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 Diplomatic Tax Exemptions read moor


Defense witness Neil Dukoff who is Malachi York's tax accountant and whose father was his accountant before that for over 30 years. Mr. Dukoff testified, from 1996 to 2001, Dr. Malachi  York reported well over 1 MILLION dollars in taxes for EACH year. He also testified that Malachi York paid MORE taxes that he should have for each of those years. Dr. Malachi  York was NEVER audited by the IRS and never received any notice from the IRS. The prosecution produced NO such documents. You be the judge. Why would Dr. Malachi  York even open a bank account if he was trying to evade reporting requirements?


  Diplomats from another country have immunity from these Federal Taxes and Dr. York's accountant proved this at trial, that Dr. Malachi York was still paying taxes and getting back refunds according to his accountant for over 20 years and in the trial transcripts the IRS recorders that was presented by Dr. York's accountant in the name of Malachi York and not Dwight York in the year of 1996 and 2001 tax returns. When the accountant was asked about Dwight York he responded, that he didn't know a Dwight York.

 Attorney Adrian Patrick continues on in media interviews, the court transcripts and motions that was filed on Dr. York's behalf referring to his client as Malachi York, read the transcripts of the motion of Appeal and the Oral argument and

please view the videos with Attorney Adrian Patrick and you will hear him continually call his client Malachi York.


On page 49-line 15,16,17 of the May 13-14, 2002 Special FBI agent Jalaine Ward was asked did she know of any travel outside of the United States


and she said 1973 to Sudan (Recently) that's 29 years from 2002, so this FBI investigation shows that Dr. York's last stamp in his passport was 1973. Where is the Liberia stamp in the passport of Dr. York's, there is none or this Special FBI agent would have mentioned it as the most recent.


Games the Government Agents are playing with our Maku's life


Now the Post Trial Transcripts and the Trial Transcripts shows what the government's case was about on the issue of money structuring and not that

Dr. Malachi York was buying and selling in a Fraudulent Name,

can you see the Government Conspiracy now.

Tax returns in Malachi York, buying houses in Malachi York, 815 Broad Street in Athens Georgia in Malachi York


The property in Athens Georgia is in the name of Malachi York.


Ques: How can Malachi York buy this property 155 Mansfield Ct. Athens Georgia for over 1/2 million dollars and the federal government didn't charge Dr. York for fraud for buying this property in the name of Malachi York and not Dwight York in 1998?




Now in December of 1998 Dr. York brought this house and Liberia's Government name is NO where in these records, Why? If Dr. York was a Liberian Diplomat why didn't the Liberian Government immunity protect this property. So stop the games with our Maku's life and tell the world the truth, Our Maku is not a Liberian Diplomat.

 Our legal team will expose the LIES and present nothing but the FACTS.

Cointelpro Agents at work we see you!!!


Sealed the trial Transcripts from the public, now do you see why the Federal Government had to Close the courtroom and SEAL the trial transcripts.

More proof that our Maku didn't receive a FAIR TRIAL














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