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1999 ZED FESTIVAL on the Holy Land with Malachi Z York-EL (Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle, this is why the government incarcerated Dr. Malachi Z York-EL, because he taught the Nuwaubians to be patriots too the United States, their lands. [click here]



Interview with Maku talking about his Status [listen]



[watch video]


 ANS: Because I'm a Native American Chief of the Yamassee Native Americans of the Seminole, Creek, Washita Mound Builders of Georgia, just that simple. this was the only issue that Maku (Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle) was addressing their courts with. These are the FACTS READ THE PRE-TRIAL TRANSCRIPTS.


This Case Is About The Yamassee Nuwaubian Moors Sovereignty not Child Molestation Or Racketeering

We Are The Indigenous People Of This Land And We Can Prove It


We Are Moors By Nationality


Why Do You Think  Malachi Z York-EL Is Wearing That Fez  In Their Courts ?

ANS: It Is A Statement Of His Nationality Moor

We Are Indigenous Because We Were Here First.


We are not Indians or Africans, Africa is another TRICK word. Africa comes from the root word " Al Furaqa"  " the Separation" is Faraqa meaning " to part, To Separate, Africa was written as Afriyqaa, these words are an Insult to the Nubians and apart of the DEVILS SCHEME TO DIVIDE AND TRY TO CONQUER THE CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH, these are the FACTS, all the Nuwaubians are not Native American some was kidnapped from the place they call Africa today (Original name NUBA) but our Ancestry is Indigenous to this land we were here THOUSANDS of years before the five Europeans tribes came to these shores, bringing their Wars, their Religions, their Lust, their Diseases, their Pornography, their Drugs, their Alcohol, their Homosexuality and much more, and we fell for the tricks and lies.  [read moor]


 Even family from the continent they call Africa, when they leave the part they are from like Liberia, Nigeria, Morocco, Egypt, they call themselves Liberians, Nigerians, Moroccans, Egyptians not Africans, Africa is what they are calling the continent not the people, these are all TRICKS.

[view the video]


Our Beloved Dr. Malachi Z York-EL Said We Have To Take These Issues To A International Court In Geneva And Tell Them Who We Are, The Indigenous People Of What They Call America. These Are The Facts.  These are the words of our Maku (Chief)



  NOW IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP [read moor]














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