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Look over to Africa and not America what is rightfully ours as Moors this is why they have our President locked up in a Dungeon, the cointelpro agents hired these attorneys not our Maku

Attorneys working against Maku "Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle" deceptions (Cointelpro at work) 2255 cost 100,000.00 dollars to file and when you read this document you see how the Ancient Ones are helping us to expose these injustices, the attorneys that file this document put one of the reasons to release Dr. York is that he is a Diplomat from Liberia ( THIS WOULD BE CALLED NEW EVIDENCE) because in the trial transcprits attorney Adrian Patrick never brought up that Dr. York was a Liberian Diplomat, now where is the proof of this claim, Maku never once in the public forum said that he was a Diplomat from Liberia and wrote a book called "Who is Marcus Garvey?", and in this book Dr. York points out that Liberia's government crossed Marcus Garvey, but lets stay on point Maku Black Thunderbird Eagle addressed the nation on multiple audio cd's before and after the trial and never once did he mention being a citizen of Liberia,

 or a Diplomat of Liberia, now back to these attorneys that put this document in motion has violated the law (PERJURY).

Now where is the documents that these attorneys presented to the courts of Dr. Malachi Z York-EL being a Diplomat?


The federal government ram stacked Dr. York's property and took all that they wanted, now if Dr. York told the federal government that he was a Liberian Diplomat since 1999 which don't add up because Maku was going through the proper paper work for our Sovereignty as the Indigenous tribe of Yamassee Native American Moors we can prove that, so the government agents have to make the 1999 Indigenous papers DISAPPEAR and replace it with LIES, Maku Black Eagle said it over and over that he is the Chief of the

Yamassee Moors and not once did he say Liberian Diplomat.

(These Are The Facts so watch the smoke screens, all lies)

Others parading like they are the Yamassee, when our Maku clearly said on the cd's when he was being held in Jones County jail that Mt. Arafat was not apart of the Yamassee, now this same person is claiming to be the chief of the Yamassee.(Cointelpro at work)





Articles that the Yamassee Tribe was pass out to bring the facts to the world and all concerned

Ques:  The biggest question is "How does the government arrest you under a different name

(Dwight D. York) other than your real name and forfeit properties that belongs to you under your name (Malachi York)?  

The property records of "Maku" Dr. Malachi Z York-EL house in Athens Georgia tells the facts that Malachi York purchased that property and with that amount of money being transacted the sellers had to verify the purchaser's information before selling the property, the property deed says Malachi York not Dwight D York so, why in the superseding indictment the government didn't charge Maku ( Malachi Z York-EL) for fraud. The banks, the attorneys and the sellers of this property was not charge with embezzlement or fraud. 

The government conspiracy is showing in their actions, remember this is the FBI of the United States what we call

the top of the line.


 Ques: Why do they have our Maku locked up in a supermax prison under the name Dwight D York?

[property deed]



9 property owners read this article back in 2000 A.D.

Ques: How did the government take the Yamassee tribal land saying that it was Dwight D York's property and the property deed shows it was owned by other tribal members before the government starting changing the names on the deed?

[property deed


Being Tortured for standing up for your human rights [read federal doc.]


The Government and the Media targeted Mr. Wesley Snipes and accused him with being affiliated with the

 Yamassee Nuwaubian Moors  [read moor]


Dr. Malachi Z York-EL a real humanitarian [view videos]







This is to address these planted agents, media and the sheriff of Putnam County.


The government cointelpro agents at work, make the real Yamassee Nuwaubians look like they are crazy, when we all know Maku "Chief" Black Thunderbird Eagle has many titles and his nationality always been a Moor.

Dr. Malachi Z York-El has always put in his publications the facts of where he came from and how all the titles he achieved are all the same and we the true Yamassee Nuwaubian Moors can prove every title, name and our nationality.

Dr. York pointed this out to us many years ago that the government will try to stop our peaceful mission, which is to live in peace, tell the truth and break the spell of ignorance and we ask what is wrong with that, everyone in Putnam County knows the Yamassee Nuwaubians are not violent and we obey the laws of the United States, this can be proven in the news media, when reporters questioned the local residents and all said they are peaceful people, and some said we were just different, so what is the problem?

Where do the media and the government get the nerve to call us a hate group ask them to prove we are a hate group, if they say we teach that the white man is the devil and that Jesus was a black man, then we ask you this, who brought the Africa descent for servitude to these shores, beat them, hung them, killed them, rape their women and children, let their vicious dogs loose on them, dragged them with horses and tied them to these same horses and ripped them apart and if you was a black person who would you call the devil.  For Jesus being black we got that out of your Holy Book the Bible Rev:1:14-16 not something we made up to feel good we didn't put the Bible together.

Let the Truth be Told [click here]  


Now what we want you to keep in mind is that these tactics Dr. York told us this government would use and he has audio recordings saying that the government is going to put him in jail for teaching his people the truth about who they are and where we came from and our true culture.

So this is not strange to the Yamassee Nuwaubian Moors we expect the government to do all they can the discourage the public to really look at these injustices that Rev. Dr. Malachi Z York-EL is being put through.

Now all Nuwaubians know that when Habiba "Abigail" Washington and the other so-called alleged victims did their recantment testimonies they all had their lawyers present and they used a notary that was not associated with the tribe, so these government agents that is putting out documents that have no facts to them are just that GOVERNMENT AGENTS.

What they are trying to do is distract the public and the real Yamassee tribal members from fighting the real issues at hand and what is on the federal pre-trial and trial transcripts.


The cointelpro agents has been filing documents from the beginning without Dr. Malachi Z York-EL'S permission to do so, where is Dr. York's signature on these documents all these actions is to help the government keep our Maku "Chief" in jail.


Remember when our Chief spoke on the Isles of Patmos audio cd's he said, that Judge Royal was placed on this case to block our Sovereignty Rights dealing with Native American Moors and that's it.

Sovereignty Rights




There is NO LIBERIAN Motions

NO Ghana Motions

 in the pre-trial or trial transcripts,

 all these names is after the trial and is not on the trial transcripts


The only thing that Maku "Chief" Black Thunderbird Eagle said when he addressed the courts was that he is the Chief of an indigenous tribe of Moors here in America.

The Yamassee Native American Moors, and Maku states these facts on multiple cd's after the trial and not once did he mention about being a Diplomat of another country on these cd's and in the beginning of multiple books that Dr. York authored he put his accomplishments and he never said he was a Liberian Diplomat, prove us wrong government agents "COINTELPRO".

These movements are strategically planed out by the government, how do you think they work with an organization as big as the Nuwaubians, we are in Africa, London, The West Indies, Central America, Canada, Mexico, All States in the U.S., Netherlands, Germany, you name it we are there, so the government have to make us look like we don't know what we are talking about, but the pre-trial and trial transcripts tell the truth and this is why the government is hiding the trial transcripts.



[read moor]


Let the Truth be Told [click here]














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