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Tactics That The Government Used To Incarcerate Dr. Malachi Z York-EL


Judge C Ashley Royal moves Trial to his home town.


Judge pick the Jury himself from unknown Jurors  ( Probably his uncles and cousins who knows )  

- Didn't let the Defense Object to any of the Jury selection
- Didn't let Dr. York have a Bond or what the government calls a Bail ( This would be Dr. York's  First Offense as an adult ) Don't let them lie ask for proof
- Kept moving Dr. York from jail to jail so Dr. York couldn't prepare for his defense
- Threatened the Defense Lawyers, telling them their first obligation is to the Bar Association and not their Client
- Close the courtroom to the public and only allowed the Media that was working with the government, to promoted negative articles about Dr. York and the Nuwaubians from the start of the case read the articles from day one
- Released a court proceeding video on Youtube.com to set the course in the minds of the public that Dr. York is Guilty and then they didn't HONOR their agreement. That's right they released the plea agreement while the case was still open another violation of the law. How can you trust the government when they don't honor their word  and destroy your presumption of innocence?
- Coerce witnesses and promise monetary rewards and go in jails an use criminals testimonies and give them immunity and a less time
- Put in the media that they had video's, pictures, and thorough investigation reports, but when you read the May 14, 2002 Bond Hearing when Attorney Ed Garland cross examined Special agent Ms. Juliane Ward it was clear that she was special but not for the government, her testimony was good for Dr. York, she said " the FBI don't follow the protocols when dealing with ABUSED CHILDREN
- They said they had children victims, when they didn't, look at some of the witnesses they had Sakina Parham, Nicole Lopez and Abigail Washington all ADULTS [read this]
- Kept the Co-defendants locked-up for 9 months away from their children until the Prosecution offered Dr. York a plea agreement, that would release the co-defendants up until then Dr. York and his co-defendants all said they were innocent of all these charges
- Have heavy ARMED GUARDS outside the court building, even thou there was no presence of the Nuwaubians the government never did that at any of the other court hearings for Dr. York, They did this like they knew what the VERDICT was going to be
- Help put in the Jury's mind that Dr. York was some kind of violent man with all that Heavy Armed Guards presence everyday at the trial
- Disregard for Dr. York's Constitutional Rights
- Forced Attorneys on Dr. York's behalf
- Dr. York's Attorneys working for the Government
- Dr. York's Attorneys filing motions against Dr. York like the motion for a psychological Evaluation 
- Judge helping the Prosecution, just read the pre-trial transcripts the proof is there
- Didn't follow none of the protocols when dealing with abused children They didn't Audio Tape or Video Tape none of the interviews  WOW, What a setup !!!
- Called Dr. York a Felon and found legally registered guns at the home of Dr. York and didn't charge him on record for having guns in his possession as a Felon (Where Is The Protocols?)
- Charge Dr. Malachi York as Dwight D, York and know he changed his name legally in New York ( What investigation?)
- 11 White Jurors and 1 Elderly Black women who said she didn't want to send a innocent man to jail ( HUNG JURY )
- Judge was a Lawyer on a case against Dr. York's family and lost, where the family was rewarded a very large sum of money ( 20 Million and Better ) CONFLICT of INTEREST

Sealed the Trial Transcripts so the public can't see the TRUTH


Media using tactics like name calling, his a felon, a cult leader, have many wives, rule with an iron fist, calls himself GOD, the man waiting on a spaceship, this in it self should show you that the government needed to do tactics like those because they know they have a innocent man, you do the math 













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