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Government Key Witness Recants Her Testimony

Ques: Why is the government still holding Dr. Malachi Z York-EL with these FACTS from there lead witness?

Ans: Because, Abigail recantment proves the government targeted Dr. Malachi Z York-EL and the pretrial transcripts backs her testimony, No EVIDENCE, Agents didn't audio tape or video tape the alleged victims statements and more. (Government Conspiracy)

What happens when Black people can no longer recognize white racism? [read moor]

Dr. Malachi Z York-El caring ways



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Here is more proof of what Dr. Malachi Z. York has been saying all along.

9 property owners read this article back in 2000 A.D.



President of the Yamassee Nuwaubian Native American Moors


Malachi Z York son's name is Dwight and he did allot of the earlier transactions for Dr. York, this is why Mrs. Maryann Tanner the clerk at the time stated "Dwight was young and about 36 years old" and in earlier news articles the journalist wrote that Dr. York was 36 years old, that was his son's age and this can be proven. The original documents do not have AKA Malachi York this is the Putnam County Government at work, if you look at the Clarke County documents they say Malachi York and not Dwight, remember the FBI said they did a paper trail investigation.


Ques: Why so many inconsistencies in these documents and Malachi York was not charged with Fraud ?


The Yamassee Nuwaubians Moors said things like paper work such as permit filings and more would all of a sudden disappear in the zoning office, paper work being filed in the Yamassee Nuwaubians Moors name by unknown people so, the Nuwaubians is pointing out that the property was quit claim to a Pure Trust by Mr. Malachi York way back before this case and now all of a sudden you see the deed sheet reading many transactions, the Putnam County government is trying to fool the public.

The above image is taken from Putnam county Tax Assessor's website.  It proves that Dr. Malachi Z. York was not the current owner during the illegal seizure of the Nuwaubian Nation of Moors (Tribal name Yamassee) land (476 acres of land).  As you can plainly see Dr. Malachi Z. York quit claim deed to Ethel Richardson  and Others, proving the conflict of interest.  The conflict of interest is,  Judge C. Ashley Royal was the attorney that tried a case against Mrs. Richardson for the wrongful death of Dr. Roosevelt Richardson, where Judge C Ashley Royal was an attorney for Oconee Regional Medical Center case NO. 98CV34669C, where the Richardson was reward a large sum of money ( NO REPLACEMENT FOR THEIR LOVE ONE), this is Dr. York's step father and grandfather to 3 of Dr. York's children. 

Conflict of Interest2

Mrs. Ethel Richards is one of the land owners of 404 Shady Dale Rd., that was seized the federal government, where Judge C. Ashley Royal was the presiding judge in the case against Dr. Malachi Z. York (misnomer "Dwight D. York") these records prove what the Original Land Owners have been saying all along,  that this case against Dr York wasn't about child molestation but about the racist in Putnam County who was not use to seeing Nubian ( BLACK ) people doing great wonders without THEIR HELP.

 Sheriff Sills would like to make the public think the Yamassee Village was poorly constructed, but the Yamassee didn't think so. 


When reviewing these document keep in mind Putnam County Officials is working together to take the Yamassee (Nuwaubian Native American Moors) land, and the Yamassee Nuwaubians would like to point these facts out.   


This is what the racist in Putnam County thought of the beautiful art work of the Nuwaubians [read more]  

Remember the dates of this case and you will see the Federal Government violated their own laws when forfeiting on the Yamassee Nuwaubians Village and then allowing it to be DESTORYED.


Ques: WHY ?


Ans: This case was not completely over, the Putnam County government wanted to erase the Yamassee Nuwaubians Home from the memories of the Yamassee children, so they DESTROYED the village while the case was still open. 


















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