. This amount is more than the FBI, who performed the raid of over 300 heavily armed agents and the Federal Government who prosecuted the case received.
The most interesting point is that none of the “alleged victims” have received any money to date. So it is obvious that this case was never about “child molestation” but the racial prejudice of a Georgia Elected official,
Sheriff Howard Richard Sills, to extinguish the Yamassee Nuwaubian Moors from Putnam County and to destroy their land which was the
foundation of their religious customs and practices.

Why has the one person who has had the most racially motivated feud against the Yamassee Nuwaubian Moors benefited the most from the illegal sale of the Nuwaubians property? The Yamassee Nuwaubian Moors Community is now in the process of calling for a full congressional hearing on the sale and
distribution of funds from the sale of their land, which according to the Religious Land Use Act, should be exempt from all such sales and seizures. Over the years it has been the racial prejudice and illegal practices of Sheriff Howard Richard Sills that sought the
removal of the Yamassee Nuwaubian Moors  from their property prior to the conspiracy against Mr. York, which was proven by the video taped confession of Ms. Habiba “Abigail” Washington. On August 4, 2004 A.D., the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors consisting of, the Egiptian Church of Christ, The Holy Tabernacle Ministries, The Ancient Egiptian Order, the Al Mahdi Shrine Temple No. 19, The Nuwaupian Supreme Grand Lodge, and the Nuwaupian Order of Eastern Star, were served with legal papers from the US Marshall’s Service evicting the members, who maintained and lived on the religious property and gave them seven (7) days to leave their home of 476 acres.

The eviction stemmed from the obviously questionable conviction of Dr. Malachi Z. York. Part of the conviction in the conspiracy case against  Dr. Malachi Z. York is that the Federal Government has called for the forfeiture of “his interest” in the property at 404 Shady
Dale Rd.  Dr. Malachi Z. York has not had any interest in the land at 404 Shady Dale Rd since 1999. On February 8, 2002 A.D., Judge Hugh V. Wingfield exonerated Dr. York from all charges and claims pertaining to case 99CV1-1 in the Superior Court of Putnam County involving alleged RICO charges arising from zoning violations on the land at 404 Shady Dale Road. Robert T. Prior, the attorney for Putnam
County stated in court, " ....This morning the County received from the Defendant Dwight York a quitclaim deed releasing all his interest in the property....In exchange for that the County agreed to dismiss Dwight York from the lawsuit." The Judge responded "I assume he quitclaimed it to these folks." The folks that the judge was referring to were the 9 land owners who took on the responsibility of maintaining the land, paying the property taxes and affording the improvements that were seen in the erection of the Egyptian City known as Tama-Re. After the unjust conviction of  Dr. Malachi Z. York, the future of the property stood in limbo. The third party claimants presented their testimonies in court on June 30, 2004 A.D. before Judge C. Ashley Royal. At this time, Judge C. Ashley Royal ruled that there was not enough consideration given to prove a transfer of interest in the property which would place the full interest of the property with
Mr. York. Yet the sale and demolition of this property proceeded without the final disposition of his case which is on Federal Appeal in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

 One of the defenses arguments on appeal is whether the US Government abused their discretion on applying RICO charges to Mr. York’s case based on a money structuring charge that had no connection with the “Mann Act” Charges of transportation of minors for illegal sexual purposes. If Mr. York is successful in proving this point, then the RICO forfeiture is illegal, but now the Religious Holy Land of the Nuwaubian Moors is already utterly destroyed. Attorney Robert Ratliff, who represented the land owners, filed a legal protection motion, which stated explicitly that the landowners, as well as  Dr. Malachi Z. York’s 14th amendment rights were being violated by disallowing them an equal protection under law.

The Catholic Church, with all of the convictions and accusations of child molestation in the last ten years, has never been forced to forfeit church property or personal property of the priests who committed the crimes, so why has the federal government seized $414,000, a
religious ankh necklace, worth $60,000, that was on  Dr. Malachi Z. York’s person at the time of his arrest, his personal residence worth $800,000, $237,000 from prime commercial real estate that was forced to foreclose because of the case pending, the land at 404 Shady Dale Rd worth $1.5 million, for which he does not own, and is seeking for him to pay $566,000 in restitution to alleged victims who have

Habiba “Abigail” Washington’s video taped confession been revealed as playing a key part in
the conspiracy according to ? The total amount in damages that the Federal Government is seeking for Dr. York to pay for
the false charges against him is over 3 million dollars. Recent studies have shown that over 10,000 children have been molested at the hands of Catholic Priests. The damage that these priests, who admit guilt, have caused to the lives of young children is far greater and there has not
been any forfeiture of church property and also no RICO charges have been brought against the Catholic Church to date. Yet in these cases it is well documented that when a priest was accused of or caught molesting a child, he was transported to another perish in another state and the same acts were committed until properly brought to justice. These circumstances are well within the Federal Government’s jurisdiction. The three landowners, Ethel Richardson, Anthony Evans and Patrice Evans through their attorney, Robert Ratliff of Mobile, AL, filed an appeal with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. The 11th Circuit Court Clerk mistakenly dismissed the appeal because the fees, according to him were not properly paid. The Court Clerk later had to reinstate the appeal because of this mistake but, he did not afford an extended period of time
in the briefing schedule for the attorney. The Third Party innocent owners requested that Judge C. Ashley Royal stay all forfeiture proceedings until the final disposition of Mr. York’s case. The Judge denied this request even though prior to Mr. York’s Motion for New Trial, the Judge agreed to stay all forfeiture proceedings. The Judges order gave the US Marshall’s the opportunity to evict the residents
of 404 Shady Dale Rd. and place the property up for sale. The legal fight for the land continues. 


4/19/2005 unnm.com/legal content

Notice the Date of this article from our Nation's official website and there is NO LIBERIAN DIPLOMAT issues No where in these reasons. WHY? 




If Attorney Adrian Patrick was working against Dr. Malachi Z York-EL the transcripts don't say it these are just some of the court transcripts that some of Dr. York's students, that was in the court reported in the other room set aside for spectators,

 this remind me of a TV show called the














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